Til Death (Fractured Souls Series)
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Til Death (Fractured Souls Series)

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by Kate Evangelista

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Til Death by Kate Evangelista

Sixteen-year-old Selena Fallon is a dreamer. Not a daydreamer, but an I-see-the-future kind of dreamer. Normally, this is not a problem, as she has gotten pretty good at keeping her weird card hidden from everyone in her small town. But when Selena dreams of her own rather bloody death, things get a little too freaky—even for


Til Death by Kate Evangelista

Sixteen-year-old Selena Fallon is a dreamer. Not a daydreamer, but an I-see-the-future kind of dreamer. Normally, this is not a problem, as she has gotten pretty good at keeping her weird card hidden from everyone in her small town. But when Selena dreams of her own rather bloody death, things get a little too freaky—even for her.

Enter Dillan Sloan. Selena has seen the new guy in a different dream, and he is even more drool-worthy in person. Beyond the piercing blue eyes and tousled dark hair, there is something else that draws her to him. Something…electric. Too bad he acts like he hates her.

When Selena learns she's being targeted by a force bigger and darker than anything she ever imagined, she's had enough. Despite her death dream, Selena is not going to give up easily, especially when she discovers that Dillan isn't what he seems…and might not actually hate her after all. Dillan might be the only person who can save her.

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Entangled Publishing, LLC
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Fractured Souls Series
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12 - 18 Years

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When Kate Evangelista was told she had a knack for writing stories, she did the next best thing: entered medical school. After realizing she wasn't going to be the next Doogie Howser, M.D., Kate wandered into the Literature department of her university and never looked back. Today, she has a piece of paper that says to the world she owns a Literature degree. She is also the author of Taste, and Reaping Me Softly.

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Til Death 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 16 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A valiant try at a steamy, sexy supernatural romance, I just wasn't feeling this novel. Despite the original and novel idea--a girl with magic powers falling in love and chased by dark forces--the execution could've been improved. I feel that the main character, Selena, could've been more relatable. But the real thorn in my side was Dillan, the stupid, brainless alpha male teen girls seem to love despite the abusive tendencies. Look elsewhere for a good book, because this book was one of the worst I've ever read.
kydirtgirl68 More than 1 year ago
Selena has always had visions and other than her grandparents and best friend no one knows it. She has always tried to live a normal life and had no problems doing so until Dillan comes to town. Dillan messed up an assignment and has been sent off. He doesn't know why but something is different about Selena and he is determined to find out. They don't get along and more and more odd things begin to happen in their small town. While they can't seem to get along they have to work together to protect Selena. This was an enjoyable book that had a few surprises. Some of them you could see coming some you couldn't. Selena when faced with a zombie pretty much holds it together and you see she is a strong smart girl. She is used to add things she just didn't know how strange or how much weird stuff was out there in the world. I think it helps her when she is faced with finding everything out. I liked her. Dillan bad to say I didn't care for. He was a jerk and at times to me conceited. He was a big shot but now he isn't and sometimes it seems he forgot that. I did like how they worked together at the end to solve things. I love this author and I really enjoy seeing what new things she comes up with. If you like YA paranormal and a bad boy this book may be for you.
JackiesBookWorld More than 1 year ago
Rating: 3.5/5 What attracted me first to the book was its cover and the synopsis. Not having read any books by the author before, I really was interested in reading Til Death. From the synopsis, I knew that I had to read the book. Now being the first book of a new series, I knew that there wasn't going to be a lot of action, instead more event/character building. But what I didn't like so much was the pace of the story, it started off slow which made it difficult for me to get into. As the story progressed, the more events started happening and I couldn't stop reading the book.  Til Death starts off by introducing Selena Fallon, a sixteen-year old high school student who has a special power of seeing the future (more like dreaming about the future.) She lives with her grandparents after her parents died and she has two best friends, Kyle and Penny. They are the only ones that know what she can do and she likes to keep that way. But that doesn't last long after a mysteriously hot new student, Dillan Sloan, enters her class and she starts feeling sparks whenever they accidentally touch (literally) and it is because of that, that they also start to feel some type of connection. Which at the beginning wasn't much, but that's what makes it harder for them to be away from each other. As the both interact, it's hard for them to keep their secrets a secret form one another.  Despite hiding who he is, Dillan is forced to tell Selena about what he does and what he is part of. When a strange, yet deadly dream scares Selena, she is the one forced to find out who is targeting her and those that she loves. There were a lot of things that I liked about the story, one of them being the story line. I feel that it was well thought out, yet it started off really slow (which it eventually changed later on in the story). The characters were likable, some were better than others. I loved Kyle's personality. He is the perfect guy friend, and he genuinely cares for Selena. He is also the one character that made the most impact in the story. With twists and turns, he was the one that kept me reading, as well as the main characters. Dillan is funny and protective. I love how softy he can get, yet I would have liked to see more of his personality in the story. Selena's character is tough and courageous. She fights for what he believes in, which leads us to the end and what an ending that was! I wanted to keep reading, but there was a cliffhanger at the end. I really hope to read the second book of this new series, because it was just getting to the very good parts. Overall, the story was great. I recommend it to those that want to read something new, with twists and turns. It will leave you wanting for more.  *ARC provided by the author, in exchange for an honest and fair review*
Book_Sojourner More than 1 year ago
3-1/2 to 4 Stars: Right from the start we enter into the unique lives of Selena Fallon and Dillan Sloan. Told from their alternating perspectives - 1st person POV from Selena and 3rd person POV from Dillan - we get to discover along with them the deeper secrets of themselves and of Newcastle. This was one of those stories that grew on me the longer I read it. I could sense that the story would improve if I gave it more time. And it did! The Plot and Pacing: I enjoyed the complexity of the plot, watching both Selena and Dillan discover that not all is as it seems on their own. There's definitely a huge heap of mystery to sift through. Though a bit slow in the beginning, discovering what was really going on was well done, keeping my attention as the novel progressed. I found the second half of the book much better paced than the first half, and after that I had a difficult time putting it down. The action picked up in the second half, which also added to the excitement. Once the pieces of the mystery were put together, it really made sense. The Supernatural World: I liked the build-up of both the Illumenari world in general, and Newcastle and some of its residents in particular. I enjoy a well thought out world, and I appreciated the complex world Evangelista created, but also the simplicity in which she created the Illumenari hierarchy. Then throw some mythological creatures in there, and it all seems to blend together really well. I will say, however, that there are still many more questions about this world that haven't been answered yet, so I hope we get to know more in the next book. But I felt the amount of info I got here was sufficient to satisfy my immediate needs. The Characters: I found Dillan's character a bit better flesh-out that Selena's. She was likeable enough, and she grew on me, but I would have liked a bit more. Perhaps it's because I found the POV from her to be a mixed bag - juvenile and naïve on all things except when she's kissing a certain boy; then her descriptions become more mature than I think matched her character. Dillan, even though he could be a jerk sometimes, felt more clear cut, and I liked the writing of his perspective much more. But just like the story itself, these characters grew on me with time. Though a few of the secondary characters were a bit one-dimensional, most were great. Kyle was a nice addition to the story, as well as Sebastian, who added that special spark to any scene he was in. The Romance: Despite the "sparks," I was glad this wasn't a love-at-first-sight book. I'm not against those, but in paranormal books it can feel a bit cliché. The dynamic between Selena and Dillan was very interesting to watch - going from enemies for no apparent reason, to having to work together, to where they ended up. I give the author credit for what she did (or didn't do) with their relationship. I enjoyed watching the dynamic between them develop and progress. Cliffhanger? Yes, there is a bit of a cliffhanger, but it's a good one. I hate cliffhangers, but I liked how the author ended this, leaving me very interested in where things are going next, but not wanting to throw my kindle. Overall, Til Death is an entertaining and enjoyable read, delving into a world that I really enjoyed. Full of fascinating complexities, I found I liked it more and more as the story progressed, with the second half surpassing the first. The ending left me very curious where the story will go next. For the Young Adult reader, there is sporadic strong language throughout the novel, but no sexual content, just kissing.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I liked the love story in this book and the characters. I also loved the mythological creatures that were added to the story. I would recommend this book for people who love YA complete with love story, action, and mythological creatures.  My dislikes for this book which explains the rating is that I felt there wasn't enough information about the Illumenari to the point where I have no clue what they are. I know they aren't human but are they angels,mythological beings or what? I also thought that the book was a bit slower than I would have liked it to be which left me wondering what was going on until about halfway through. I still liked the book though and I will read the next one!
megHan-sHena More than 1 year ago
Fractured Souls 1: Til Death Selena lives a relatively normal life - she lives in a small town with her grandparents, goes to high school, has two best friends, and an ex-boyfriend (who won't seem to go away). She also has a secret - when she dreams of the future, the dream comes true. Things get a little weirder when the nephew of the dreamy history teacher that every girl swoon's over comes to school. The electricity that literally flows between them and the fact that they irritate the heck out of each other isn't enough ... she also starts finding out that the people around her might not be telling her the truth. Usually, when I sit down to write these reviews, I already know what it is that I want to say about the book. This time I honestly don't even know where to begin. The cover is what originally drew my attention to this book. It was one of several offered for r2r in an email from Entangled Publishing and it hands down stood out from the rest. And I'm glad because the story fulfilled my expectations and then some. Great story, interesting plot - the lies AND twists were just amazing. At times I thought I knew what was going to happen next and then ended up completely blindsided by something else. The characters are great - I love their personalities and attitudes, the way they are written, the way they express themselves. And the ending was incredible. I can not wait for book number two to come out!! Very impressive beginning to a series. Note: I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
Kazhy More than 1 year ago
I knew Kate Evangelista wouldn't disappoint. Although I personally enjoyed Taste and Savor more, Til Death still had me intrigued and prevented me from putting it down. It's a book that's easy to read in one sitting, especially since it had me laughing every few pages or so. Selena Fallon has been having visions of the future for quite a while, so it's nothing new and doesn't spook her out anymore. If anything, she's learned to use it to her advantage and to help the few people who also know of her gift: her grandparents and her best friends. But just who wouldn't feel disturbed and unsettled when they see their own death? Perhaps what I found most interesting about this book when I first heard of it were the lives of the main characters: Selena, with her dreams, and Dillan, with the secret society that he's part of - think Cassandra Clare's Shadowhunters minus the angels and runes. It's not hard to deduce that Selena, unbeknownst to them both, has something to do with Dillan's society, and this is where things get even more interesting. Selena and Dillan got off on the wrong foot. They both felt something like a zap when they first touched - they shook hands, if I remember correctly - and Dillan immediately suspected that the quiet town he'd been sent to had its own secrets. Determined to know just what's going on, he's rude and hostile to Selena, and because the girl isn't one to be pushed around (except when it came to her ex, ugh) verbal battles were in abundance. Their constant fighting actually irritated me at one point because by then it just seemed senseless and unreasonable, but I did enjoy watching them go from enemies to frienemies to friends who like making out with each other. Relationship status: it's complicated, indeed. I liked how they knew it wasn't smart to jump straight into a relationship because their lives were already crazy enough as it is. Til Death had its slow moments, no doubt, but the never-ending twists and suspense just kept me reading. I also loved the dual perspective because it fleshed the story out more. Kate has me worried for my sanity with her apparent love for cliffhangers lately, but the wait for the next book is one torture I certainly enjoy. MY FAVORITE PART was Dillan reading Frost to Constantinople. Swoon.
love2dazzle More than 1 year ago
“Til Death” by Kate Evangelista was a very interesting book. Selena Fallon can see into the future in her dreams. As far as Selena knows she has kept her weird ability on the down low. Her best friends and grandparents know but that is all. Selena then has a terrible dream about her own very bloody death and everything becomes topsy turvy from there. Then Dillion Sloan comes into the picture. Selena has seen Sloan in a different dream of hers but couldn’t believe how much more attractive he was in person. When the two of them touch there is something electric. They touch and there is an electric shock every time. Immediately Dillion Sloan acts like he hates Selena and she doesn’t know why because as far as she knows she didn’t do anything to him. When Dillion and Selena are forced to work together on a school is when everything spins completely out of control.  I thought Selena Fallon was a great female lead. I will admit that I was bothered about how much she was down on herself for not being attractive when obviously she was gorgeous. Selena seems to be a typical teenage girl. She is worried about her friends, family, and school. She doesn’t want to be referred to as the weird kid. She wants her secret to be safe. I was amazed about how brave Fallon is and how she was willing to gamble her own life for the people that she loves. When Fallon found out that she was in the dark about what was going on, I don’t blame her for being mad or being frustrated. I would be frustrated too if I were in her situation. For being sixteen I thought Selena handled herself quite well.  Dillion Sloan came off as a bad boy and a jerk right away. I didn’t like him at all in the beginning. I was beginning to dread the book in the beginning because I made the assumption of; “Of course! Another bad boy.” I was wrong. I actually end of liking Dillion Sloan a lot. Sloan is very sarcastic, which is a quality I like and respect. When Sloan proves his loyalties and how much he actually liked Selena, I began to like him even more. I went from strongly disliking Sloan to actually enjoying reading about him. I may have a new book boyfriend crush.  Kyle got on my nerves a lot. I can’t say that he isn’t a loyal friend, which made me respect him but his characteristics drove me insane. He seemed a little too controlling for my taste. He wanted to control what Selena was able to know. He would get upset when Dillion got too close to her. At first I thought that Kyle was going to turn into the jealous friend that wants to be more but as I became more involved in the story, I found out that wasn’t the case. I became more curious about what Kyle was really about if it wasn’t to be a love interest.  “Til Death” gives the reader a little bit of paranormal existence. There are manticore, hellhounds, and ancient warriors, seers, and special powers. Evangelista gives her readers a little taste of everything. I think this book was decently written. I think there could have been some improvement but I didn’t have a ton of issues with this book. I think the plot was great. I felt involved and drawn into the book right away. I was definitely interested with what was going on. I thought the characters were great. The main ones I felt like I really got to know them. The minor characters I wish I got to know them a little better.  The last note I would like to leave my readers with is how gorgeous this cover is! Look how beautiful! I love the dress! 
WhatsBeyondForks More than 1 year ago
Til Death is the first book in the new series, Fractured Souls, by Kate Evangelista. This was one of those books that you learn bits at a time, and they all piece together into a bigger picture. I don't think we've been given the total big picture yet. The world building is intriguing with new creatures and some you don't see much of in fiction. It's a much needed change. I love the Love/Hate thing between Dillon and Selena. It really kept my interest. The characters aren't all that they seem, and this plays a big part in the story. There are so many lies. So many! And even after everything is out in the open, and I thought everyone was going to finally be honest, Dillon tells Selena another lie. Why?? Because it's never easy for fictional characters and their readers. That's why. It made me so mad, but it also makes me super anxious for the truth behind the lie! As if I needed another reason to be anxious for the next book. The ARC of Til Death by Kate Evangelista was kindly provided to me by the publisher for review. The opinions are my own.
BookwormLisa More than 1 year ago
Selena believes she has a typical life. She has a couple of best friends who have her back and are always there for her. She goes to school and has loving Grandparents who are raising her. She has a possessive ex-boyfriend. She can foresee the future, but that is just a weird fluke. Her world is turned upside down when Dillan moves into town. He pulls her to him. His touch is electric and he is very good looking. Pretty soon she is part of a strange world that she knew nothing of before, but she has always been a part of. Til Death is an adventure. The book flows along at a quick pace and is great at keeping the readers attention. The plot line is typical, but it is still fun to read. The paranormal aspect is new. I have not come accross this particular breed before. Kate introduced them well, she gave information at the right time to understand the plot and story. The book has quite a bit of swearing. It made me flinch a little bit.  I received an electronic copy of this book in exchange for an honest opinion.
Grumbleworts More than 1 year ago
I was really excited when I received this book in my email *cough* last night. I hadn’t intended to stay up late to read it. Nope. I had many other things to do. Instead, I had to find out what happened. So I was up a bit late. That should tell you right there that I enjoyed the book. Selena and Dillan are interesting characters and I enjoyed reading about them. The world that Evangelista has created is smooth and believable, and you can tell she has her details worked out. The relationship between characters is good, and as someone who has lived in a small town for awhile, it was pretty accurate in its portrayal. Selena is a great character, and Penny and Kyle are great supporting acts. They’re likeable and they have their own personalities. I wish Selena’s abilities were a little more defined and “played up,” just because it sometimes seemed like it got lost. Then again, I wonder if that was done on purpose. I get the impression her abilities are something that will grow with her character in future books, and I’m interested to see where that leads. Dillan’s character, by the end, was one I liked. But I must admit that the cocky, abrasive personality has me struggling to like him in the beginning. When you finally figure out why he’s been sent to Wyoming, it makes a little more sense. I like that Dillan has an inner struggle going on and how that affects him and the way he deals with things. I just wish he’d stop being so prickly a little faster. I like that the characters have separate “issues” going on, outside of what is happening at the moment. The author has given all her characters a story, and it shows. Most of them have hints that they might intertwine and be important later, but it isn’t distracting or frustrating.  The relationship between Selena and Dillan I enjoyed at the end, but it was another case where the characters are at each other’s throats, insulting each other and getting angry, and then they finally realize its because they like each other. It’s a personal preference, but I don’t enjoy that – if I get that angry at someone, the last thing I’m thinking about is dating them! In this case, they do eventually tone it down, and the relationship takes a more even and enjoyable tone. (again, this is a personal preference. I’m sure some people will love the interaction!) I also like that Selena doesn’t allow Dillan (or anyone else around her) to walk all over her. She might not fully understand what’s going on, but she’s not going to let them fight her battles for her. The ending is great, and while the villain is predicable and easily identified in both cases, I wasn’t bothered by it. I’m very interested to see where this goes, especially with Dillan’s… past issues coming back to haunt him there at the end. If you enjoy urban fantasy and paranormal, then you’ll enjoy this. Definitely pick it up and take a read! Book was provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review.
LindaTownsend More than 1 year ago
This YA read grabbed me and never let go...  This YA read grabbed me and never let go... but, oh my, what a cliffhanger ending!  Selena Fallon is sixteen years old and has always had dreams that predict the future. She doesn't have control of those dreams... so she can't predict what numbers will win the lottery. Only her grandparents and her two best friends know that she has this ability. But when she dreams of her own bloody death, she doesn't tell anyone. Selena has dreamed about Dillan Sloan. So when he shows up as a new student at her school, she's not surprised. But he's even better looking in person than he was in her dreams. Dillon, though, has an attitude. He doesn't want to be living with his uncle, and he doesn't want to be at the school and he certainly doesn't want to have anything to do with Selena. I enjoyed this story and didn't want to put it down. I wanted to shake Selena a few times as after she dreamed her death, she kept doing stupid things putting herself in harm's way -, but, LOL, isn't that what all teenagers do? I HATE cliffhangers and this one has a doozy. However, I will definitely pick up the next book as I really want to find out what happens next!  3.5 Stars!!!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
LovinLosLibros More than 1 year ago
3.5/5 stars I've heard nothing but great things about Kate Evangelista's paranormal books, so when I saw the review opportunity arise for this one, I thought I'd give it a go! I did enjoy this one, though it is a bit of a slower read. Being the first book in the series, Evangelista does a lot of world building and explaining the idea of the Illumenari, which was critical to the development of the series. By the end I was completely engrossed and anxious to find out what will happen next! It is definitely a bit of a cliffhanger, so beware! I was left wanting more, which is always a plus! I did have a few issues with the characters in the novel, primarily Dillan. He is angry and bitter over being demoted and having to go live with his uncle and do mundane things such as attending school. However, when he first interacts with Selena, there is definitely something unexplainable (and electric!) between the two. I didn't really understand why Dillan disliked Selena so much in the beginning though and that bothered me a bit. I'm all for animosity between the main characters because it makes their relationship more intense, but I just didn't see the reasoning behind it here. However, Dillan can't seem to shake the draw to Selena, and after being forced to work on a group project, he realizes she's more than meets the eye- he just can't figure out how exactly. I did end up liking Dillan as the book progressed. He is haunted by his past and I was very intrigued by how that would all play out. The ending was insane and it really makes you wonder about Rainer Sloan, his uncle, and where his allegiances truly lie. I liked Selena's character overall. She's always been different, having visions of the future. Only a select few know she has them, including her best friends Penny and Kyle. Selena is definitely tough and I liked at the first sign of danger she doesn't wimp out. She takes up for herself and refuses to be left behind for her own safety. Too much has been kept from her regarding who she is and what she can do and she is insistent that she be told the truth instead of walking around blind. She doesn't understand why Dillan has so much animosity towards her, but she can't deny the electric charge she feels when she accidentally touches him. Even though I liked Dillan more towards the end, I did have a hard time connecting with them and their relationship. Kyle was a great character and I loved the twist Evangelista added for him. I never expected his storyline to go where it did and I have to say it worked. All I will say is that the Kyle you think you know- ends up having a more serious side! I did find myself enjoying this one, despite the slower pace and a few character issues. I think Evangelista did a good job of introducing us to the world she has created as well as providing us a good foundation that she will expand upon in the upcoming books. I am looking forward to seeing how Dillan and Selena will deal with that ending!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago