Tiger Bay Blues

Tiger Bay Blues

by Catrin Collier

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‘Meticulously-researched…warming the hearts of millions of readers.’Historical Novels Review

‘Collier has a gift for bringing her characters to life that will keep the reader engrossed until the end’Daily Mail

A new Saga Queen hits the televisual cobbles- Daily Telegraph

Book Five of the


‘Meticulously-researched…warming the hearts of millions of readers.’Historical Novels Review

‘Collier has a gift for bringing her characters to life that will keep the reader engrossed until the end’Daily Mail

A new Saga Queen hits the televisual cobbles- Daily Telegraph

Book Five of the Brothers and Lovers series by Catrin Collier

Pontypridd 1930 - At eighteen Edyth is the 'plain, intelligent' one of Harry and Sali Evans's five daughters.

Until a chance meeting with handsome curate Peter Slater throws her life into turmoil. Head over heels in love, she sacrifices her own ambitions of a college education and career, and defies her parents' opposition so she can help Peter realise his dream of running his own parish. The church sends Peter to Butetown, a multi-racial dockland area of Cardiff, commonly known as Tiger Bay. There Edyth and Peter encounter rich cultures from all corners of the world that flourish even in the depression ridden conditions of desperate poverty. It is a society where creed, language and the colour of a family's skin doesn't matter - as long as the borders that separate Tiger Bay from the city aren't crossed. And there Edyth discovers exactly why her parents were so opposed to her marriage. Peter has a dark secret that has not only blighted his life but also hers.

A secret that threatens to destroy her love and, ultimately their marriage…

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Catrin Collier has written an absorbing love story with a difference.

Peter, a handsome, attractive, kindly, loving curate, has a ‘dark secret’ which threatens his relationship with Edyth, who falls deeply in love with him at first sight. Having just left school, she ditches all her plans to have a career, and defies her parents and family to marry Peter. (The Bishop has insisted that Peter should marry before he can be considered as suitable to have his own parish.)

Once they are engaged, Peter is posted to Tiger Bay in Cardiff Docks, a famous cosmopolitan quarter of the City. On her first day at college in Swansea, Edyth absconds to pay a surprise visit to Peter in Tiger Bay. Arriving late at night she is subjected to some terrifying experiences before being rescued in the police station by a Lutheran pastor who becomes a friend, and is best man when she marries Peter.

Although baffled by Peter’s changing moods and his relationship with his mother, who schemes to move into their home in Tiger Bay, Edyth learns to love the culture and people of the colourful, multi-ethnic Bay. Increasingly unhappy with her home life, she becomes more involved with the social life of her neighbours. Readers will be engrossed by the mystery of Peter’s secret and his ambivalent behaviour towards Edyth, whom he truly loves.

Catrin Collier tackles a difficult topic with sensitivity and understanding. There are many linked stories relating to Edyth’s family (her father is a Labour MP) and the diverse people she meets in Tiger Bay, so the story races along. Because it is so well written and easy to read, I found I was reading it well into the night. A very different romance.

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She looked out of the window after he left the room. The sun was shining but the wind was whipping sand across the beach. She opened the wardrobe and lifted out a dark-green woollen suit before going to the bathroom. She washed, dressed and applied her make-up mechanically. All she could think of was Bella's confession that she and Toby hadn't been able to keep their hands off one another - and Peter's wish to postpone their lovemaking.

As he refused even to discuss it, all she could do was wait until the end of the week when they would go to the vicarage in Tiger Bay. But that thought didn't prevent a tight knot of apprehension from forming in her stomach. Peter was charming and polite, solicitous even. But she could hear Harry's voice ringing in her ears: 'Some men don't make good husbands and I have a feeling Peter Slater may be one of them ... '

Meet the Author

Catrin Collier is Wales' most prolific and well-known author of historical, romantic fictions. The daughter of a Prussian refugee mother and Welsh father, she grew up in Pontypridd. She has written 19 novels for Orion. Her first historical novel Hearts of Gold, was filmed as a mini-series by the BBC in 2003. She lives with her family on the Gower Peninsula, near Swansea. She also writes crime fiction under the pen name Katherine John.

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