Through The Windows Of My Soul


This book was written with passion. Lynn believes that someday the world will be a better place. The romantic poetry was written during a sad period. Today, she has found true love.
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This book was written with passion. Lynn believes that someday the world will be a better place. The romantic poetry was written during a sad period. Today, she has found true love.
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  • ISBN-13: 9781449026271
  • Publisher: AuthorHouse
  • Publication date: 12/4/2009
  • Pages: 60
  • Product dimensions: 5.00 (w) x 8.00 (h) x 0.14 (d)

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Through the Windows of My Soul

Kiss Yesterday Goodbye
By Lynn Rosen


Copyright © 2009 Lynn Rosen
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4490-2627-1

Chapter One

Poem 1 Barrett & Browning Frost has his roads some taken others not. Barrett had Browing with a love burning so hot. Poets express their feelings in words. They fly through the air like a stream of birds. I sit here pondering, of course, about you. Helping, healing that's what you do. Extending your hand and yet your heart is hard like coal. You didn't care that you took my soul. Oh the radiance, the lights, the fire How do you live and ignore the desire? To walk through the doors as you hide Yet you look away in your stride. Hear Ye Oh spirits and let it be known, Facing the flame can only bring a moan. Being with family throughout life Mother, daughter, grandma, teacher, sister and wife. That is solidarity and there's no doubt. It is the safest way to roam about. Yet the wick still glimmers a bit. Letting us know that it is still lit. I shall look ahead but I will never regret The words filled with feelings and yet.... Running away seems to be the only road How sad when you can't go towards an entwining so bold. If you get a chance to know love and fire Don't walk away. Follow your desire. Cause life goes by very quickly Leaving you with a feeling so sickly. The deed is done yet I still feel blue. There really never was a you. So off I go through the doorsof life Playing a part of another man's wife Fighting hunger, helping the environment and such New platforms and family to touch. Barrett had her Browning How lucky was she? I am left alone with nothing but poetry. Who cares if the water doesn't flow? Who cares if no one will ever know? I learned one lesson and of this I am sure Stick with what you have and not what you think is in store. Safety brings peace and love. Turmoil stirs up the heavens above. Hear Ye Hear Ye Life isn't fair. We will face the obstacles that is very clear. Tomorrow is the rest of our lives Hopefully smoother no sharpness of knives Someday the path will be better and yet Of the flame so bright I will never forget...... Poem 2-About Global Hunger From Within From within I see a vision Come walk in my clouds and feel my joy. Streets are magically lined with nutritious gifts. Houses with opened doors to invite one that has no shelter. There are benches for the sleepy to rest their heads. Clothing to wear Shoes that fit Greetings from others instead of disapproving looks Money to provide needs. From Within I see a vision. Come walk in my clouds and feel my joy. Hold your hand out and guide, instead of judging Open your arms and embrace instead of being embarrassed. Love the world! Love thyself! For on that day my vision will come true. The world will be a better place to live in. We are God's children Only we can make a difference From Within Poem 3 A Face Your eyes so filled with kindness and yet sorrow. That smiles that shows us the hopes of tomorrow. Healing, helping and running fast. Facing today but not able to face your past. Open your eyes and see the beauty in the sky. Look up to God and ask him why. Why life has to hurt so much? Why two people who love will never touch? Will never look in one another's faces. Acting merely like strangers running at different paces. Oh the pain and the indignity of it all. Was it fate or was it a call? A call from the Lord to face pain and obtain a goal.... When you swooped in and you took my soul.... Someday Oh Someday! I will have to look at you. I will cry the tears and watch the water so blue. At least you showed me how beautiful it could be. To love so deeply, as deep as the sea. I am saying this with a sigh I am saying this with a heavy heart Praying for strength Praying to be smart You took my soul and yet had nothing to say Begone with you into the night Live your life and be out of my sight....... Poem 4-On Global Hunger In The Darkness Of The Night So black as the night Deep as the sea Ravaged by depth and misery Hunger shows its ugly face! No shelter, no food just a bridge filled with sorrow Will any help come? Will there be a tomorrow? Who will feed the hungry and give them a bed to sleep? Will anyone care? Are the feelings hidden deep? In the dark of the night I think of all in pain. What will happen if it begins to rain? Where will they hide? Will they find a warm place? All these thoughts I can't erase. Under the Brooklyn Bridge is a home for them all. Such sadness in life; Don't you hear the call? A call to help, a cry from the dark. A little baby without food, a dog without a bark. Open your wallets, your souls and your heart Let's get the world off to a better start! Poem 5 Kiss Yesterday Goodbye Often we go on a journey so sad, Filled with bitterness and anger ,thinking about the love we thought we had. Days filled with tears and nights filled with fear. How will I feel in the morning? Will my head be clear? Will I once again only picture his face? Will those beautiful eyes be finally erased From my sight and the rage go away Will tomorrow be a better day? Thinking of those questions as I watch the sea Realizing it doesn't matter ,time to start a new journey One not filled with tears or wasting time Admitting feelings or trying to disect your rhyme In this world with all its doubt Worrying about myself and the constant pout Doesn't cut it for me anymore There are battles to win and victories to score. Today I kiss yesterday goodbye I shall never look back! I shall never ask why! Poem 6-On Global Hunger Poverty Poverty Oh Poverty! You weaken the heart and soul Destroying life little by little You creep up and come in for the kill. Don't you think we have had enough? Where is the fairness? Will there be any relief? You hurt my heart and make me so sad. Will you ever set us free? We are God's children under the sun and yet you play with us! You are unfair! Oh Poverty! Oh Poverty! Leave us alone and flitter away We have had enough disparity and we are ready to display Our faith in humanity A faith that hunger doesn't bring Be gone with you and let the Earth sing. Poem 7-Dedicated to Dad The Man With The Sweet Face Those smiling eyes the beautiful face In my heart you will always hold the most precious place You guided me and made me strong Always teaching me right from wrong Values, the spirit to help everyone You were my guidance, you were my sun. A man who only wanted to help others, A family man with children, a wife, sisters and brothers You were my hero and everyone knew Everyone looked up to you. My free spirit you encouraged and understood You taught me to express my thoughts and not hide behind any hood Of doubt or uncertainty Just to show Feelings I had even if they caused sorrow Truth and love is what you taught me. How I need you today in my uncertainty. You would comfort ,love and accept my grief Your hugs would be deep and your answers brief Thank You for being my #1 fan My most understanding and kind man. I will feel your warmth and above all your love. My father, my hero, an angel from above. I miss the man with the sweet ,smiling face Who influenced my life and helped to set my pace. Goodbye Dad!!!! Poem 8 The Brooklyn Bridge The bridge looms ahead of me. So much action, so many cars to see. Tourism abounding yet you can't help your own Visitors come and natives roam. Sometimes you comfort and share my grief If you spoke words they would be brief Rallies, pamphlets and so much more My Brooklyn Bridge is the door A doorway to my very heart Refuge for writing from the start. Under you live the meek, the weak and the poor, Cars loom above you and they roar There the homeles prey They light their fires and you look away. Will we ever face this plight? Can we ever do what's right? Oh my homeless I am trying to help. Rallies, poems and yet no one hears my yelp the cries of pain The overall sadness Will you ever have joy? Will there ever be gladness? On the promenade I sit on the bench and my thoughts seep, Soon I return home while others come here to sleep. May God protect you and hear my call. Take care of the homeless for once and for all. Poem 9 A Letter To An Insensitive Man Dear Sir, Are you spending this moment looking in the mirror? Did I forget to inflate your ego today? Pity me. You don't need your ego inflated. You are so full of yourself. Pity you. Pompous, arrogant, brilliant are just 3 adjectives that describe you, Sir. You don't agree. Take a good look. Pompous thy name is you. Arrogant as the night is long Brilliant as Einstein. God created you. You destroyed me. Shall we go into the verbs. Let's be fair. Shocking, creating and unloving are 3 You shocked me with your fancy words Creating a spirit that could only tear me apart Unloving except thyself Vanity thy name is YOU!!!!!! Sir, Letting me pur my heart out and dazzling me With poetry for another. Jumping on every word I said. Hurting me at every fork in the road. Pity me! Pity You! Life gives us choices. This letter is mine. No more inflating, no more debating and no more orating my love for you. There were never any promises only words in a language that couldn't be understood. Always hiding behind veils and not enough dignity to speak my tongue Keep hiding! I will not seek you! Pity You! Sir, You broke my heart. You raped my soul. Pity me! You will never get close enough to do anything more to me. Pity you! I have battles to win, Sir I don't have time for the pain. Entering my world like a cyclone and leaving like the north wind. Pity me! Yet no one wait for your return. Pity you! Wrap yourself in your protective blanket, Sir You could have had a woman of valor. A woman of strength and courage. You made my heart ache. Oh that heart! Pity you! No more playing with my heart. No more pulling the strings. No more movements of the soul. No more weaving the web and you were the best web weaver of all! Pity you!!!! Dear Sir, I bid you adieu Adieu to a love that could have shocked the universe. Adieu to planetary motions, cyclones and tornados Adieu to fancy words Adieu to you. PITY YOU!!!! Poem 10 What Price Glory So many people walking on the street Strange faces that you will never meet Eyes looking everywhere Few with happiness, so many with fear. A city New York, a melting pot Yet the homeless are forgot They drag their bags or shopping carts For them the trash is their super mart. Oh how could we ignore such a thing? Don't we feel the pain that this does bring? Yet we come as tourists Or here we live Shopping in luxurious stores And never stopping to give Food, clothing, shelter and such Things that the homeless need so much. So take some time, not just on holidays, Give to the poor and don't turn away. Poem 11 Thinking Of You Here I am at the ocean so blue Looking out trying to reach you Do you feel my love across the sea? Are you planning your visit and thinking of me? Does it hurt? Do you feel the anguish again? The only way I can reach you is through my pen. You tell me you are trying to get over this. What would happen if there ever was a kiss? If you swim in my deep sea There are no oars to take you to safety Dare you or dare you not? Running doesn't help especially when you stop. Come to me and say the words I need to hear. Say them in English and say them clear Admit your feelings that are beginning to show A love so rare, if you let it we would see the glow. Defend your love. Don't run away My heart is begging you to stay, stay, stay....... Poem 12 Tomorrow Tomorrow creeps ahead Peace reigning wars dead. Smiles, laughter and love Sent from the Lord up above. Land of plenty, no poor, no weak Universal language and so much to speak Joining one another as we pray Hearing the music and letting our bodies sway. Tomorrow we shall walk in a wonderland. No more poverty. A world that's grand. Most of all no more sorrow Are you ready to face tomorrow? So take my hand and walk with me. Into a world where we want to be. A promise land lies ahead. Come join me! Hunger be dead!!!! Poem 13 Hunger Begone Oh God why the indignity of it all? Why the suffering? Did you look in the eyes of the child or have you looked through them? Do you not hear their cries? Hunger, You have stripped us of our hearts Our souls And all that is left of us is a mere shell. Hunger! You have robbed the poor and presented a world of inequality, A world of unfairness, The rich dining at their fancy restaurants While the poor sit in squalor. Hunger, Leave our planet Give us the peace that is necessary to heal the world Continents embracing each other The oceans rippling in peace The love of life! Humanity!! Hunger! Begone with you! I will fight you to the core Forces will join together, north and south, east and west We will conquer and spread the love On that day we shall shout, "NO MORE HUNGER! SAVE OUR CHILDREN!!!! Poem 14 With This Hand You breezed into my life and turned it upside down. Smiling because of your conquest and on my face a frown. Anger is what I am feeling now. So much anger!! Taking every part of me and never caring how I handled it. Just caring about you. Do you suppose all of this made my heart sing? Have you ever stopped to ask how is my heart? Anger is what I feel now. So much anger!! I needed a lifejacket or a tube to swim in this sea of despair, No help, no love only fear for yourself!! You fed me false words, Oh those words. They were meaningless. Anger is what I feel now. So much anger!! You played me like such a fool While you strutted around the poet so cool I was so stupid, so sensitive and so full of love All you did was give me a daily shove. A nod, a praise, a pull of my string You made me into a puppet and my heart you did sting. So right now I am telling you No more, Enuff, I am through, through, through Watch my wrist as I put it in your face, I am no longer looking for your love, your embrace. Don't send me any poems, cards or sweet notes. No longer will you have my vote. I would have given you everything I had. All you have done is to make me sad. Crying so many tears over you Your words were empty, your words were untrue. Do you have a heart? I don't hear the beat. You tore my life apart. Destroying me was your feat. So Sir I bid you a final goodbye No more games, not even a sigh Emails that I won't greet If I see your name I will press delete Sir, enough with the torture Enough with the rhyme You have weaved your web for the last time. So keep running away and never stop or care One day you will turn around and realize I am not there. Goodbye to the man I loved so much. Goodbye to the face I will never touch Goodbye to the words of the master Loving you has been a total disaster. Will I ever be able not to think about you? I am sure going to try and not be blue. You took my heart and robbed my soul. For the price of love I paid a toll. A toll that ripped every part of me. Dear Sir, No longer will I live for thee. Poem 15 In The Name Of Hunger As I stare out my window I sense the darkness. Loneliness Anger Sorrow So much sorrow! A world of riches and yet not enough food to feed A world of oceans and yet not enough water to supply Why? Why? Why? A world of conflicts and hunger being the greatest one of all. A world of wars and is this not a global war? A WORLD OF EMPTINESS!! Empty as the stomachs of the children What kind of world do we live in? Don't we bleed when others are hurting? Do we not feel the pain of it all? I stare out my window Darkness prevails Unresolved questions that will remain unanswered. Sadness that will cause the rivers to flood. A child dies every 5 seconds yet we can't stop this global atrocity. Hunger I am your enemy and I am declaring war. Hunger Begone!!!! Poem 16 What Is Love???? What is love but a feeling of despair? Waiting for a phone to ring or a spirit in the air. A kind word, a smile, perhaps a loving hand, Greetings and sweet words from another land. So I implore you to take the word love and define It certainly isn't happiness and for me it isn't fine. It is like swimming in an ocean without an oar. Like a cageless lion when you hear him roar. A mountain climber without a rope It is certainly a loss of hope. Feeling defeated and with nowhere to go Tears Oh those tears how they flow. Being thirsty when there isn't a drink in sight. Knowing you are losing even though you are trying with all of your might. Wanting to shout and punch and scream. It is often painful and oh so mean ... So now I have shown you how I feel Not everyone gets the real deal. Where you can walk holding hands while Loving each other makes you smile. Not everyone is a partner, a friend. Sometimes it is over before you are ready for it to end. So listen carefully to the words I tell, Love is misery, pain and it sure is hell. A hell that makes you daily burn Your heart is broken and your stomach does churn. It chokes you and provides a sting so sharp. Like a string falling off from the harp. So don't throw me a lifeline or encourage as you do. The game is over and I say adieu!!!! (Continues...)

Excerpted from Through the Windows of My Soul by Lynn Rosen Copyright © 2009 by Lynn Rosen. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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Table of Contents


Barrett & Browning....................1
From Within....................5
A Face....................7
In The Darkness Of The Night....................9
Kiss Yesterday Goodbye....................11
The Man With The Sweet Face....................15
The Brooklyn Bridge....................17
A Letter To An Insensitive Man....................19
What Price Glory....................23
Thinking Of You....................25
Hunger Begone....................29
With This Hand....................31
In The Name Of Hunger....................35
What Is Love????....................37
For You....................39
The Stranger Is You....................41
In Their Eyes....................43
A Woman Scorned....................45
The Perils Of Love....................47
My Love....................49
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