Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods

by Aaron Boyd

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VOYA - Mary McCarthy
More than a year ago, Eldrick "Tiger" Woods moved from amateur to professional golf in a blaze of publicity. His ability, appeal, and demeanor have made him a phenomenon of great interest to a great many people. Called the "universal child" by his mother, Woods is one of the first multiracial (Thai, Chinese, Caucasian, African American, Native American) athletes to achieve great success. Woods's goal, however, is to be the best golfer in the world. Period. Not to be labeled as the best black golfer, nor as a pioneer-just the best ever. Young adults are clamoring for information about him, and his appeal stretches far outside the world of golf. Let's tee off: The Tiger Woods Wayis an in-depth analysis of Woods's powerful swing, one of the most important aspects of a distance player's game. Using illustrations, photographs, and step-by-step instructions, this contributor to Golf magazine shows readers how to attempt to piece together their own Woods-like swing. Well-placed illustrations, engaging style, and numerous lists make this an accessible title. For avid golfers who have taken lessons, this book will seem a way to guarantee a longer drive without investing in graphite clubs. Those just beginning their study of golf may not find this overly useful, however. The techniques illustrated can best be implemented if you have a companion to help assess your game. Young adults may be drawn to this title because of their interest in Woods, but unless they already are avid golfers they will never finish reading it. Tiger Woods is a lower-level introduction to the superstar's life and golf training. Familiar anecdotes and events are covered, and the book includes his triumph at his first Masters. The style is sympathetic to the young fan, and Boyd seems as enthusiastic and devoted as they are. Statistics and golf terminology flow freely throughout, most of which are understood in context. The glossary deserves note, as it is friendly to the new golf enthusiast and includes many unfamiliar terms needed to understand the game. A brief introduction to the game, along with a description of different club types, would have made this even more useful for the new golf fan. A quick and interesting read for all levels, it definitely pulls to the side of Woods's gallery. Tiger Woods: The Makings of a Champion, by a long-time Sports Illustrated writer, is aimed at adult readers but has natural appeal to young adults. The familiar stories, quotes, and scores are here, although this title was finished before the Masters victory. The author focuses on Woods's amateur career and decision to turn professional. The style is familiar, and, not surprisingly, reads like a lengthy magazine article. It occasionally veers into the rough of "unauthorized biography" territory, but generally it is an interesting and fairly objective examination of its subject. This is definitely appealing and readable for all levels. If you put it in YA you might be amazed at the number of adults who will find it (and other treasures amongst those YA shelves). Prince of the Fairway Tiger Woods is a slightly higher-level examination of the development, career, and criticism of Woods written specifically for young adults. This title looks deeper into the childhood and cultural issues surrounding the Woods family. It is refreshingly less gushy than other works, even questioning Woods's status as a pioneer. Woods himself clearly understands he is not the first minority golfer to see success, and the author points out that his upbringing, while it involved discrimination, was also one of an affluent, much-loved only child. This title is for the young adult more interested in Tiger Woods than the media hype surrounding his ethnicity. There are occasional lapses, including odd or overly simplistic captions for the photographs, but this is an overall promising entry into the young adult realm for this publisher. Glossary. Index. Photos. Note: This review was written and published to address four titles: The Tiger Woods Way: Secrets of Tiger Woods' Power-Swinging Technique, Tiger Woods, Tiger Woods: The Makings of a Champion, and Prince of the Fairway: The Tiger Woods Story. VOYA Codes: 3Q 4P J S (Readable without serious defects, Broad general YA appeal, Junior High-defined as grades 7 to 9 and Senior High-defined as grades 10 to 12).
School Library Journal - School Library Journal
Gr 4-6The life of Tiger Woods, the Professional Golfing Association's newest winner of the Masters, is presented in 11 chapters of varying length. The young man's rise to fame and fortune along with his determination and successes on the links are described in simple sentences. Boyd presents a chronological account of Woods's golfing challenges and accomplishments; readers learn little about his personality and personal life. The golf terminology used throughout is defined in a glossary, but not in context. Full-page, black-and-white photographs of Woods and other PGA superstars are included.Janice C. Hayes, Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreeboro

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