Titanic: The Musical

Titanic: The Musical


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  1. Act 1. Overture / Prologue: In Every Age
  2. Act 1. The Launching: How Did They Build Titanic?
  3. Act 1. The Launching: There She Is / Loading Inventory / The Largest Mo
  4. Act 1. I Must Get on That Ship
  5. Act 1. The 1st Class Roster
  6. Act 1. Godspead Titanic
  7. Act 1. Barrett's Song
  8. Act 1. To Be a Captain
  9. Act 1. Lady's Maid
  10. Act 1. What a Remarkable Age This Is!
  11. Act 1. The Proposal / The Night Was Alive
  12. Act 1. Hymn / Doing the Latest Rag
  13. Act 1. I Have Danced
  14. Act 1. No Moon
  15. Act 1. Autumn / Finale
  16. Act 2. Dressed in Your Pyjamas in the Grand Salon
  17. Act 2. The Blame
  18. Act 2. To The Lifeboats: Getting in the Lifeboat / I Must Get on That S
  19. Act 2. We'll Meet Tomorrow
  20. Act 2. Still
  21. Act 2. To Be a Captain (Reprise)
  22. Act 2. Mr. Andrew's Vision
  23. Act 2. Epilogue: In Every Age (Reprise) / Finale

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Andy Taylor   Vocals
Larry Keith   Vocals
Joseph Kolinski   Vocals
Michael Cerveris   Vocals
David Garrison   Vocals
Jody Gelb   Vocals
Ted Sperling   Vocals
Kay Walbye   Vocals
Judy Blazer   Vocals
Melissa Bell   Vocals
Matthew Bennett   Vocals
Bill Buell   Vocals
John Jellison   Vocals
Don Stephenson   Vocals
Victoria Clark   Vocals
Brian d'Arcy James   Vocals
Martin Moran   Vocals
Michael Mulheren   Vocals
William Youmans   Vocals
Peter Kapetan   Vocals
Jonathan Brody   Vocals
Clarke Thorell   Vocals
Kevin Stites   Conductor
Kimberly Hester   Vocals
Becky Ann Baker   Vocals
Lisa Datz   Vocals
Erin Hill   Vocals
David Elder   Vocals
Drew McVety   Vocals
Robin Irwin   Vocals
Alma Cuervo   Vocals
John Bolton   Vocals
Allan Corduner   Vocals
Mara Stephens   Vocals
Theresa McCarthy   Vocals
Adam Alexi-Malle   Vocals
David Costabile   Vocals
Michele Ragusa   Vocals
Henry Stram   Vocals
Charles McAteer   Vocals
Jennifer Piech   Vocals
John Cunningham   Vocals
Stephanie Park   Vocals
Mindy Cooper   Vocals
Titantic: The Musical Cast Ensemble   Choir, Chorus
Titanic: The Musical Pit Orchestra   Performing Ensemble

Technical Credits

Tommy Krasker   Producer
Joel Moss   Engineer
Jonathan Tunick   Orchestration
Maury Yeston   Composer,Lyricist,Producer
Richard Dombrowski   Art Direction
Roxanne Slimak   Reissue Design
Kevin Stites   Music Direction
Richard Jones   Stage Direction
Peter Stone   Liner Notes,Story,Book
Doug Johnson   Logo Design
Tammy Van Aken   Package Manager
Long Vu   Reissue Package Design

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