Thunder (Stone Braide Chronicles Series #1)

Thunder (Stone Braide Chronicles Series #1)

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by Bonnie S Calhoun

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After she captures a Lander on the eve of her 18th Born Remembrance, Selah Chavez is forced to leave her family as she changes from bounty hunter to the one everyone is hunting.See more details below


After she captures a Lander on the eve of her 18th Born Remembrance, Selah Chavez is forced to leave her family as she changes from bounty hunter to the one everyone is hunting.

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Publishers Weekly
Calhoun’s first YA novel is set in post-apocalyptic America, where Selah Chavez goes against her family’s wishes and hunts for Landers, a people with distinctive markings who are captured and sold to a business known as the Company for reasons unknown. Those who live in the Mountain, the underground colony where the Company is located, have been protected from the devastation of the outside world. When Selah captures, then loses, a Lander named Bodhi Locke, she becomes one of the hunted when the same markings appear on her body. Calhoun (Cooking the Books) paints a dark, serious world and does not shy away from the violence that her characters suffer as they struggle with prejudice and even genocide, the latter activity veiled by justifications of scientific knowledge and progress. At times, the story suffers from clichéd writing or overdramatized incidents, but despite its shortcomings, Calhoun’s novel, which inaugurates the Stone Braide Chronicles, is on balance an entertaining and suspenseful read that will please those who enjoy intrigue and grimness. Ages 12–up. Agency: Hartline Literary Agency. (Oct.)
VOYA, December 2014 (Vol. 37, No. 5) - Clair L. Brustkern
It is after the Sorrows, when only three groups of people exist. The faction inside the Mountain never leaves but works at maintaining their “perfect” life. The bands that live out in the wilds exist by hunting and trading and capturing Landers (the third group) when they can, whom they sell to the Mountain people for medical experimentation. Selah captures a Lander only to have him stolen by her brothers, who want the ransom. The contact with the Lander makes the Lander Mark appear on her skin the next day as she has come of age. Selah’s life spirals into total confusion as she finds out from her mother that she has a Lander father who is out there somewhere working to free the Landers from Mountain captivity. Although she did not realize it, Selah’s mother had carefully trained her during childhood in many skills that she will need to survive on the journey to find her father. Selah leaves her home in search of her father on a journey that takes her through the wilderness to the mountain. On her trek, she teams up with an orphan child and Bodhi, the Lander she had captured on the beach. Bodhi and Selah’s relationship develops as he teaches her the way of the Landers. This is a dystopian novel with a main character whose story is very engaging. With a different than average plot that starts a little slowly, it draws readers in and makes them want to rush to the end. Reviewer: Clair L. Brustkern; Ages 11 to 18.
School Library Journal
Gr 9 Up—This complicated dystopian novel has a little bit of everything: a teen girl coming of age, a mysterious race with special powers, mad scientists, political and family drama, and more. Set in a future North America where strangers called Landers, identified by a prominent mark on their faces, are hunted and sold to a mysterious company in a mountain, the story focuses on Selah on the eve of her 18th birthday. She tries to catch a Lander to prove her worth to her family, but her plan goes awry. Physical contact with Bodhi Locke, the Lander she captured, causes her own mark to wake up, and she soon discovers that her real father was one of these outcasts. The teen flees her family in search of a colony that will accept her new identity. Adding to Selah's conflict, a group of Lander rebels wants to organize a revolt against the government that seeks to marginalize and wipe them out. The many threads sometimes makes this tale difficult to follow and several of them are unresolved. However, readers who stick with it will look forward to learning more about this complex world in the next installment. A good purchase where postapocalyptic series are popular.—Sarah Jones, Clinton-Macomb Public Library, MI
Kirkus Reviews
In search of her father, Selah takes a treacherous journey through the hardscrabble landscape of post-nuclear disaster. Since the Time of Sorrows, the remaining population has returned to subsistence living, as most food sources are contaminated and the infrastructure has crumbled. Also since that time, Landers, inscrutable figures marked by a wing tattoo, periodically wash up on shore, babbling of a "final Kingdom," to be hunted for bounty by the remnants of humanity. On her 18th birthday, shortly after finding a Lander, the Lander mark appears on Selah's chest, indicating that she's a half-breed. No longer safe, she leaves her Borough seeking her father and the protected fortress of the Mountain. She falls into fitful love with her gorgeous Lander companion, Bodhi, who teaches her about her new telepathic powers. Meanwhile, technology has advanced tenfold at the Mountain. Two scientists battle for dominion, while one is experimenting on Landers, using their DNA to find immortality. There are as many subplots to this novel as hydrogen bonds on a double helix, and the story is snarled by its own twists and clunky with contradictions. The romance is eye-rolling. The series' only hope is that the plot pursues its one fresh idea: What exactly are the Landers? A sci-fi mishmash set in a dystopian world where a kind of human/angel hybrid will probably save mankind. (Science fiction. 15-18)

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Baker Publishing Group
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Stone Braide Chronicles Series, #1
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5.60(w) x 8.70(h) x 1.40(d)
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14 - 17 Years

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