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Time And Timing

Time And Timing

by Frederick Douglas Harper

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Time and Timing is Frederick Douglas Harper's 11th book of poetry with prose. Typical of all of Dr. Harper's creative books, Time and Timing contains insightful and inspirational quotes in a section at the end of the book, that is, in addition to the poetry. Examples of poem titles include "This Is the Moment," "A Tribute to Michael Jackson," "Time



Time and Timing is Frederick Douglas Harper's 11th book of poetry with prose. Typical of all of Dr. Harper's creative books, Time and Timing contains insightful and inspirational quotes in a section at the end of the book, that is, in addition to the poetry. Examples of poem titles include "This Is the Moment," "A Tribute to Michael Jackson," "Time and Space," "When Spirit Touches the Soul of a Child," "Living Outside Our Body," "The Prophecy," "No Time for Anger," "Time for Restraint and Rethink," "An Ugly Time, A Beautiful Time," "I Am Because of You," "Step Away From Your Body," "The Graduate," "Global Warming: Global Warning," "A Time for Love and Romance," "The Good Samaritan," "Time Stolen by Technology," "Memories of Elephants," and "Angels With No Wings."

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A book about the concept of time and the importance of timing
By Frederick Douglas Harper


Copyright © 2009 Frederick Douglas Harper
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4490-2506-9

Chapter One


This is the moment; This is our moment- A moment of transition, A moment in transition, A moment with inspiration and Expectation, A powerful moment in our history and time; A moment of hope, a moment of pride, A moment of joy, a moment of love. At this moment and in these times, Let us commit ourselves to right, Justice, and good; At this moment and time, Let us act on our best virtues In every venue and with every opportunity; In this moment and time, Let a new spirit of right and good imbue Hearts in leadership of the masses. Let us love our country as we should love Ourselves and each other; Let us love the Earth as we should love ourselves And each other; Let us fill our cup with sweet love and dispense Vinegar's bitter hatred from our core; Let us plant the seeds of hope and distribute The harvest of fruit to many.


In this life on Earth, there is time and space- From one moment in time to another, From yesterday to today to tomorrow, From the past to the present to the future, From one placeon Earth to another; In another world, these dimensions of Time and space do not exist, Because all existence is connected and All existence is constant and unchanged; Therefore, nothing moves and nothing changes; Everything is One as Spirit and Whole.


And a good Samaritan looked upon the people and spoke: I come as a prophet who watches over God's people- Just as a shepherd watches over sheep; Believe me and believe in me, because I am who I say I am; I am what I say I am; You need not look beneath the soil for my seed; You need not look within my eyes for my heart; You need not peruse the branches of trees For my fruit, because the harvest of my deeds Are pure, just, and true; I am The Word; I am of The Word- So destined as with truth and time; I am your shepherd for good as God is mine.


There is a time to be with another, There is a time to be alone in pain or peace, There is a time to love another, There is a time to love self, There is a time for you to change- To change yourself or your venue, There is a time for you to stay your place. Ask yourself, "Is this a time to speak out For self and others?" Ask yourself, "Is this a time to hold your tongue In patience and anticipation?" Ask yourself, "Is this a time to make things happen, Or is this a time to allow things to happen?" Ask yourself, "Is this a time to think Rather than act out of emotion or impulse?" Realize that: There is a time to hope and wish- To play and pray; There is a time to give and a time to forgive, A time to weep and a time to enjoy and rejoice; There is a time for noise and chatter, and Certainly there is a time for quiet and solitude; There is a time to live with vive and joy, and There is a time to die with courage and a sense Of fulfillment for a life well lived.


For those with gratitude in their heart but don't know How, cannot, or will not say the words "thank you," I say "thank you" for them; On behalf of those at the precipice of death without the Strength to say "thanks," I say "thank you" for them; For those who have died without knowing whom To thank, not having the courage to say "thanks," or Not having the strength of forgiveness to say "thanks," I say "thank you" for them; On behalf of those who are so hurt with pain of mind and Cannot say "thank you" to those who have helped or Attempted to help them, I say "thank you" for them; For those who have been helped, but who are too vain Or too insensitive to know that they have been helped By another or others, I say "thank you" for them; On behalf of those who have learned or been taught To take or exploit and not to give or recognize gifts From others, I say "thank you" for them; For those who should but cannot or will not bring Themselves to say "thank you" to their children, other Loved ones, friends, co-workers, teachers, or mentors, I say "thank you" for them; On behalf of those who are too jealous of the gifts of Others to say "thanks" for gifts shared with them, I say "thank you" for them; For those who have been afforded health, healed Of disease, or spared life, and who are not of mind To pause and say "thanks" to The Great Spirit and Their ancestral spirits who protect and nurture Them, I say "thank you" for them; For those who have been blessed with a gift of talent Used, abused, or unused without realization of the Value of such gift, I say "thank you" for them; On behalf of those human beings who did not know, Did not care, or would not or could not do so, I SAY "THANK YOU" FOR THEM.


In Earthly form, Michael was love; In spirit, Michael remains with us as love; His message of love and giving is God's Gift to us; His talent of music and dance is God's Gift to our world. Now, he is gone in body from our presence, But we will forever remember him- We will forever remember his music and Visual images; We will forever remember the joy that he Brought and still brings to our lives. Michael, we love you as you loved so many; Michael, your spirit will always be with us; Michael, hear us and hear our wish that your Soul will rest in peace in the world beyond.


Step away from your emotions, If you should and when you can; Say to yourself, "This is a human experience, And not a personal experience"; Step outside your body, whether in time Of death of a loved one, abandonment by a Loved one, loss of a job that you held dear, Or some other painful loss or crisis; Ask your mind to say to your body, "Just step Away and talk to you-talk to the vessel Of body and image of you as a person"; Ask your spirit to speak to your body, "This is a human experience of life; It is not a personal experience- God has spoken and has not chosen me For pain, but such is the way of all flesh, The way of all human life"; Therefore, pray to God for the strength To eventually say, "'Tis done, and if it's Not right or real to reverse, then 'let it be'"; Therefore, pray more to God and ancestors To move you on and make you whole again in time, To help you to appreciate the memories of the past Held dear, and to face the possibilities of the future Without fear; Yes, step away from your body and vessel- Pray to God and ancestors: "Make me whole to move forward so as to share, Give, and trust once more."


In thought and mind, time sweeps away Yesteryears' joys and sorrows, And regret's pain sucks blood from The marrow of tomorrow aging bones; And yet time can be an ally of life's joy- Only if one lives fully; only if one lives in The moment and not in the unchangeable Past or the anticipatory future.


I awake as a gift of Thee this day And bow my head to humbly pray; I thank You firstly for the sunrise bright As well as the gift to share my light; I beg of You this day to touch my soul, To keep me healthy, safe, and whole; Bless me yet to learn much more- To give to others so abundantly poor.


There is little to nothing more beautiful than The time of an idea that brings about good things And good feelings; There is little to nothing more beautiful than The timeliness of words that make the pain go away, Or make us feel good on the inside or full with Joy and laughter; There is little to nothing more beautiful than a Flower at the timely peak of its bloom; There is little to nothing more beautiful than the Diversity among flowers and other beautiful things; There is little to nothing more beautiful than Birds or ducks in flight against the backdrop of A calm colorful sky; There is little to nothing more beautiful than God's creation of Earth as our Garden of Eden.


Three boys were asked, "What do you want to do when you get old like your grandpa?" The first boy to answer stated, "I want to spend all the money I have and enjoy good food, expensive cars, luxurious hotels, pretty girls, and fine jewelry." The second boy answered, "Once I get old and retire, I want to travel all over the world and see different cultures and live in the finest hotels. Oh, I would also give money to my children and grandchildren when they may need it." The third boy thought much and answered, "I wish to walk outside occasionally and feel the sun at day and see the stars, moon, and planets at night; I want to walk along the beach and smell the scent of its presence and hear the roar of the ocean. I want to inhale the fragrances of flowers and appreciate the beauty of Earth's mountains and trees. And early in the morning upon awakening, I wish to hear the thoughts of God through me as messages for my day."


Children often see a parent as perfect, If that parent gives them what they want When they want it; Children often see a parent as perfect, If that parent allows them to do what They want to do; Children often see a parent as perfect, If that parent takes them where they Want to go; Children often see a parent as perfect, Until or when that parent ceases to allow Them to have their way; Then they may very well blame the Parent and refocus their vision on Parental imperfections.


Waiting for change; waiting for a happening; Patiently waiting and at times anticipating; Waiting in line at a food store to pay; Waiting in a vehicle at a red traffic light; Waiting at a theater for the show to begin; Waiting anxiously at a hospital for surgery, Or waiting for a baby to be born; Waiting, waiting, waiting with time's passing. Waiting for change; waiting for a happening; Waiting for a bus, waiting for a train, Waiting for an airplane; Waiting in a waiting room for health care; Waiting in a restaurant to eat; Waiting impatiently to fall asleep; Waiting for something we want; Waiting for something we need; Waiting with anticipation for a lover To come through the door, or Waiting for romance's love to rescue you Once more; Waiting, waiting, waiting with time's passing. Waiting at a toilet door for your turn of relief; Holding the tension for a quick return to peace; Waiting for a friend to share nostalgic times Possibly with laughter over coffee, tea, or wine; Waiting for an abandoned intimate love to leave, Or wondering if you should suggest such by Saying kindly, "Please"; Waiting for an old and helplessly ill loved one to die, But feeling so ashamed to hasten that one's good-bye; Waiting and waiting with time's passing- Waiting for the opportunity to wait.


As Homo sapiens, the prized Animals of Earth, in the Garden of Eden as Earth, we can choose our destiny Or we can allow the dark side Of destiny to choose our future; The prophet of this day Is here as we pray; But recognized by few, Who await what he will do; The Messiah is here As others before; however, With blinders on, few have Observed to know that Earth in time will certainly die, But humans before may sadly be Forced to say goodbye; Days' end will bring a time that we Or our children may see, when Food will be worth more than gold, And water will be worth more than wine; Famine will lead to disease, and Disease will lead to more famine; As God's prized jewel of animalia, We can choose the time and quality of Our remaining life on Earth- Simply by anticipating and planning And by cooperating as one human race.


The unrealized work of God is within our souls; A choice of ours although for some untold; Let music, words, ideas, and efforts within come forth, With the spirit of God and ancestors in flow; A light untold so burns deeply within our souls, It ignites our spirit with efforts so bold; So realize the light within you, and release God's and ancestors' spirit within you untold.


Waiting for a hug, Waiting for a kiss, Waiting for a love So much anticipated; Waiting for a job; Waiting for a paycheck; Waiting in a showroom To pick up your new car; Waiting to buy a house; Waiting for a job promotion; Waiting for a child to be born; Waiting for a child to crawl, walk, And talk; Waiting for school to begin, Waiting after school, Waiting for college to free your watch; Waiting for retirement; Waiting in sweet expectation For fulfillment of anticipation; Waiting to wait.


When Spirit touches the latent gift of a child, Do not balk, as it is destiny's smile; If Spirit guides as Hand of God to light a talent, Do not derail such Divine truth, as this is a Natural calling from deep down within the Soul of a child; If Spirit touches the light within to shine, Then let that child sing, dance, paint- Play music, perform sport, preach spirit, Teach, lead, write, and more; If Spirit imbues a child with a gift to shine, Then let it shine, and fret you not for else; If Spirit touches the soul of a child, then Allow Spirit's art of work to shine from That child to us and to others.


An aged shepherd with a cane limped before A crowd that was full of admiration and respect For him. After much silence, he spoke, "I can't remember Much of who, when, or why-why are you here And why do you call upon me?" A young shepherd, wise in the moment, looked Around in disappointment of time's thievery, But soon lifted his head and spoke of new wisdom Of the moment born: "Sir, you need but know one Thing-that God has blessed you over years to Know, and thus you have shared God's knowledge With many." Then, the old-man shepherd looked briefly upon the Young shepherd and then forthrightly to the standing Multitude and spoke one last time with wisdom: "Then let me die with dignity if my work here On Earth is done."


Sir, excuse me, but your ticket is ready. What ticket, I haven't made any reservations or ordered any tickets or a ticket? No problem, reservations were made for you for the journey. I guess I won that free vacation trip from that TV raffle; let me get my luggage. Sir, you won't need luggage; everything that you need is there; WOW, one of those vacations where you have a free robe, wardrobe, toiletries, room-service meals- oh, what time is my flight? No airplane or train-just step outside your body. What are you talking about; are you crazy or something? Who made the reservations, that is, if this whole thing is legitimate? It is legitimate; God made the reservations. Remember you met Him once, but it was long ago? Come with me; it's time for us to leave. By the way, your destination has not been determined.


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