Through the Mirror [Circus Diabolique] (Siren Publishing Allure)

Through the Mirror [Circus Diabolique] (Siren Publishing Allure)

by Crymsyn Hart
[Siren Allure: Erotic Paranormal Romance] Rhianna has finally moved back into her childhood home despite her mother's warnings never to return. On her first night back, she wakes to a voice begging for help. Instead of her reflection in the mirror, she finds a man staring back at her. Rhianna's heart turns at the sound of his pleas, even though fear grips her soul


[Siren Allure: Erotic Paranormal Romance] Rhianna has finally moved back into her childhood home despite her mother's warnings never to return. On her first night back, she wakes to a voice begging for help. Instead of her reflection in the mirror, she finds a man staring back at her. Rhianna's heart turns at the sound of his pleas, even though fear grips her soul. Who is this ghost in her mirror? As much as she desires to help him, he warns her that there's something else lurking in the mirror. Alexander has been trapped in a different realm helping his brother lure souls to their dark circus. After years of serving a demon, he wants redemption. It's only when he sees Rhianna that he knows he can be saved. But his evil twin, Donavan, mustn't find out about her, or Donavan will want her for himself. Can Rhianna save him? Or will Donavan claim her soul? ** A Siren Erotic Romance

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Circus Diabolique , #1
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Rhianna's hands tickled his chest as she let him take her where not even Jason had taken her. Everything with Alexander felt so right, like they were made for one another. Maybe they were soul mates like Alexander had said. If that were the case then their coupling wasn't for nothing. Maybe this was what would free him. He looked up at her with a devilish smile and then kissed the tip of her nose.

"I want you, Rhianna. I want to feel your wet pussy and hear you call my name. Do you want that?" The desire in his voice matched her wanting and covered her like a velvet fog. His hands went behind her back as he undid the hook of her bra. She was falling under the spell he wove with his voice and his hands. His fingers gently guided the straps down over her shoulders. She didn't feel embarrassed standing topless in front of him. Experiencing his touch made her so hot, like the atmosphere in the room had thickened. Gently, he guided her to the floor, to the rug she had slept on the night before.

There he leaned over her and brushed a few stray hairs out of her eyes. His touch was light and made her shiver from the desire of wanting to feel him inside of her. The anticipation was killing her. She hadn't been with anyone since Jason. Her finance was good in bed, but there was always something missing, some piece she could not describe, and with Alexander, it was there. His eyes were dark as the horse's coat

"Do you want me, Rhianna? All of me?"

She didn't answer him but leaned up and kissed his lips. Her tongue met his, and they did a mating dance as her hands searched for the button on his pants.

"I need to hear you say it. I can only come so far over, but with yourpermission, I can be all the way here. Only if you want me body and soul. Do you accept me?"

His fingers undid the button on her jeans, and he pulled them down, along with her panties. Alexander slid two fingers deep inside her hot well, making her back arch, and a guttural, primal moan escaped her lips. Rhianna bit her lip as he moved inside of her. Her mind was blown at him entering her and finger-fucking her. Did she want him? God, yes! Would she free him from his prison and risk her life against the jester? Yes. She desired him in her arms forever. She wanted him to fuck her every way he could think of. With their lovemaking, Rhianna felt a bond forming between them. Deep in her soul, she knew it had been her destiny to return to the house and free Alexander. They were meant to be together. He had known it even when she was a child.

His thumb pressed against her clit, rubbing it slowly in a circle, heightening her passions. Her muscles clenched, and his movements were slow torture. With his other hand, he ran along the sensitive flesh of her inner thigh. She was so wet, it was easy for him to insert another finger into her pussy, moving them together in slow, steady thrusts as her muscles conformed around his flesh. Her back arched, and she was loosing herself to him.

"Tell me, Rhianna. Do you want me to fuck you? I need you to say it."

"Yes, Alexander, I accept you. Fuck me. Now. Please. I need you!"

His fingers slid out of her for a final time, and he ran one along her lips so she could taste her own juices. His mouth met her lips in soft kiss.

"Thank you."

Without another word, he slipped off her jeans and panties the rest of the way and then allowed his pants to fall off as well. Rhianna licked her lips as she saw his cock saluting her. She leaned back on the rug and took in all of him. He was definitely a fine specimen of a man, and she wanted him. He smiled smugly as he lowered himself down, using one hand to spread her legs even wider. There he knelt and touched his tongue to her open slit and licked her lovingly. With each stroke, Rhianna pushed herself into his face even more. His free hand rested lightly on her stomach, pressing her down each time she lifted off the rug, and her hips bucked wildly. His other hand cupped her ass and squeezed it as his tongue found her clit.

Rhianna was so wet, and the sensations of Alexander's tongue darting over her were throwing her into a frenzy she had never known before. Each time she closed her eyes, she saw blue energy sparking between Alexander and her. His free hand replaced his tongue as his fingers rubbed her hard node faster than his tongue had. She was on the verge and needed him, but he kept up the torture, and with each burn of his fingers, she clutched the rug, letting the ecstasy build inside of her. Her muscles were tight. She needed him to fill her. She needed it hard and fast.

"Alexander!" she whimpered. Her body was alive from his touches. His fingers moved over her clit lightning quick, and right as she was about to crash, he pulled his fingers away, grabbed her hips roughly, and buried himself deep inside her pussy.

"You're so wet. You feel so good, Rhianna."

"Take me. Fuck me. Hard!"

He smiled. He almost resembled the joker. A bolt of fear rode the ecstasy as he pulled himself out of her inch by slow inch. His hands held onto her hips as he pulled her into him. His balls hit the outside of her pussy as he sunk himself into her, slowly increasing his pace, until Rhianna wasn't sure where he began and she ended. With each thrust, even through half-closed eyes, she saw the same blue energy around him and spreading to her. Once the charge enclosed around her, something changed. The air seemed more alive, and she felt every caress of air on her skin. She sensed the space between him and her, and as he drove into her harder, she needed it more.

"Harder," Rhianna moaned.

Alexander quickened his pace until the slapping sound of skin meeting skin was the only sound filling the room. The energy between them was making Rhianna a little light-headed. Her hips were moving at a frantic pace to keep up with her lover. He pounded into her a little bit more, gripping her tightly so she would probably have bruises on her hips in the morning, but she didn't care. It felt so damn good, and she yearned for more of him. Her muscles were scrunched so hard they hurt, and she was on the verge again, and so was he. A sheen appeared on his skin, and he was getting a little breathless as she was panting and going out of her head. The energy between them was building. She could see it sparking.

"Rhianna. You ... are ... my ... mate..." With the last word, he came in a long thrust. And so did she. It was like the sea had washed over her, and she let it carry her away. The energy between them hummed over her skin and his. He lay on top of her, catching his breath, and then looked down at her.

Alexander laughed and kissed her deeply and moved out of her to lie beside her. His body heat helped keep her warm. His fingers played over her belly. Blue energy ignited between them and left trails. It felt electric. Each time his fingers wandered lower, she arched her back as the energy reached the secret place in her, and brought her to the edge. Alexander seemed to have fun toying with her, like she was a yo-yo, and pulled the energy string away from her, watching as her hips lifted and then went back down as he came closer to her skin again.

"You're doing that on pur ... pose." Rhianna swallowed a groan of ecstasy as she came from his movements. She couldn't take it anymore, and let the energy wash over her in a blaze of blue light as it infused her. Finally, Alexander ceased his torture.

She traced her fingers over his chest, watching the energy spark. "What is this?"

"A little bit of magick."

"And can you pull a rabbit out of your hat too?"

Alexander laughed. She noticed his eyes look out the window at the setting sun. "No rabbits. When my brother and I made the deal with the demon, it included immortality and a little bit of magick. Sometimes I wonder if it was worth the price." His expression grew grim as he and Rhianna dressed in silence.

"What was the price?"

Alexander looked at her sadly. "Besides swearing our allegiance to it? Anyone, if they would not be missed, who was not part of the carnival and visited the Mirror Maze was selected by the demon. He would wait and pick out those he wanted. He had the power to reach into the world and grab those he chose. If we continued to feed him and never left his service, we would have eternal life with a little bit of power to go with it. If not, then there would be consequences."

"And Endora found away to break the pact?" Rhianna asked.

Alexander nodded. "She was a soothsayer, a psychic, from a long line of witches in her family. She would tell me stories about how some of her ancestors were from Avalon. She had a little bit of magick of her own, which was why she made the window. She dreamed about the demon and how it could be stopped. She said an angel came to her and told her love was the only way to break the spell. If I could give my heart to my soul mate, and she could accept me for everything, good and bad, then she could free me from my curse."

"So how do I free you?" Rhianna whispered wrapping her arms around his waist and buried her face in his back, inhaling his scent.

"It's getting late, and I have to go back. There are still things about me you do not know, my love. Dark things. Please, as much as I want to be free of this curse, leave this place before my brother returns. Once you are away from this house, you should be safe. My brother cannot travel off the land where the carnival was set up. He cannot use the mirrors like I can to watch over you. His heart has forgotten how to love. Leave here, so the demon doesn't find you. Please!" He turned in her grasp and stared deep into her eyes, imploring her to go. "I can always watch you from the shadows and know you are safe. Wherever there is a reflection, I will be on the other side. Please."

Rhianna shook her head. All of this was happening very fast, and she was not sure she could deal with it. She didn't want to leave the house. She had no where else to go. Alexander needed her. She believed him when he told her they were soul mates. She felt it with the energy flickering between them. She was not going to lose him like she lost her parents and Jason. She had finally found something in her life that was good, and now her heart was opening for him. If it was crushed one more time, she didn't know if she would recover from it.

"I'm not going anywhere. I guess I have to figure all this out then. Facing demons was never in my resume, but neither was dealing with crazy jesters. So where do I start?"

Alexander opened his mouth to say something, but his gaze caught the setting sun. "I have to go. I'm sorry. Tonight, go to a motel. Please. Donavan will be here soon. Promise me that. I can find you in the mirrors." He placed his hand on her shoulders, and Rhianna saw the desperation in his eyes. "Promise me."

"I promise."

He looked behind him, as if he saw something in the distance. "Donavan is here in my wagon. I have to go. I'll buy you some time." He leaned in and kissed her quickly on the lips. Alexander turned, and then he was gone. Rhianna was left staring out the window at the setting sun and an empty room. A chill went through her.

What have I gotten myself into? She looked at Nightmare and saw the slightest movement of the horse's head. Rhianna had better go. She was in no mood to deal with the jester. Her gaze fell on the trunk. There was something in there that would help her free Alexander. It was a sense she got, but there was no time for her to explore it. She swallowed and would be back in the morning. First, she was going to do some more digging in the town hall to see why a whole carnival could suddenly disappear off the face of the earth and be sucked into another dimension. There had to be some record of it. There just had to be.

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