by Thucydides

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ARGUMENTS. BOOK III.—[continued.] i Ear v1. Earthquakes about Euboea, and inundations; natural causes considered—The Athenians gain Mylae and Mes- sene—They send Demosthenes with thirty galleys about Peloponnesus, and Nicias with sixty to the island of Melos —The army/of Nicias, and another from Athens, meet by appointment at Tanagra in Boeotia—They overcome the Ta- nagraeans—The Lacedaemonians found Heraclea commodi- ously situated for the war—The Thessalians harass it with perpetual hostilities, lest the colonists should be too formidable ; dwindles to nothing by the severity of the Lacedaemonian government—Demosthenes proceeds to Leucas ; at the persuasion of the Messenians, invades jEtolia—The -Etolians collect for defence, and completely defeat him— The Athenian fleet in Sicily sails to Locris, and takes a guard-fort—The jEtolians and Peloponnesians undertake an expedition against Naupactus—Demosthenes relieves Nau- pactus—The end of the sixth summer—The Athenians in Sicily attack Inessa—Delos purified—An edict that none should be suffered to be born or die in Delos—Rhenea, an island, bound to Delos with a chain, and dedicated to the Delian Apollo—The Athenians institute the quinquennial games at Delos—The Ambraciots and Peloponnesians undertake an unsuccessful expedition against the Acarnanians and Amphilochians—They lay siege to Olpae—The Acarnanians offer Demosthenes the command of their forces—The Ambraciots at Olpae send to the Ambraciots at home to come to their aid—Demosthenes chosen general—Engagement of the Ambraciots and the Acarnanians—TheAmbraciots and Peloponnesians take to flight—Demosthenes suffers the principal Peloponnesians to retire from Olpae secretly ; his reason for so doing—The Mantineans retire from Olpae—The Ambraciots go in pursuit of them, an...

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