Thurgood Marshall: Freedom's Defender

Thurgood Marshall: Freedom's Defender

by Leland Ware

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Time-Life Custom Publishing
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History Makers Series
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9.39(w) x 8.34(h) x 0.61(d)
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Up to 13 Years

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Leland Ware
From the Author:

This book tells the story of Thurgood Marshall, whose work as a lawyer and Supreme Court justice has touched the lives of all Americans. When he died in 1993, Justice Marshall left an important legacy. He helped to change the laws that denied equal rights to women and minorities.

In this book, different terms are used to identify African Americans. When Justice Marshall was a young man, African Americans usually were referred to as "Negroes" or "colored." During the 1960s, African Americans began to refer to themselves as "blacks." And since the 1980s, most Americans whose ancestors came form the African continent have preferred the term "African American." For most of his life, Justice Marshall preferred the word "Negro."

In this biography, the term "nigger" appears in some quotations. When this term is used, it merely recites the words of the speaker. It is, however, an insulting and harmful word that does not describe or define any person or group.

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