Tibetan Freedom Concert

Tibetan Freedom Concert


The Tibetan Freedom Concert was the largest rock charity event of 1997, a two-day event held in June that featured many of the biggest names in rock and rap. Appropriately, it was filmed and recorded with the intention of being released later in the year as a charity record. The triple-disc set, The Tibetan Freedom Concert, is the extraordinary document of that…  See more details below


The Tibetan Freedom Concert was the largest rock charity event of 1997, a two-day event held in June that featured many of the biggest names in rock and rap. Appropriately, it was filmed and recorded with the intention of being released later in the year as a charity record. The triple-disc set, The Tibetan Freedom Concert, is the extraordinary document of that weekend, containing one performance apiece from the 36 artists who appeared at the concert. As expected with any charity album this size, there's a fair amount of filler on the album, as well as a number of missed opportunities -- for instance, Noel Gallagher's solo electric reading of "Cast No Shadow" would have been more affecting on an acoustic, while the Mighty Mighty Bosstones simply sound out of place. Fortunately, these are exceptions to the rule -- there's a lot of wonderful music here, including the Jon Spencer Blues' Explosion's frenetic "Blues Explosion Man," Radiohead's stark, gorgeous "Fake Plastic Trees," Biz Markie's wild medley, Pavement's shambling epic "Type Slowly," Lee Perry's "Heads of Government," Blur's haunting "Beetlebum," Björk performing "Hyper-Ballad" with a string quartet, Rancid saluting Jimmy Cliff with "The Harder They Come," Cibo Matto's "Birthday Cake," Beck's "Asshole," and and the Beastie Boys' raucous "Root Down." These moments were where it was at musically during the weekend, even if there were some other great performances -- part of the fun of this kind of package is to sit down and find the hidden gems, and a set as extensive as Tibetan Freedom Concert certainly has a number of them, which make the album worthwhile. Besides, it's for a very good cause and it's budget-priced, making it something of a bargain.

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Disc 1

  1. Opening Prayers @@Monks (From Drepung Loseling Monastery)
  2. Ground on Down  - Ben Harper
  3. Blues Explosion Man  -  Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
  4. Om Mani Padme Hung  - Yungchen Lhamo
  5. About a Boy  - Patti Smith
  6. Fake Plastic Trees  -  Radiohead
  7. Oh My God  -  Tribe Called Quest
  8. One  -  U2
  9. Cast No Shadow  - Noel Gallagher
  10. Wildflower  -  Sonic Youth
  11. Meija  -  Porno for Pyros
  12. The Celebration  - Nawang Khechog
  13. This Is a Call  -  Foo Fighters
  14. Bridge Is over/Black Cop  -  KRS-One
  15. Star Spangled Banner/Nobody Beats the Biz  - Biz Markie
  16. Closing Prayers @@Monks (From Drepung Loseling Monastery)

Disc 2

  1. Opening Prayers @@Monks (From Drepung Loseling Monastery)
  2. Yellow Ledbetter  - Eddie Vedder
  3. Noise Brigade  -  Mighty Mighty Bosstones
  4. Type Slowly  -  Pavement
  5. Gyi Ma Gyi  -  Dadon
  6. Heads of Government  -  Robotiks
  7. She Caught the Katy (And Left Me a Mule to Ride)  -  Phantom Blues Band
  8. Beetlebum  -  Blur
  9. Electrolite  - Michael Stipe
  10. Ajo Sotop  -  Chaksam-pa
  11. Wake Up  - Alanis Morissette
  12. Hyper-Ballad  -  Björk
  13. The Harder They Come  -  Rancid
  14. Root Down  -  Beastie Boys
  15. Closing Prayers @@Monks (From Drepung Loseling Monastery)

Disc 3

  1. Birthday Cake  -  Cibo Matto
  2. Asshole
  3. Me, Myself and I/(Not Just) Knee Deep [Medley]  -  De La Soul
  4. Fu-Gee-La  -  Fugees
  5. Bulls on Parade  -  Rage Against the Machine

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Beastie Boys   Track Performer
Taj Mahal   Guitar,Vocals,Track Performer
Mad Professor   Track Performer
Nice   Dancer
Lee Ranaldo   Guitar
Sonic Youth   Track Performer
U2   Track Performer
Deodato   Conductor
Blur   Track Performer
Denny Freeman   Guitar
Mighty Mighty Bosstones   Track Performer
Rage Against the Machine   Track Performer
Pavement   Track Performer
Pat Smear   Guitar
Björk   Vocals,Track Performer
Edge   Guitar,Vocals
Porno for Pyros   Track Performer
Radiohead   Track Performer
Rancid   Track Performer
Beck   Track Performer
Fugees   Track Performer
Tribe Called Quest   Track Performer
Tim Armstrong   Guitar,Vocals
Jeff Baker   Trombone
Biz Markie   Track Performer
Bono   Guitar,Vocals
Tony Braunagel   Drums
Fitzroy Brown   Bass
Adam Clayton   Bass
Graham Coxon   Guitar,Vocals
Mike D   Vocals
Jay Dee Daugherty   Drums
De La Soul   Track Performer
Perry Farrell   Vocals
Lars Frederiksen   Guitar,Vocals
Matt Freeman   Bass,Vocals
Kim Gordon   Bass
Dave Grohl   Guitar,Vocals
Harper   Track Performer
Ben Harper   Guitar,Vocals,Track Performer
David Hillyard   Tenor Saxophone
Yuka Honda   Keyboards,Vocals
Alex James   Bass
Thomas "Snake" Johnson   Sampling
KRS-One   Vocals,Group
Lenny Kaye   Guitar
David Leach   Percussion
Darrell Leonard   Trumpet
Mike McCready   Guitar,Track Performer
Mike Mills   Piano,Track Performer
Thurston Moore   Guitar
Tom Morello   Guitar
Larry Mullen   Drums
Gary Novak   Percussion,Drums
Kenny Parker   Vocals,DJ
Stephen Perkins   Drums
Lee "Scratch" Perry   Vocals,Track Performer
John Popper   Harmonica
Brett Reed   Drums
Robotiks   Track Performer
Dave Rowntree   Drums
Tony Shanahan   Bass
Steve Shelley   Drums
Patti Smith   Vocals,Track Performer
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion   Track Performer
Michael Stipe   Vocals,Track Performer
Joe Sublett   Saxophone
David Sutton   Bass
Tim Commerford   Bass
Eddie Vedder   Vocals,Track Performer
Mick Weaver   Organ,Piano
Brad Wilk   Drums
Alanis Morissette   Guitar,Vocals,Track Performer
Foo Fighters   Track Performer
Noel Gallagher   Track Performer
Nate Albert   Guitar
Dicky Barrett   Vocals
Tim Burton   Saxophone
Joe Gittleman   Bass
Nawang Khechog   Multi Instruments,Track Performer
Sean Lennon   Bass
Yoshi Shimada   Drums
Colin Greenwood   Bass
Jonny Greenwood   Guitar,Synthesizer Piano
Ed O'Brien   Guitar,Voices
Phil Selway   Drums
Cibo Matto   Track Performer
Dennis Brockenborough   Trombone
Larry Fulcher   Bass
Kevin Lenear   Saxophone
Nate Mendel   Bass
Victor Ruggiero   Organ
Richard Sidwell   Trumpet
Joe Sirois   Drums
Nick Lashley   Guitar
Jon Spencer   Guitar,Vocals
Yungchen Lhamo   Track Performer
Stephen Malkmus   Electric Guitar,Vocals
Russell Simins   Drums
Peter DiStefano   Guitar
Judah Bauer   Guitar
Marq Lyn   Background Vocals
Thom Yorke   Guitar,Voices
Miho Hatori   Vocals
Oliver Ray   Guitar
Sinclair Seales   Drums
Mos Def   Vocals
Martyn Lenoble   Bass
Dadon Dawadolma   Vocals
Namgyal Lhamo   Vocals
London   Dancer
Errol Nicolson   Guitar
Mike Zimmer   Keyboards
Paul Parkin   Background Vocals
Robert Jarzbeck   Keyboards
Jay-Day   Dancer
Keva   Background Vocals
Karma Gyaltsen   Dranyem
Taylor Hawkins   Drums
Noel Salmon   Keyboards
Demetreos Stamos   Bass
Sonam Tashu   Dranyem
Techung   Piwang
Diana Gutkind   Keyboards
Trevor Holder   Drums
Chris Chaney   Bass
Miranda Arana   Flute
Dean Butterworth   Drums
Phurbu Tsering   Dranyem
Will   Background Vocals
Lobsang Gendun   Bells
Dadon   Track Performer
Phantom Blues Band   Track Performer
Kelsang Chukie Tethong   Vocals

Technical Credits

Deodato   Arranger
A.W.O.L.   Contributor
Edge   Composer
Beck   Contributor
Robert Russell Bennett   Contributor,Concert Coordinator
Jeff Ament   Composer
Glen Ballard   Composer
Mark Bell   Programming
Bono   Composer,Contributor
Tony Braunagel   Contributor
Greg Calbi   Mastering
Mario Caldato   Contributor
Adam Clayton   Composer,Contributor
Ben Harper   Composer
John Harris   Engineer
DJ Hurricane   Contributor
Scott La Rock   Composer
MCA   Liner Notes
Sylvia Massy   Producer,Contributor
Kooster McAllister   Engineer
Patrick McCarthy   Producer
Mike McCready   Composer
Ali Shaheed Muhammad   Composer
Larry Mullen   Composer
L. Parker   Composer
Q-Tip   Contributor
Christopher Shaw   Contributor,Artwork
George Shaw   Contributor,Graphic Design
Eddie Vedder   Composer
Howie Weinberg   Mastering
Alanis Morissette   Composer
Noel Gallagher   Contributor
Ben Carr   Contributor
Colin Greenwood   Composer
Jonny Greenwood   Composer
Ed O'Brien   Composer
Phil Selway   Composer
Dennis Brockenborough   Contributor
Yungchen Lhamo   Contributor
Cool   Contributor
Mace   Contributor
Wyclef Jean   Contributor
Stephen Malkmus   Contributor
Andy VanDette   Mastering
Lauryn Hill   Contributor
Danny Clinch   Contributor
Eric Haze   Contributor,Logo
Mark Ibold   Contributor
Kiino Villand   Contributor
Thom Yorke   Composer
Leo Rossi   Mastering
Malik Taylor   Composer
Scott Kannberg   Contributor
Nathaniel Hörnblower   Executive Producer
Julie Panebianco   Executive Producer
Ian C. Rogers   CD-ROM Production
Paul Hastings   Programming
Consequence   Contributor
Phife Dawg   Contributor
Jonathan Davis   Composer

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