The Tighty Whitey Spider: And More Wacky Animal Poems I Totally Made Up

The Tighty Whitey Spider: And More Wacky Animal Poems I Totally Made Up

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by Kenn Nesbitt, Ethan Long

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It's Official:
Kids want more of Kenn Nesbitt's sidesplitting poetry. They can't get enough of his clever wordplay, wonderful imagery, and zany rhymes.

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It's Official:
Kids want more of Kenn Nesbitt's sidesplitting poetry. They can't get enough of his clever wordplay, wonderful imagery, and zany rhymes.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
This follow-up to My Hippo Has the Hiccups features waggish ink illustrations and more than 50 similarly goofy rhymes. Characters include a Internet-obsessed chicken (“I wouldn’t mind so much/ except my keyboard’s now a wreck./ She hasn’t learned to type yet; she can only hunt and peck”); “Speedy Sid, the racing squid”; and a bodybuilding parrot. Breezy lines like “I have an amoeba I keep as a pet./ Today is his birthday. I didn’t forget” and poems set to recognizable tunes (“Frere Jacques” becomes “Ferret Soccer”) should be a hit. A free audio download of Nesbitt reading and singing some of the poems is available online. Ages 7-10. (Apr.)
From the Publisher
It's official: Kenn Nesbitt's poetry is kid- and parent-approved! His 'wacky animal poems' carry the common thread of silly critters in impossible situations — a recipe for laugh-out-loud page-turning fun.

So many of the poems are funny, but they are also very smart and full of little twists. I know kids will love the surprise endings. I think this really is a book that kids will want to read over and over again — even those reluctant readers.

Kenn Nesbitt combines animals and craziness into some wacky poems.

The Tighty Whitey Spider is exactly the kind of book my daughter would have loved when she was in elementary school. I can't think of a better way to help younger children develop an early appreciation for poetry than reading Nesbitt's poems.

Yes, they are funny and a little wacky - this book should have you chuckling with smiles.

Nesbitt's poems are funny and have a well, wacky off-beat kind of humor that really connects with kids (and their teachers and parents, I might add).

The poems aren't dull and boring, they are full of action and fun...If all poetry was this exciting, I'd definitely read more!

...his new book, The Tighty Whitey Spider (with illustrations by Ethan Long) would make me a fan even if I wasn't already one.

First of all, the main little critter is sporting nothing but his tighty whitey underwear. This alone had my kids giggling.

...they'll be creeping and crawling to get their hands on this collection of zany rhymes.

School Library Journal
Gr 1–4—This collection of 58 animal poems features imaginative flights of fancy and comic exaggeration. Some use wordplay (like "Abrocat the Acrobat"), others are story poems, and many are spoofs on well-known pieces. "If You Give a Mouse a Motorcycle" includes the lines: "He'll start working at the circus/Where he'll take away your breath/As he rides with other rodents/In the flaming cage of death." This contemporary, irreverent tone is sure to please children, especially boys. Not all of the verses are technically perfect, and some are lacking in originality and surprise (in "Frog Ball," the creature excels, of course, at catching flies). But adults may notice these faults more than the intended audience. The sketchy ink cartoons add a slapdash quality but not much more. This isn't on a par with Shel Silverstein's work, but it's similar in some ways and may appeal to the same audience. Collections looking for poetry with high appeal may want to add it.—Lauralyn Persson, Wilmette Public Library, IL

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7 - 12 Years

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My Kitten Won't stop Talking

My kitten won't stop talking.
She just prattles night and day.
She walks around repeating nearly everything I say.

My kitten never says, "Meow."
She never even purrs.
She mimics me instead in that annoying voice of hers.

She waits for me to speak,
and then she copies every word,
or begs me for a cracker,
or says, "I'm a pretty bird."

I'm not sure what to do, and so
I simply grin and bear it.
She's been this way since yesterday;
that's when she ate my parrot.

My Kiwi Is the Captain

My kiwi is the captain of a supersonic plane that doesn't fly to Switzerland or Singapore or Spain.
It doesn't fly to Jordan or Jamaica or Japan,
or Serbia, Somalia, Samoa, or Sudan.

It doesn't fly to Norway, Nicaragua, or Nepal.
It's safe to say it doesn't fly to anywhere at all.
But that's the way it always goes for kiwis, as you've heard.
It's true that he's a pilot, but he's still a flightless bird.

I Have to Write a Poem

I have to write a poem,
but I really don't know how.
So maybe I'll just make a rhyme with something dumb like "cow."

Okay, I'll write about a cow,
but that's so commonplace.
I think I'll have to make her be...
a cow from outer space!

My cow will need a helmet and a space suit and a ship.
Of course, she'll keep a blaster in the holster on her hip.

She'll hurtle through the galaxy on meteoric flights to battle monkey aliens in huge karate fights.

She'll duel with laser sabers while avoiding lava spray to vanquish evil emperors and always save the day.

I hope the teacher likes my tale,
"Amazing Astro Cow."
Yes, that's the poem I will write as soon as I learn how.

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