Thunder Doesn't Scare Me!

Thunder Doesn't Scare Me!

by Lynea Bowdish, John Wallace, John Wallace

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Children's Literature
Crashing, cracking, booming thunder scares Princess the dog. She wants only to run and hide under a chair when she hears it. However, her young owner knows what to do to help Princess. The girl suggests that they hide under a bed together and then sing and howl. Next they laugh and bang on a drum and bark to make a parade. By creating their own noise they fend off the loud, scary thunder and learn to have fun while being brave. As they march through the house the thunder subsides, and a welcome sun offers hope for clearing weather. At the end of the story, both the little girl and Princess are no longer afraid. Bright illustrations and a fifty-word vocabulary list in this "Rookie Reader" make the book an easy read for beginners. In addition, young readers will understand how they can combat their own fear of thunder. 2001, Children's Press, $19.00 and $4.95. Ages 6 to 8. Reviewer: Nancy Garhan Attebury

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Scholastic Library Publishing
Publication date:
Rookie Readers Series
Product dimensions:
6.90(w) x 5.70(h) x 0.10(d)
Age Range:
6 - 7 Years

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