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TNS: The Newest Profession

TNS: The Newest Profession

by Steve Salerno

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TNSan acronym for The New Salesmanshipeschews the hard sell of the ``bad old days.'' Rather, TNS involves establishing a positive rapport with the customer and unobtrusively guiding him or her to the desired purchase decision. Salerno explains various TNS concepts and techniques, such as the Hot-Potato Parry and Closing on the Minor Point, and introduces the leading proponents of the new approach (Tom Hopkins, Danielle Kennedy, Zig Ziglar, et al.). In the final chapter, Salerno speculates that TNS's ``sophisticated methods'' might be unethical or even harmful, but most of the book is pretty thin material, inflated by upbeat generalizations and snappy anecdotes. Caveat emptor. Kenneth F. Kister, Tampa, Fla.

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