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¡Todos comen pan! (Social Studies Series)

¡Todos comen pan! (Social Studies Series)

by Janet Reed, Dwight Herold (Consultant)
Text and photographs present some of the many ways bread is made and eaten around the world.


Text and photographs present some of the many ways bread is made and eaten around the world.

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - Ramirose Attebury Wendt
Everyone eats bread. In a world with so many different cultures and traditions, here is one activity that nearly everyone shares. But as this Level A book in the "Yellow Umbrella Books" series points out, not all bread is alike. In different parts of the world, people bake their bread in different ways. Some use metal ovens while others bake their bread in ovens made of mud. Frying bread in a large skillet is one possibility while baking it in a pot presents another. The shape and texture of bread varies, as well. This book shows long skinny French bread, round bagels with holes in the center, half-moon shaped croissants, giant pretzels, tortilla chips, and round pancakes. The author has not forgotten to include bread filled with other yummy treats either; fajitas, gyros, and cheese sandwiches are also included. The photographs in the book provide excellent depictions of the various types of bread mentioned, and the children and adults included in them represent a wide range of cultures from around the world. The final page of the book contains a combined glossary and index. In addition to lessons on food and nutrition, this book could be used in any type of world cultures or geography discussion.

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Capstone Press
Publication date:
Yellow Umbrella Books Series
Product dimensions:
6.20(w) x 7.90(h) x 0.30(d)
Age Range:
4 - 8 Years

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