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To the Limit (Bodyguards Series #2)

To the Limit (Bodyguards Series #2)

4.4 57
by Cindy Gerard

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When former Secret Service agent Eve Garrett, gets a late night call from Tiffany Clayborne saying "Eve, please come and get me" she books over the the bar Tiffany says she's at. She met the girl when she was still an agent. Tiffany was her first assignment and she developed a big sister attachment to the kid that continues to this day. However, when Eve gets to


When former Secret Service agent Eve Garrett, gets a late night call from Tiffany Clayborne saying "Eve, please come and get me" she books over the the bar Tiffany says she's at. She met the girl when she was still an agent. Tiffany was her first assignment and she developed a big sister attachment to the kid that continues to this day. However, when Eve gets to the bar she sees some suspicious activity in a dark alley and her gut tells her that Tiffany is involved. When she goes after her, she's knocked out and when she comes to, Tiffany is gone. Eve believes that Tiffany is in danger. But when she goes to Tiffany's father, he doesn't want Eve anywhere near Tiffany. After all she was in charge the last time Tiffany got hurt. Eve and Tiffany have put that incident behind them. Her father has not. He plans to hire his own private detective to check into this.doesn't hesitate. Eve doesn't trust Tiffany's safety to anyone else and decides to hunt fo her on her own. However, uring her search in Miami, Florida she runs into Clayborne's detective--her old flame, Mac, who loved her and left her. He's the last person she wants to see, especially on this case. However, when several attempts are made on Eve's life, Mac decides that they should stick together. And the closer they get to Tiffany, the more deadly secrets unfold and the more the danger rises. . .

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“A tense, sexy story filled with danger. . .romantic suspense at its best.” —Kay hooper, New York Times bestselling author on To The Edge

“Passion. Danger. Excitement. Cindy Gerard delivers top notch sizzle.” —Cherry Adair, USA Today bestselling author of On Thin Ice on To The Edge

“Cindy Gerard takes you on a roller coaster ride of heart-thumping thrills, sleek sensuality and unforgettable characters. I have one word for Nolan Garrett. Yum!” —Vicki Lewis Thompson, New York Times bestseller of The Nerd Who Loved Me on To The Edge

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St. Martin's Press
Publication date:
Bodyguards Series , #2
Edition description:
First Edition
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4.21(w) x 6.76(h) x 0.96(d)

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To the Limit ($4.99 value edition)

By Gerard, Cindy

St. Martin's Paperbacks

Copyright © 2007 Gerard, Cindy
All right reserved.

ISBN: 9780312948573

Chapter OneWest Palm Beach, Florida
Dark she could do, Eve Garrett thought as she sat by the curb, her Mazda’s motor running. Rain was another story. She didn’t do rain.“Or wind,” she grumbled as a strong gust rocked her little car and the downpour pelted the windshield like BBs.Why couldn’t she be curled up in her apartment, comfy and dry and reading a good “It was a dark and stormy night” mystery novel, instead of muttering to herself out here in one?Because of Tiffany Clayborne, that’s why.Eve was a long way from her apartment. A long way from comfy. Instead, she was wiping steam off her driver’s side window on a night that was also damp and muggy. And she wasn’t even a little bit at ease about parking on this sleazy backstreet just off Blue Heron Boulevard in a seedy neighborhood that stank of garbage and rot while she waited for Tiffany to show.She squinted into the rain. Where is that girl?Despite the fact that Tiffany had stormed off in a huff the last time they’d talked, Eve cared about the little brat. God bless her. But she’d better have a damn good reason for dragging Eve out in this mess, or when she finally did show up, there might be serious hair pulling involved. Especially since Eve hadn’t heard boo from her in three months.And why the theatrics? Eve wondered uneasily, losing the battle to clear aspot on her window. Eve had barely recognized Tiff’s voice through the tears and the almost incoherent begging that Eve meet her here at one in the morning, no explanation provided.“Just come, Eve. Please. Please hurry.”The last time Tiff had done something crazy she hadn’t had an explanation, either. Starting with her eighteenth birthday six months ago, Tiffany had shown signs of turning into the quintessential spoiled little rich girl, monetarily gorged and emotionally starved for attention. In fact, if the newspapers were to be believed, she’d recently pulled any number of stunts to make sure she got that attention, really firing up the afterburners in the spoiled rich department—like anyone could really compete with Paris Hilton.But Tiff still gave the local paparazzi plenty of fodder to sensationalize stories about her exploits. Eve figured it was a case of Tiffany’s age proclaiming she was capable of making adult decisions but her brain not yet grasping the concept of maturity. Or coming to terms with the new reality that she was now an adult.Come to terms, little girl. Soon.The steam finally got the best of Eve. Giving up, she rolled down her window and killed the motor, thinking back to Tiffany’s eighteenth birthday party—the one she’d thrown for herself at Club Asylum because her father never would have thought to celebrate the milestone event. Of course, had Jeremy Clayborne staged the party, Eve wouldn’t have been within a hundred miles of the guest list. Tiffany was still speaking to her back then.Anyway, you had your basic cake and balloons and candles. And then, in Tiffany’s case, you had your instant access to a multibillion-dollar trust fund.That kind of money would screw with anyone’s head. Add a father like Jeremy Clayborne and, well . . . Clayborne was a whole other story and the main reason Eve put up with Tiffany’s mercurial mood swings.Rain blew in through the open car window and sprayed her in the face. “Come on, Tiff. It’s getting wet out here.”Eve checked her watch and told herself that to an eighteen-year-old fifteen minutes did not constitute late. To a thirty-two-year-old who’d been on the job since seven this morning and had been anxiously awaiting the end of a roughly sixty-hour workweek, however, fifteen minutes constituted the beginnings of a very bad mood.She flipped out her cell phone and punched in Tiffany’s number. And got a no-service message.“What the hell is going on?” Eve sputtered aloud, then sharpened her focus out the window when she saw a flash of movement by one of the buildings directly across the street. She leaned over in the seat so she could get a better look; through the rain, she saw movement again.“Tiff? Is that you?”Whoever it was stopped when Eve yelled, hesitated for a moment, then ducked between two buildings.It didn’t much matter that Eve had spent seven years as a Secret Service agent. Didn’t much matter that she’d logged her share of stakeouts during that time. Neither did it matter that three years ago she’d teamed up with her brothers at E.D.E.N., a security firm that was regularly presented with its fair share of dicey situations. At least it didn’t matter to her heart rate, because it ratcheted up several beats per minute.Something was off here. Gut deep, she knew that something was way off. She just hadn’t wanted it to be.As the daughter of one of the most written about, speculated about, and richest men in the United States, Tiffany Clayborne was vulnerable. Prime predator bait. And the dark figure Eve had just seen duck between the buildings looked a lot more like predator than bait.A healthy, intuitive wariness spiked an adrenaline rush and had her popping open her glove box and digging for her flashlight. She hesitated over the .38 S & W that she pretty much went nowhere without, then tucked it in her waistband at the small of her back. With a muttered oath, she stepped out into the rain.Her white T and capri pants were completely drenched by the time she ran across the street and tucked in next to a dingy gray cinder-block building. She dragged her sodden hair out of her eyes and, reaching into her waistband, pulled out her gun.The adjacent building was an ugly mustard brown brick. The walkway between the two was narrow and dark; the weeds growing in the dirt that had softened to muck were the primary landscape materials. Just like Tiffany was the primary reason Eve was soaked to the gills and, she suspected, about to put her life on the line.She flicked off the safety on the S & W and, gripping the weapon in both hands, swung into the gap.Water gushed from the roofs, bypassing debris-clogged eaves. Nothing. She could see nothing through the deluge.And then she felt nothing. Nothing but pain.An arm hooked around her neck and dragged her back against a body as hard and unyielding as the building she was suddenly slammed into.She could barely breathe, wouldn’t be on her feet if her attacker hadn’t pinned her between him and the rough cinder-block wall. Somewhere at her feet was her gun. And somewhere in the dark she heard the wail of a faraway police siren. Too far away.“You’re dead,” the man said, his hot, sour breath fanning her cheek as the rain poured down like a waterfall.Oh God. “Wait—”The forearm crushing her throat jerked viciously. Pain knifed through her windpipe. She gasped, fought for a breath that wasn’t gorged with rain and pain, and willed herself not to pass out.“You’re dead,” he repeated, his voice as void of emotion as the night was void of light. “You just don’t know it yet.”Something hard jabbed into her ribs. Exquisite, mind-searing pain ripped through her system. She felt an involuntary scream boil up just as another jolt tore into her body and her muscles started to spasm. By the third jolt, her eyes had rolled back in her head.And by the time he let her fall in a boneless lump to the muddy ground, the prospect of death was a welcome relief.Copyright © 2005 by Cindy Gerard. All rights reserved.


Excerpted from To the Limit ($4.99 value edition) by Gerard, Cindy Copyright © 2007 by Gerard, Cindy. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Meet the Author

Cindy Gerard is a New York Times bestselling author of many contemporary romance novels including To the Brink, To the Edge, Over the Line, and Under the Wire. She is also the author of the Black Ops, Inc. series, every one of which has appeared on the New York Times top 20 list. Along with numerous industry award nominations, Cindy is the recipient of The National Reader's Choice Award and two-time winner of Romance Writers of America's coveted RITA Award.

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To the Limit (Bodyguards Series #2) 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 57 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
## I enjoyed this book very much. I liked it much better than the first book. Nolan was such a jerk in that one, I just couldn't get over it. In this book, Mac was a much more likeable character. Yes, he hurt the heroine when they were teenagers, but Ms. Gerard turned his character around in time to consider him a hero. And Eve, the heroine, was fabulous. Strong, beautiful and yet very caring. Definitely worth your time and money.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Wow this was one crazy good book. I loooved it. Its never boring. You can finish this book in one day its that good. Im soon to be starting the next book that goes with this cant wait.Read it
Guest More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this book very much ! i cannot wait for the next book in the bodyguard seires to come out ! this book is packed with suspense and has its own romance budding on the side!(which is pretty much my favorite type of book)
Guest More than 1 year ago
Eve Garrett is not in a good mood. First she receives a call from Tiffany Claybourne, a billionaire's young daughter, asking Eve to meet her. Eve first met Tiffany when Eve was a Secret Service Agent and assigned to protect the young girl.Not only does Tiff not show up at the meet, Eve is violently attacked. Okay, maybe the call hadn't come from Tiff, but someone is out to harm Eve. Stealthily searching the office of a club that Tiffany was known to frequent, Eve is surprised by a man climbing quietly through the office window. She draws on him. For pity's sake, it's none other than Tyler 'Mac' McClain, the boy, who's obviously now all man, who took her virginity and broke her heart when she was eighteen. He claims he was hired to find Tiffany. Things are just getting better and better in Eve's hellacious evening. An excellent second outing in this series featuring the Garrett family siblings who are members of a security firm named E.D.E.N. An outstanding mystery in which the identity of the villain is impossible to guess, combined with a steamy relationship between Eve and Mac. How could Eve resist Mac? I couldn't resist Mac! Now that's a well written character. I can't wait for the next book is the fantastic series.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Spoiled rich girl Tiffany Clayborne had not only been Eve Garrett¿s first Secret Service assignment, she was the reason Eve had resigned from the agency. But Eve, part of E.D.E.N. Securites, had agreed to meet her after midnight in a sleazy part of town. Eve was attacked and left for dead along with a cryptic message: You¿re dead. You just don¿t know it yet. This confirmed to Eve that Tiffany wasn¿t just a runaway. She was in real trouble. But as Eve continues her search, she comes face to face with Tyler ¿Mac¿ McClain, her high school crush who¿d stolen her virtue and broken her heart. A former cop, Mac now owned a PI firm and had been hired by Tiffany¿s father. He¿s surprised to run into Eve and even more surprised that the girl he¿d dreamed about handled a gun with such expertise and savvy. Surprise #3 comes with another attempt on Eve¿s life. Soon Mac joins Eve in her belief that Tiffany is more than a rich kid on a wild spree and together they track her across the country, dodging bad guys in a race against time. TO THE LIMIT is filled with action and suspense, oozes passion and will keep you glued to your seat as Mac and Eve follow a trail of clues while they fight the sparks that fly between them. Eve is every man¿s dream girl and Mac is the stuff of beefcake posters. Cindy Gerard has gone from being a great writer of category romance to being a remarkable writer of romantic suspense. This reviewer can¿t wait for TO THE BRINK, the next in this series about E.D.E.N. Securities.
harstan More than 1 year ago
In West Palm beach, Florida at 1:00 in the morning, personal security specialist Eve Garrett wonders where teenage heiress Tiffany Clayborne is. The young woman hysterically called Eve to meet her in the nasty rainstorm, but she is no where in sight. Eve only came for Tiff when they bonded three years ago while she was a Secret Service agent protecting her, which she did when an assailant tried to get to Tiff. Impatient Eve goes out of her car only to be accosted by a thug who before knocking her out whispers ¿You¿re dead. You just don¿t know it yet................ The next night though still sore, Eve searches for Tiff at some of the popular night spots when she runs into the last man that she wants to meet alone, Tyler ¿Mac¿ McClain. Fourteen years ago they were hot lovers, but he left her without a look back. He explains that Tiff¿s dad Jeremy hired him to find her before she does something stupid that the media learns about and then portrays her as as rich bimbo to the world. Eve believes Tiff is in trouble. When a bomb nearly kills her followed by other attempts on her life, Eve reluctantly agrees to team up with Mac in search of the missing teen.................... The second bodyguard romance (see TO THE EDGE) is a super action-packed investigative thriller starring two capable individuals who have a history that they must overcome if they are to locate and perhaps rescue the missing teen let alone find a future together. Love is not the issue between them nor is attraction and desire. Instead the two obstinate heroes take each TO THE LIMIT as they battle one another for the top position............... Harriet Klausner
Anonymous 10 months ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Joey44 More than 1 year ago
Eve Garret is a member of her family’s security business and a former FBI agent who is looking for the missing teenage daughter of Florida’s most reclusive billionaire. A frantic message from the missing girl takes Eve to a midnight rendezvous where she’s attacked and left for dead. The attack leaves Eve more determined than ever to find Tiffany and even though she’s been taken off the case Eve sets out for Key West where she runs into a man from her past, Tyler McClain, who is now a PI who’s also trying to find Tiff. At first Eve refuses to share any information with Mac but after a couple of attempts on her life and because he keeps turning up at every new lead, she realizes that they’ll have a better chance finding the girl by working together rather then against each other. Besides he’s changed and Eve doesn’t think she can fight her attraction to this new improved Mac any longer. Tyler McClain knows he screwed up when he walked out on Eve when he was eighteen. He doesn’t think she can ever forgive him but there is still an attraction between them. – 14 years later. Mac was a fun and sexy character. He was also a real guy with a bum knee and limitations not a superhero. Just a normal man, one that falls down, but just keeps getting back up and pushing on. Eve is a wonderfully strong woman that refuses to allow any man to treat her like a weak woman incapable of taking care of herself. Their relationship evolves and though there is the usual distance each attempts to keep from the other, when they end up together it feels right. Gerard created fantastic characters. Eve is a strong, capable heroine who knows her limitations but also knows how to handle herself and won't be bullied into submission by a man. Mac is a man who accepts that Eve knows how to take care of herself, even if he doesn't like it. Gerard’s descriptions were very captivating. You could picture everyone and everything that she wrote about. The story also had a very good flow to it. This story has some heartfelt moments, some edge of your seat moments, and some absolutely hilarious moments.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Policastro More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago