Time for Bed, Fred!

Time for Bed, Fred!

by Yasmeen Ismail

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A bedtime book, featuring a boisterous, fun-loving dog who really, really doesn't want to go to bed!See more details below


A bedtime book, featuring a boisterous, fun-loving dog who really, really doesn't want to go to bed!

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
Somehow, one look at Ismail’s (Inside, Outside, Upside Down) shaggy dog, Fred, is enough to make readers grin. Is it his chaotic fur, scribbled haphazardly in watercolor? Is it his dainty claws, or his ears, which have a life of their own? Maybe it’s his giant smile or the torrent of water that trails him when he takes off running after his bath (“Wait, Fred, wait! You’re not dry yet!”), then dashes outdoors so he can shake all that water off—onto the clothesline, of course. In this gentle and effective turn on a typical go-to-bed story, Fred is a pet, not an animal child, and the voiceover-style narration is clearly that of his young owner. Yet Fred has a bed and a bedtime routine, complete with a read-aloud session (Woof! by “R. Hound”), and he’s no less reluctant to settle down than his human counterparts. He means well—it’s just that the temptations of mud puddles, tall trees, and watering cans inevitably distract him. Fred’s eager-to-please look and the constant trouble he gets into give this the makings of a bedtime favorite. Ages 4–8. (Feb.)

Fred is illustrated in watercolors that seem to soak through the page in thick blotches and rich, saturated colors. The effect is a wonderful sense of motion.
Children's Literature - Erika Clark
Meet Fred, an energetic, wild, and spontaneous family pet dog. When it’s time for Fred to go to bed, he wants to everything besides sleep. First Fred darts outside to play in the muddy garden. Then Fred climbs a tree high above the ground and falls down. The more his owner calls him, the more Fred wants to dig in the garden, sniff a small insect, and leap into a muddy puddle. Even after a bath, Fred plays hide-and-seek in a green pale, takes a dip in the kitchen sink, and squeezes between the books. This reading is a cute bedtime story that every child will love right before going to sleep. A funny story about a reluctant dog that just wants to have fun before calling it a night. Portrayed in watercolors in a flowing manner, the reader captures all the motions of Fred’s mischievous mud puddle jumping or bath-time ruckus. Reviewer: Erika Clark; Ages 4 to 8.
School Library Journal
PreS-Gr 1—Fred is a dog that isn't quite ready for bed. He climbs a tree, dives into a mud puddle, races out of his bathtub sopping wet, and clutches a book expectantly in his mouth. After one last ditch effort to sleep in his owner's bed, a smiling Fred is finally tucked into his own pad with a bone and ball. Ismail's illustrations are reminiscent of Norton Juster's exuberant and colorful images while Fred's antics make him a kindred spirit to Chris Raschka's Daisy. Ismail cleverly uses exclamations and rhetorical questions to liven up the familiar lets-get-ready-for-bed storyline. This book works well as a read aloud, as it begs for audience participation, and will likely become a bedtime favorite.—Jenna Boles, Greene County Public Library, Beavercreek, OH
Kirkus Reviews
★ 2013-11-27
A hilarious, not-ready-for-bed book starring Fred--an irrepressible and irresistible dog--and his diversionary tactics, in whose spirit parents and children will lovingly find the familiar. Fred is a bedtime-avoidance pro. When the clock chimes 8 o'clock, he's off and up to his old antics. The owner's affectionate yet exasperated remonstrations aptly capture a parent's bedtime struggle, as Fred continues to hide and make mischief. He pretends a chair, laundry basket--and, yes, the parent's bed!--is his own. At last, Fred's asleep, tucked in to the appropriate bed. Playful illustrations in an autumnal palette will endear the pup to readers, as he gleefully climbs, digs and splashes through mud. Ismail applies her watercolors skillfully, capturing the precision of Leo Lionni's collage work and the exuberance of Mary Blair's palette. Each mark has an energy, purpose and thought to it. The sophisticated and loose artwork is the ideal match for the simple, emotive text. A perfectly designed read-aloud for the bedtime staller. A sheer delight! (Picture book. 1-5)

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