Tidewater Inn (Hope Beach Series #1)

Tidewater Inn (Hope Beach Series #1)

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by Colleen Coble, Devon O'Day

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Welcome to Hope Beach

A place of intoxicating beauty . . . where trouble hits with the force of a hurricane.

Inheriting a beautiful old hotel on the Outer Banks could be a dream come true for Libby. The inn cries out for her restorer’s talent and love of history. She’s delighted to learn of the family she never knew she had. And the handsome Coast

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Welcome to Hope Beach

A place of intoxicating beauty . . . where trouble hits with the force of a hurricane.

Inheriting a beautiful old hotel on the Outer Banks could be a dream come true for Libby. The inn cries out for her restorer’s talent and love of history. She’s delighted to learn of the family she never knew she had. And the handsome Coast Guard lieutenant she’s met there on the island could definitely be the man of her dreams.

But Libby soon realizes that the only way she can afford the upkeep on the inn is to sell it to developers who are stalking the island. The father who willed her the inn has died before she could meet him, and her newfound brother and sister are convinced she’s there to steal their birthright. Worst of all, her best friend and business partner has been kidnapped before her eyes, and Libby’s under suspicion for the crime.

Libby’s dream come true is becoming a nightmare. Her only option is to find her friend and prove her innocence, or lose everything on the shores of Hope Island.

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RT Book Reviews
Coble's mystery is intriguing and an ideal backdrop for the development of a romance. The plot moves briskly forward, providing an action-packed story along with wonderful development of the characters.
Library Journal
Inheriting an old inn on Hope Island is a dream come true for preservationist Libby Holladay. She's also thrilled to find out about family she never knew she had. Libby hopes to get to know her siblings better and would also like to get a lot closer to a good-looking Coast Guard lieutenant. But she soon realizes she can't afford to run the inn. She makes a plan to sell it to developers, putting her at odds with her newfound brothers and sisters. Then her business partner is kidnapped, and Libby falls under suspicion. VERDICT Coble's ("Rock Harbor" mysteries) atmospheric and suspenseful series launch should appeal to fans of Tracie Peterson and other authors of Christian romantic suspense.

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Hope Beach Series, #1
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Tidewater Inn

A Hope Beach Novel
By Colleen Coble

Thomas Nelson

Copyright © 2012 Colleen Coble
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-59554-781-1

Chapter One

Libby Holladay fought her way through the brambles to the overgrown garden. She paused to wave a swarm of gnats away from her face. The house was definitely in the Federal style, as she'd been told. Palladian windows flanked a centered door, or rather the opening for a door. The structure was in serious disrepair. Moss grew on the roof, and fingers of vine pried through the brick mortar. The aroma of honeysuckle vied with that of mildew.

She stepped closer to the house and jotted a few impressions in her notebook before moving inside to the domed living room. The floorboards were missing in places and rotted in others, so she planted her tan flats carefully. She could almost see the original occupants in this place. She imagined her own furniture grouped around the gorgeous fireplace. She'd love to have this place, but something so grand that needed this much repair would never be hers. The best she could do would be to preserve it for someone else who would love it. She itched to get started.

Her cell phone rang, and she groped in her canvas bag for it. Glancing at the display, she saw her partner's name. "Hey, Nicole," she said. "You should see this place. A gorgeous Federal-style mansion. I think it was built in 1830. And the setting by the river is beautiful. Or it will be once the vegetation is tamed." Perching on the window seat, she made another note about the fireplace. "Nicole? Are you there?"

There was a long pause, then Nicole finally spoke. "I'm here."

"You sound funny. What's wrong?" Nicole was usually talkative, and Libby couldn't remember the last time she'd heard strain in her friend's voice. "Are you still in the Outer Banks? Listen, I heard there might be a hurricane heading that way." She dug into her purse for her jalapeño jellybeans and popped one in her mouth.

"I'm here," Nicole said. "The residents are sure the storm will miss Hope Island. The investor is really interested in this little town. And we have the chance to make a boatload of money on it. It's all in your hands."

"My hands? You're the one with the money smarts."

Nicole was the mover and shaker in Holladay Renovations. She convinced owners to dramatically increase the value of their historic properties by entrusting them to Libby's expertise. Libby had little to do with the money side of the business, and that was how she liked it.

"I think I'd better go back to the beginning," Nicole said. "Rooney sent me here to see about renovating some buildings in the small downtown area. He's working on getting a ferry to the island. It will bring in a lot more tourism for the hotel he's planning, but the buildings need to be restored to draw new business."

"I know that much. But what do you mean 'it's in my hands'?" Libby glanced at her notes, then around the room again. This was taking up her time, and she wanted to get back to work. "We're doing the lifesaving station for sure, right?"

"Yes, I've already seen it. We were right to buy that sweet building outright. After you get your hands on it, we'll make a bundle and have instant credibility here. I've started making notes of the materials and crew we'll need. But I'm not calling about the renovations. I'm talking a lot of money, Libby. Millions."

That got Libby's attention. "Millions?"

"I stopped by the local attorney's office to see about having him handle the paperwork for our purchase of the lifesaving station. Horace Whittaker. He's got both our names on the paperwork now."


"The secretary gasped when she heard your name."

"She knew me?"

"The attorney has been looking for a Libby Holladay. Daughter of Ray Mitchell."

"That's my dad's name."

"I thought it might be. I'd heard you mention the name Ray, but I wasn't sure of the last name."

Libby rubbed her head. "Why is he looking for me? My father has been dead a long time—since I was five."

"He died a month ago, Libby. And he left you some valuable land. In fact, it's the land Rooney thought he had agreed to purchase. So we're in the driver's seat on this deal." Nicole's voice rose.

Libby gasped, then she swallowed hard. "It's a hoax. I bet the attorney asked for a fee, right?"

"No, it's real. According to the secretary, your father was living in the Outer Banks all this time. And Horace has a box of letters Ray wrote to you that were all marked Return to Sender. It appears your mother refused them."

Libby's midsection plunged. Throughout her childhood she'd asked her mother about her father. There were never any answers. Surely her mother wouldn't have lied. Libby stared out the window at two hummingbirds buzzing near the overgrown flowers.

"Do you have any idea how much money this land is worth?" Nicole's voice quivered. "It's right along the ocean. There's a charming little inn."

It sounded darling. "What's the area like?"

"Beautiful but remote." Nicole paused. "Um, listen, there's something else. I met a woman who looked like you a couple days ago."

Libby eased off the window ledge. "Who is she?"

"Your half sister, Vanessa. You also have a brother, Brent. He's twenty-two."

"My father married again?" Libby couldn't take it all in. This morning she had no family but a younger stepbrother, whom she rarely saw. Why had her mother kept all this from her? "What about my father's wife?"

"She doesn't seem to be around. But there's an aunt too."

Family. For as long as she could remember, Libby had longed for a large extended family. Her free-spirited mother was always wanting to see some new and exciting place. They had never lived at the same address for more than two years at a time.

"You need to get here right away," Nicole said. "There are a million details to take care of. This is the big deal we've been praying for, Libby. You will never want for anything again, and you'll have plenty of money to help your stepbrother. He can get out of that trailer with his family."

The thought of buying her stepbrother's love held some appeal. They weren't close, but not because she hadn't tried. "I can't get away until tomorrow, Nicole. I have to finish up here first. We have other clients."

How much of her reluctance was rooted in the thought of facing a future that was about to change radically? She never had been good with change. In her experience, change was something that generally made things worse, not better.

Her partner's sigh was heavy in Libby's ear. "Okay. Hey, want to see Vanessa? She'll be here in a few minutes. There's a beach cam out by the lifesaving station, and I'm supposed to meet her there. I'll send you a link to it. You can see her before you meet her."

Libby glanced through the window toward her car. "I have my computer in the car." She tucked her long hair behind her ear and gathered her things. "What does Vanessa think about our father leaving prime real estate to me?" She left the house and started for her vehicle.

Nicole cleared her throat. "Um, she's pretty upset."

"I would imagine. What did you tell her about me?"

"As little as possible."

"I don't know if that's good or bad."

"I wouldn't worry about them. She and her brother are fishing for info though. She mentioned lighthouse ruins and I asked for directions. She offered to show me, but I went out there by myself yesterday. I'm still meeting her today because I knew you'd want to know more about her."

It sounded like a disaster in the making. "I have so many questions."

"Then come down as soon as you can and get them answered. Wait until you see Tidewater Inn, Libby! It's really old. It's on the eastern edge of the island with tons of land along the beach. The inn was a house once, and it is a little run-down but very quaint. It's hard to get out here. Until Rooney gets the ferry approved, you'll have to hire a boat. You're going to love it though. I love this island. It's like stepping back in time. And I've even seen some caves to explore."

"No road to it from the mainland?" Libby couldn't fathom a place that remote.

"Nope. Boat access only."

Her phone still to her ear, Libby opened her car door and slid in. The computer was on the floor, and she opened it. "I'm going to have to get off a minute to tether my phone to the computer. Send me the link to the harbor cam. Don't tell Vanessa I'm watching."

"When can you get here tomorrow?"

"It's about two hours from Virginia Beach?"


Libby doubted she'd sleep tonight. It would be no problem to be in the shower by six. "I'll be there by nine."

She ended the call, then attached the cord that tethered the phone to the computer. She would use the cell signal to watch Nicole's video feed on the larger screen. Then she could watch and still take any calls that came in. Her skin itched from the brambles. She established the connection, then logged on to the Internet. No e-mail yet.

She owned property. The thought was mind boggling. No matter what condition it was in, it was a resource to fall back on, something she hadn't possessed yesterday. The thought lightened her heart. She stared at the grand old home beside her. What if there was enough money from the sale of the inn to allow her to buy a historic house and restore it? It would be a dream come true. She could help her stepbrother. She could buy some Allston paintings too, something she'd never dreamed she could afford.

A woman pecked on Libby's car window, and Libby turned on the key and ran down the window. "Hello. I'm not an intruder. I'm evaluating this gorgeous old place for the historic registry."

The woman smiled. "I thought maybe you were buying it. Someone should restore it."

"Someone plans to," Libby said. What if it could be her instead of her client?

The woman pointed. "I'm taking up a collection for the Warders, who live on the corner. They had a fire in the kitchen and no insurance."

Libby had only two hundred dollars in her checking account, and she had to get to the Outer Banks. "I wish I could help," she said with real regret. "I don't have anything to spare right now."

"Thanks anyway." The woman smiled and moved to the next house.

Libby ran the window back up and clicked on her in-box. An e-mail from Nicole appeared. She stared at the link. All she had to do was click and she'd catch a glimpse of a sister she had no idea even existed. Her hands shook as she maneuvered the pointer over the link and clicked. The page opened, and she was staring at a boardwalk over deep sand dunes that were heaped like snowdrifts. In the distance was a brilliant blue ocean. A pier extended into the pristine water. The scene was like something out of a magazine. She could almost feel the sea breeze.

She clicked to enlarge the video and turned up the speakers so she could hear the roar of the surf. Where was Nicole? The pier was empty, and so was the sea. A dilapidated building stood to the right of the screen, and she could just make out a sign over the door. Hope Beach Lifesaving Station.

Then there was a movement on the boardwalk. Nicole appeared. She smiled and waved. "Hi, Libby," she said. The sound quality was surprisingly good. The sound of the ocean in the background was a pleasant lull.

Libby had to resist the impulse to wave back. Her partner's blond hair was pulled back in a ponytail under a sun hat, and she wore a hot-pink cover-up over her brown bathing suit.

Nicole glanced at her watch and frowned. "Vanessa is late. Like I started to say earlier, I didn't want to wait on her to see the lighthouse ruins, so I went out there alone. I have to show it to you. Wait until you see what I found. You'll seriously freak! Hey, give me a call. This pier is one of the few places where my phone works. Isn't that crazy—an entire island without cell service. Almost, anyway."

Libby picked up her cell phone, still connected to the computer. They could talk a few minutes. Before she could call, a small boat pulled up to the shore. Two men jumped out and pulled the boat aground. Nicole turned toward them. The men walked toward her. There was no one else in sight, and Libby tensed when Nicole took a step back. Libby punched in Nicole's number. She watched her friend dig in her bag when it rang.

When Nicole answered the phone, Libby leaped to her feet and yelled, "Get out of there. Go to your car!"

Nicole was still watching the men walk toward her. "It's just a couple of tourists, Libby," she said. "You worry too much." She smiled and waved at the men.

Libby leaned closer to the laptop. "There's something wrong." She gasped at the intention in their faces. "Please, Nicole, run!"

But it was the men who broke into a run as they drew closer to the boardwalk. As they neared the cam, Libby could see them more clearly. One was in his forties with a cap pulled low over his eyes. He sported a beard. The other was in his late twenties. He had blond hair and hadn't shaved in a couple of days.

Nicole took another step back as the older man in the lead smiled at her. The man said, "Hang up." He grabbed her arm.

"Let go of her!" Libby shouted into the phone.

The man knocked the phone from Nicole's hand and the connection was broken. The other man reached the two, and he plunged a needle into Nicole's arm. Both men began dragging Nicole toward the boat. She was struggling and shouting for help, then went limp. Her hat fell to the ground.

Barely aware that she was screaming, Libby dialed 9-1-1. "Oh God, oh God, help her!"

The dispatcher answered and Libby babbled about her friend being abducted right in front of her. "It's in the Outer Banks." She couldn't take her eyes off the boat motoring away from the pier. "Wait, wait, they're taking her away! Do something!"


"I told you, the Outer Banks." Libby looked at the heading above the video stream. "Hope Beach. It's Hope Beach. Get someone out there."

"Another dispatcher is calling the sheriff. I have an officer on his way to you."

"I'm going to Hope Beach now."

"Stay where you are," the dispatcher said. "We've got the sheriff on the line there. He's on his way to the site. Don't hang up until an officer arrives."

She had to do something. Anything but run screaming into the street. Libby looked at the computer. She could call up the video, save it for evidence. But the stream had no rewind, no way to save it. If she could hack into the site, she could get to the file. The police could save time and get the pictures of those men circulating. With a few keystrokes, she broke through the firewall and was in the code.

Then her computer blinked and went black. And when she called up the site again, the entire code was gone. What had she done?

Chapter Two

Smog hung over the New York skyline and matched Lawrence Rooney's mood. He studied the expansive view from his penthouse office on Fifth Avenue. The senator sitting in the chair on the other side of the gleaming walnut desk had better come through with the promised plum after all Lawrence had done for him.

Lawrence kept his attention away from the senator long enough to make sure the other man knew who was in charge, then turned from his perusal of his domain and settled in his chair. "You have news for me?"

Senator Troy Bassett tugged on his tie, then pulled a handkerchief from his pocket and blotted his damp forehead. "The city is like an oven today," he muttered.

In his fifties now, he had once been handsome, but his blond good looks had been replaced by flab and gray hair. Lawrence had known him since they went to Harvard together. They knew each other's weaknesses all too well. Lawrence had funneled a fortune into getting Bassett elected. But the rewards were coming—now.

"The vote?" Lawrence prodded.

The senator nodded. "Came through. The ferry system will be added next year."

"Excellent." Lawrence sat back in his leather chair. "I will have possession of the land by the end of the summer."

"I thought the old man refused to sell it."

"Luckily for us, he died." How he wished he could have seen Ray Mitchell take his last breath.

Bassett lifted a brow. "Natural causes?"

Lawrence laughed. "Of course. We both know I like to have my own way, but I've never stooped to murder. I've found money talks well enough that it's not necessary." A smile tugged at his lips. "Though there's always a first time for everything."

You'd met your match in Mitchell though. He was adamant."

"True enough. But his son has no such scruples. He knows when to take a good offer and run with it."

"So he's agreed to your price?"


Excerpted from Tidewater Inn by Colleen Coble Copyright © 2012 by Colleen Coble. Excerpted by permission of Thomas Nelson. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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Meet the Author

USA Today bestselling author Colleen Coble has written several romantic suspense novels including Tidewater Inn, Rosemary Cottage, and the Mercy Falls, Lonestar, and Rock Harbor series. Visit her website at www.colleencoble.com Twitter: @colleencoble Facebook: colleencoblebooks

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Tidewater Inn 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 31 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Others have summed up the story, so I won't do that here. I just wanted to say Colleen Coble knows how to write a great story, full of suspense and romance. I love the Outer Banks setting she's using for the Hope Beach series. Get this one! You won't regret it!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this book. To my own surprise I couldn't put the book down. When I started it I thought I would be bored but I kept finding myself looking for the book and comfy place to sit down and read it. It was a good read and would make a great book to take on vacation. I've read other books by Colleen which I have enjoyed. I like her writing and I think she does contemporary fiction well. I received my copy as a review blogger through Litfuse.
JamieLittle More than 1 year ago
This was the third book I’ve read by Colleen Coble and I loved it just as much as I loved the others. She has a way of combining mystery, suspense and adventure and wrapping a love story right up in the middle of it. Her stories aren’t usually predictable unlike many others in the genre; just when I thought I knew where she was going, she threw another twist into the story. The characters in the story are lovable and their quirks and personalities really help make the story enjoyable and interesting. This was another book that left me wishing there was a sequel, I’m always interested to know what life is like for the characters after the last page is read. Thankfully I just realized that this is the first book in a new series by Coble, the Hope Beach series. Maybe that means I’ll get to catch up with some of these characters in the future! I highly recommend this book as well as the other novels I’ve read by Coble, Lonestar Angel and The Lightkeeper’s Ball. Disclaimer: A complimentary copy of this book was provided for review by Thomas Nelson Publishers. All thoughts are my own and I was not required to post a positive review.
CaraPutman More than 1 year ago
Tidewater Inn is Colleen's first book set on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The setting plays a strong role in this book -- I can't imagine the story taking place anywhere else. Libby inherits a hotel from a father she thought died years earlier. The problem is her friend has disappeared and now the cops are looking at her. A Coast Guard lieutenant tries to find her friend, but isn't sure what to think about Libby. The plot twists and turns through a hurricane and the race to fine her missing friend. Through in love, sibling rivalry and the decision whether she can keep the inn keep the plot moving. This is a cast and locale that I loved and can't wait to return in another book. Please?!?
songbirdsue More than 1 year ago
Another compelling story from Colleen Coble. It has mystery as well as character development and interactions that make you think. There are relationships to solidify as well as the theme “What Would Jesus Do.” It does have an ending with closure.
alliewinter More than 1 year ago
Loved this book! This was my first book by Colleen Coble and it won't be my last. I'm looking forward to the next in this series. I'm also looking into her other books. I am so happy I took a chance on this book when it was the Nook Daily Find! The plot was well thought out and it moved at a good pace. The characters were well written. It was not extremely religious but had just enough to be thought-provoking and inspirational. The touch of romance blossoming between the main characters was written perfectly into the plot without being over the top or distracting from the suspense. Loved the book!
More_Than_A_Review More than 1 year ago
I found the story line of watching a friend get kidnapped on a video cam very intriguing. The story line between Libby and Alec was probably realistic but I would have preferred that he believed in her totally, even if that is unrealistic. (I read to escape reality.) That is my only reason for rating the book a four instead of a five. I found the secondary characters engaging and kept wondering if one of them would get their own book. I was so excited to see an appearance of Bree and Samson from a previous series. There were plenty of characters that could be the bad guys and it kept you guessing. I did not figure out the ending. The author did a great job with the secondary storyline of the WWJD necklace. I found it thought provoking and encouraging. I received the book for free in exchange for an honest review.
MChriste More than 1 year ago
Once again, Colleen Coble has written a wonderful story! Always a little mystery and lots of Godly inspiration! Can't wait for the sequel!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Kind of Cheesy I'm all for a book filled with inspiration; religious or otherwise, but this book is just very unrealistic.  Also, within the first five pages of the book, one woman has about ten traumatic things happen to her, and each of them are just introduced in an unrealistic way.
debhgrty More than 1 year ago
Libby’s friend and business partner was kidnapped before her horrified eyes from Hope Beach. The family she never knew she had until her father died doesn’t like her and is extremely antagonistic. The Inn she inherited requires a lot of work and capital. Is it hopeless? A dream come true has become a nightmare. Colleen Coble’s first in her Hope Beach series is a winner. The characters are believable and lovable. The mystery is daunting. The romance is intriguing. You’ll love every minute you spend on Hope Beach. This one gets 5 stars – can’t wait for the next book in the series to find out more!
BrittanyMc More than 1 year ago
After reading Tidewater Inn, I am excited to read more in this series. The storyline kept my interest all the way through the book. There is a nice love story threading its way through, as well. At the beginning of the book, Libby witnesses the abduction of her friend and business partner, Nicole. This abduction is viewed over a web cam from hours away. Libby immediately contacts the authorities and the search for her partner begins. Along the way, Libby must deal with learning that there is family that she didn’t know existed. These family members don’t just fold her into their group and love her…it’s a battle to try to get them to accept her. She must also face suspicion by law enforcement and attempts on her life. Figuring out who to trust will be key. The characters are well-written and the plot was enjoyable. I must say that I was pretty surprised when the villain was revealed. Good, solid romantic suspense.
ruthhill74 More than 1 year ago
I have to admit that this was a difficult read for me. I was only aware of Colleen Coble's historical romances, and this was the first time I ever have come in contact with a more contemporary romance from this author. I have to admit that the first portion of this book was rather slow for me. I actually did not think I would like it very much at all. But as I got into the book more, the author drew me into the story. The mystery became quite intriguing, and I found myself not wanting to put the book down. I cared about the characters, and I wanted to know if everything worked out all right. I found myself often on the edge of my seat. I began to see the things that I know in love in this author's works. I found romance, history, and a strong faith in God. God is real in this story, and you see His hand at every turn. Bad things happen, but somehow it all works together for good. It either brings people running back to God or else people turn their backs on Him. Everyone has to make the decision about what they must do with God. I did enjoy the portions that the author inserted concerning the history of this sleepy island. Being a lover of historical fiction, I am so glad to have found this in a contemporary romance. I don't know if I would have enjoyed it as much without this! This is truly a well-crafted story. Do not let the slow story keep you from pressing on. In the end, all will make sense. You will appreciate every detail the author gives you. And it is, of course, a bonus that there is no profanity or sex scenes! Justice is served, and all is explained in the end. And I bet you won't figure everything out! If you have a day or two to set aside for a riveting read that will keep you guessing at every turn, this is definitely the book for you. You won't regret picking up this book! I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. I was not financially compensated, and all opinions are 100 percent mine. 1 like · flag
Shay14 More than 1 year ago
I love all of Colleen Coble's novels and this story is no exception! Colleen has you gripping the edge of your seat from the very first page! While the story is a little unrealistic (they don't call it "fiction" for nothing!), it is still exceptionally written. Most of the time, I can guess how the mystery is going I love all of Colleen Coble's novels and this story is no exception! Colleen has you gripping the edge of your seat from the very first page! While the story is a little unrealistic (they don't call it "fiction" for nothing!), it is still exceptionally written. Most of the time, I can guess how the mystery is going to play out. Colleen does an excellent job of keeping you guessing until the very end. My suspicions were completely wrong! I love that type of story! Libby, as a rather new Christian, is faced with obstacle after obstacle. It was great to go through her spiritual growth journey with her. She is also a strong, yet tender and loving female lead character. She would be someone I looked up to. Alec is a good, godly man. Yet, Colleen Coble gives him enough human characteristics to make him normal. He struggles just like any other man. With a cast of secondary characters like Vanessa, Brent, and Aunt Pearl, the story is never boring or drama-less. The overall theme of the story - greed and generosity (as stated by Colleen herself) - is repeated through the decisions and situations the characters deal with. The story repeatedly makes them ask the time old question: "What Would Jesus Do?" Facing trials and tribulations is part of every life, but especially Christians. As Alec is quick to point out, "Being a Christian doesn't mean trouble never comes our way... It just means God is here, and he gives us the grace to get through the heartache." When a particular decision has to be made that is really hard, the reward can be equally great. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this story, as I do all of Colleen Coble's works. I highly recommend this story as well as any of her other works!
TheReadersCove More than 1 year ago
Without sustaining evidence, Libby is a prime suspect in the disappearance of her friend and business partner, Nicole. They restore old historic homes and have come to the Outer Banks for a project when Nicole is snatched away. Libby also learns, to her amazement that her father, whom she had thought dead, just passed away recently, leaving her a beautiful old hotel. There is much under the surface and the path of discovery leads Libby down a dangerous but informative path. Wonderful characters, vivid and enchanting story telling will keep the pages turning.
THESELF-TAUGHTCOOK More than 1 year ago
When Libby's business partner, Nicole, goes on ahead to Outer Banks to check out the property sought by potential investor Lawrence Rooney, neither of the women imagine the life-changing events that will unfold on Hope Island. As Libby watches in horror via webcam, Nicole is kidnapped, drugged, and taken away from the island in a boat. Libby rushes to the island to aid in the search for her friend, only to discover that she is the prime suspect. Things get even stranger when Libby discovers her long-lost father and uncovers the family secrets. When a handsome Coast Guard lieutenant tries to help Libby, she begins to believe in Hope. Here is something I have not been able to say regarding a novel in a long time: I read it in one sitting. I could not put it down. It was a perfect mix of mystery, romance, and history with a Christian accent. I have always been interested in the Outer Banks area, so that piqued my interest. One slight complaint; from the beginning of the novel, it drove me crazy that no one ever asked the one character who could have solved the mystery in Chapter Two. Of course, if they had, it would have been a short story, and not a very good one, at that. All things considered, it was an enjoyable read and I have to give it 4 stars.
QueenofBlingEC More than 1 year ago
Without giving the plot away, I would say on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being excellent, Tidewater Inn is a 12. Nerve-wracking suspense will keep you up all night to see how the story ends. The plot twists and turns and just when you think you've got it all figured out, throws an unexpected curve ball that destroys your theory of "whodunit." You can almost hear the tide come in through Ms. Coble's descriptions of this beautiful locale, the Outer Banks. The characters in this book (and in all of Ms.Coble's books) are realistic and believable to the point that you will think Ms. Coble used your neighbor, your spouse or even yourself on which to base the main characters in this book. Tidewater Inn is a Christian fiction novel and Ms. Coble has masterfully woven elements of Christianity throughout the book. Prayer is an essential part of the story and is key in resolving the conflict in the book. Although there is some romance within the story, Tidewater Inn is is a mystery to be enjoyed by both men and women. And because the main characters are young adults I believe college age students would enjoy the book as well. This book deserves a place on your bookshelf and save room for the next book in the series, due out in July, 2013, Rosemary Cottage.
Icecream18JA More than 1 year ago
Libby Holladay has turned her love of history and architecture into a business with her friend Nicole Ingram. A restoration job on the Outer Banks of North Carolina leads Libby to find that she had a father and has a family that she never knew existed there. When Nicole is kidnapped from Hope Island, Libby arrives to learn about her father, to meet a brother and sister who resent her presence, and to find herself attracted to a local Coast Guard officer. The local law is suspicious that Libby is responsible for Nicole’s disappearance. This is exciting right from the beginning! Nicole calls Libby to tell her about finding Libby’s father’s family and the family’s historic hotel on Hope Island. When two men grab Nicole from a lonely beach, Libby is watching on her laptop. Libby’s father’s second wife disappeared mysteriously a few years before; a secret drawer in a jewelry box holds some romantic letters from someone other than her husband. Libby’s inheritance includes an old lighthouse and cave – around which tales of Edward Teach circulate. Alec and Libby are drawn to one another despite his wariness – wondering if Libby might be responsible for her partner’s kidnapping. Throughout the story, the kindnesses that her father extended to many of the islanders and his family inspire Libby to let WWJD guide her actions. Her father’s faith, her own desire to do the right thing, and Alec’s faith lead her to a more prayerful life. Libby’s love of old architecture and beautiful old wood might make you look more appreciatively at older homes in your town. When I was recently browsing through a book store, my friend and I saw Tidewater Inn on the shelf. I didn’t realize how much was going on in this mystery until I enthusiastically gave a summary and recommended it to my friend. Four Stars
LovenGod More than 1 year ago
WOW! Imagine it, you think your father died when you were a young child, after all that is what your mother told you. Then you find out that he wasn't dead all those years, not only that he has other children, your half brother and sister. And he has left you an old inn, and property that is worth millions. Libby Holladay is stunned to learn all of this, but her biggest horror at the moment is the fact that she saw her best friend and business partner kidnapped in front of her on a a video cam feed, and the investigators think she was involved. Her dream come true, having property and an old inn, combined with a nightmare, her best friend missing. Will Libby be able to make sense of any of it, and will anyone help her find her friend? There has to be something here that she is missing, why would anyone want to kidnap her friend, is there a secret on Hope Island that needs to be discovered? Will solving the puzzle bring back her friend? This book was intense, that is the best word I can come up to describe it, the first day I tried to read it I had a migraine and it was just too intense to read with the headache, but wow, when the headache was gone it was a "cannot put it down" book. 302 pages US $15.99 4 stars. This book was provided for review purposes only, no payment was received for this review.
love2readnovels More than 1 year ago
Get away to Hope Island...but beware of rough waters! Libby Holladay and her business partner (and friend) Nicole, love doing historical renovation. Libby is thrilled when she finds she's inherited a wonderful old hotel (Tidewater Inn) on the shores of Hope Island. She also finds out she has some family she never knew about. Then there is the good-looking Coast Guard Lieutenant, Alec Bourne, whom she finds herself very attracted to. She'd like to keep and renovate the Inn, but it doesn't take long to realize how much money it will actually take to renovate the Inn. Money she doesn't have. She's not sure why a father she never knew would will her the Inn without any funds to fix it up. The bother and sister she didn't know she had, are angry at her because they think she's trying to steal what should be rightfully theirs. To make matters worse, Nicole is kidnapped while Libby watches on video cam and now they think she's responsible. Even Alec seems to doubt her innocence. What else can go wrong? Oh, you'd be surprised! But when all is said and done, can God truly work all things together for good? Tidewater Inn is an excellent romantic suspense and one that is difficult to put down once you pick it up. There were several unexpected turns and a few gasps along the way. The characters were true-to-life with all their faults. To me, that's realistic. While I was reading I truly felt like I was on Hope Island and was able to experience the beauty of the Island with Libby. I thought the author did a great job of getting the message across, that our behavior definitely makes a difference in other peoples lives. As we see with Libby, that's not always an easy thing to do, but God didn't call us to 'easy' now did He? That was a good reminder to me, that we need to be careful of the things we say and do. One thing I absolutely loved (and I know all Colleen Coble fans will too) is the surprise appearance of some beloved characters. That put the story over-the-top for me! I encourage you to read the book to find out who they are!!! If you are in the mood for a tropical vacation, I highly recommend you visit Hope Island. Do be careful though, you may run into some rough waters! Great Job, Colleen! *I received this complimentary copy from Thomas Nelson through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.*
Kellie4 More than 1 year ago
Tidewater Inn by Colleen Coble was a great read. Coble does a great job mixing Scripture and promises from God with Love and Romance and a little mystery. Libby and her friend, Nicole are heading to Hope Island to restore some old buildings. She also found out from her friend Nicole who got to the island early that she has inherited land from a father she has never met, who died just a few months prior. Unfortunately, the Inn that Libby has inherited needs a lot of upkeep and there is an investor who wants her to sell it. She also becomes aware of a brother and sister whom she has never met and who are not too fond of her and the fact that their father left the Inn to her. Before Libby leaves for Hope Island, she is talking with Nicole and watches on a web cam her friend’s abduction. She gets to the Island as fast as she can. As she is seeking to find her friend and enlisting the help of others, she meets Alec, a Coast Guard Lieutenant and fisherman who helps her in the search. Obviously, you can see the mystery and romance, but what Libby learns in the process is the ability to trust God and to ask “What Would Jesus Do?” in this situation. I find myself asking the same questions at times. God is good and he has a plan for our lives. He also puts us in situations that enable us to trust him more and more. I always enjoy reading a good romantic fiction story that is laced with Gospel Truth. Thank you Booksneeze for allowing me to read and review Tidewater Inn.
Apassion4pages More than 1 year ago
For only being the third book I've ever read in this genre (I usually read historicals), I liked Colleen Coble's Tidewater Inn better than the other two books put together. I loved the island setting of Hope Beach off the Outer Banks of North Carolina, and I loved the main characters. Coast Guard Lieutenant, Alec Bourne and Libby Holladay, an outsider to the island who has inherited a beachfront property called The Tidewater Inn from her now-deceased, estranged father both pulled me from page to page. I wanted (so much!) to know what was going to happen between them when the details of the mystery came to light. And there were so many other characters that I enjoyed getting to know and hope to see and get to know better in the next books in this series. I have to admit, I was thrown for a loop concerning the mystery at the end. In a good way. Being a writer, I was constantly thinking up way the plot might go--and not a single one of my own ideas happened to be what the author came up with. So yeah, I was pleased. The ending was perfect, with it's surprises, and it's saves, and it's kisses. I look forward to reading more about Alec and Libby and their friends on the island in Rosemary Cottage, the next book in Colleen Coble's new Hope Beach Series. I was given a paperback copy of this book by the publisher in order to read it and give my honest review for this LitFuse Publicity Blog Tour. I give Tidewater Inn 4 stars.
DSaff More than 1 year ago
A woman is kidnapped while her friend watches long distance. A mother was presumed dead from a boating accident. As a father dies, he tries to fix the problems caused by a grievous mistake made years previously. There is a mysterious cave and its contents cause chaos. Two people find themselves drawn to each other, but trust is an issue. These are just a few of the exciting scenarios found in this latest book by Coleen Coble. Libby and her partner, Nicole, restore old buildings. While scouting the area of Hope Beach, Nicole finds information that will change Libby's life. Her father hadn't really died when Libby was five. That had been her mother's lie. But, now he was dead and had left her a sizable inheritance, as well as siblings. Nicole sets up a beach camera to capture Vanessa's picture so Libby can see that she is real, when two men kidnap her before Libby's eyes. Now Libby races to Hope Beach to help find her friend. Who would want to kidnap Nicole? Was Libby involved? How will Libby's new siblings, Vanessa and Brent, take the news that Libby is their sister and has inherited the land on the island? Will they find Nicole in time? Alec is a local Coast Guard member and fisherman who volunteers to help Libby. What will their attraction spark? Come join the residents and guests at the Tidewater Inn to find out how all of these questions are answered. I love to read anything by Colleen Coble. Her stories always draw me in and become real. This book was no exception. I loved the characters and setting, and really enjoyed trying out my detective skills. I recommend this book to all readers whether you read at home, on the beach, or somewhere else. You will not be disappointed by the story. I received my free review copy from the Book Sneeze program for an honest review.
poohbeargirl More than 1 year ago
Readers will find enjoyment in this fast-paced mystery about a young woman, Libby, searching for her best friend, Nicole, after she watches kidnappers take Nicole in a boat. Somehow the kidnapping is related to the new inheritance Libby has just received - a mansion called Tidewater Inn and the new family she discovered she had: a father, an aunt and a brother and sister she never knew existed. The story is captivating and I finished the book in one day, it was so much fun! And clean fun! No cursing or sex, only touching and kissing. This book asks the question of suffering: One of the characters asks "Where was God when my parents were killed? Why do bad things happen to good people." Reply: "God was with your parents when they died and they are with him now. God gives us the grace to get through tough situations." Another says "I'm not a very good believer. I make it to church only once a month. Maybe that's why this is all happening. God is punishing me." Reply: "Forget that idea. Bad things happen even to good people. Life is hard. Goe never said it wouldn't be. And He's with us in the hard times." Another said "How do you think your dad feels when he looks down from heaven and sees how you're acting?" Another, "What good did it do Dad to try to please God if he was just going to kill him? If God cared, he wouldn't have taken both my parents. They told me God loves me. I wish I could still believe it." It was nice to see the sovereignty of God emphasized in one sentence: "God could choose to spare this little spot or wipe it out. It was all in his control." The book also showed the struggle for characters to be generous and the faith it took to give everything they had to people in need, leaving nothing for themselves and trusting God to provide. There was a LOT of emphasis on What Would Jesus Do and an important WWJD necklace. It was mentioned a few times that someone prayed but no prayers are recorded in the dialogue. I guess the saddest part about this book is that there was NO thanks given to God for anything. No one was seeking after God's glory. It was all self-seeking and Christian-lite thinking and theology. I would recommend this book for the story but not the Christianity. Also they taught incorrectly that God loves unbelievers and that they are safely in his arms, while the Bible teaches they are under his wrath. In order to be saved and go to heaven, one girl preaches a poor imitation of the gospel, “"All you have to do is ask him to forgive you.” Another issue I had was Bob Marley's reggae was pushed but Marley strongly rejected the Christian Jesus and taught Rastafarian's beliefs about his god Ja in the lyrics of his songs. Why would a Christian listen to songs with lyrics mocking our Jesus and about turning to another god? The end of the book was disappointing. It was a weird end. The good guys and bad guys by the end were odd, hardly mentioned, individuals. There was no wedding. THe book ended quickly and with loose ends and an odd human "savior." Disclaimer: I received this book free of charge from the publisher but I am not required to give a positive review in exchange for the book. This is my critical review of the book as if I had bought the book with my hard earned money.
jbarr5 More than 1 year ago
Tidewater Inn by Colleen Coble ISBN: 9781595547811 Love that this takes place on a barrier island in the Outer Banks of NC. Have only seen movies in the same location and it's beautiful. Libby Halladay and her friend Nicole own and run the historic preservation company. Nicole set out to look over an inn on Hope Island Libby's father left her most of the island in his will. She has a step brother and a step sister who got money from their father upon his death. The senator wants to buy the property and had a deal with the previous owner and wants to bulldoze it to build a resort. Nicole was taken while Libby watched via the web camera on the island. There are a few others that come into play in this book: a Coast Guard rescue worker, Alec Bourne and his teen nephew just a few weeks ago came to live with him. The local sheriff Tom as he investigates the disappearance of Nicole. God and faith have a huge part in this book, how things work out. Love the necklace Libby got from her father and the inscription says it all: WWJD All sounds pretty cut and dry and you know the ending and all the outcome but a hurricane touches down and things begin to get even more complicated as the days go by. Mystery of the caves is very interesting to hear about. Articles of clothing and other things that Belong to Nicole have washed up on shore and that makes those in charge put the investigation forefront. There is a family with a search and rescue dog with them that agree to help out while on vacation to the island. They try a few islands off the coast to no avail. Letters from Libby's father come to light which bring more heartache to her and others in the family. Aunt Pearl helped them to understand what had happened and to show Libby what her father loved to do with his time. When some have questions about death and hurt, others have the response of God and certain scriptures thus making it all add up. Just when they think they are getting close to solving the mystery other things hamper them and more comes into play where you think it will never get solved. Besides helping to find Nicole, Libby is also being pressured to sell the inn for 10 million dollars that would help with her step brother as he's disabled on the mainland and the rest could go to her company. There is just no way she'd be able to afford to fix the inn up. Love the things I learned in this book and the places I was taken to.
Heart2Heart More than 1 year ago
Libby Holladay and her partner Nicole Ingram work together at a business called Holladay Renovations. They work to convince owners to dramatically increase the value of their historic properties by entrusting them to Libby's expertise. When Libby receives a phone call from Nicole telling her that her father, Ray Mitchell has left her some prime real estate worth millions in his will. In fact the entire west side of the island and the Tidewater Inn now belongs to her. The Tidewater Inn is only accessible by boat and it's right along the ocean. More than thrilled to get the chance to see the possibilities, Libby asks Nicole to set her up via a webcam to see the property she's about to inherit but Nicole also tells her that she has a half brother, Brent and half sister, Vanessa they she never knew about until today. Thinking she had no remaining family left, Libby is thrilled with the idea she might get a chance to know her brother and sister. In fact Nicole tells Libby that she will get Vanessa on the webcam when they meet at the lighthouse ruins where Vanessa is scheduled to show her around. Then she can see her before they actually met. However when Libby pulls up the web cam link on her laptop she see's Nicole confronted by two men who inject her with a needle, and attempt to carry her off. As Libby attempts to call 911, she tries to record the video link but it goes dark before she can save anything. Using all her computer skills, she accidentally deletes the link from the computer. Now she has no proof to show the police. What will happen to Nicole and just why were these men after her? As she races to the Outer Banks to find Nicole, the mystery is about to intensify! In the latest novel by Colleen Coble, Tidewater Inn is the first in the Hope Beach series, and immediately engages the readers adrenaline in this heart pounding suspense novel with a twist of intrigue and romance. When Libby arrives in the Outer Banks she is the first the police suspect in Nicole's disappearance and while they launch an investigation to prove her guilt, Libby has to launch her own search to find Nicole before she winds up dead. She enlists the help of Alec Bourne, Chief Petty Officer for the Coast Guard in her search along with trying to deal with her new found family who aren't please to learn that they are sharing their inheritance with a sister they never knew. This book is guaranteed to keep your interest at an all time high as the suspense grows as the tidewaters continue to rise! I received Tidewater Inn by Colleen Coble compliments of Litfuse Publicity for my honest review and have to say there hasn't been one book that I've read by Colleen Coble that wasn't a winner in my opinion. This is a great series I can see developing because the cast of characters from Libby's new found family, to her warm and loving Aunt Pearl are guaranteed to make you want to keep coming back for more. I rate this one a 5 out of 5 stars and was up in the wee hours of the morning because I started reading it so late, I thought I would be able to put it down, but I couldn't! Sleep deprivation has never felt to good and so worth it too! I highly recommend this one if you love a bit of mystery with some intrigue, suspense and romance with the ocean as your backdrop!