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Disc 1

  1. Every Knee Shall Bow  - Garnett Silk
  2. Let It Flow  - Garnett Silk
  3. Piano  - Garnett Silk
  4. Satisfaction  - Garnett Silk
  5. Problem Everywhere  - Garnett Silk
  6. Can You Be Mine
  7. Loving in Your Eyes
  8. For Love
  9. Memories
  10. Never Give You Up
  11. United We Stand
  12. Chant Down Babylon

Disc 2

  1. Love Keeps Calling  - Glen Washington
  2. Right Decision  - Glen Washington
  3. Praise His Name  - Glen Washington
  4. Wanna Take You Home  - Glen Washington
  5. Never Can Stop  - Glen Washington
  6. I Pray for You  - Glen Washington
  7. Shut It Off  - Glen Washington
  8. Can't Get Away From Love  - Glen Washington
  9. Give Jah Praise  - Glen Washington
  10. Guide Me
  11. Zion Gate
  12. Girlfriend
  13. Perfect World
  14. God Is Standing By
  15. Artbella
  16. The Just the Way You Are
  17. Lean on Me
  18. No Power on Earth

Disc 3

  1. Top of the Line
  2. Do What Jah Say
  3. Love in the House
  4. Nah Move Freaky
  5. Set the Place a Fire
  6. Babylon Get Demolish
  7. Fat & Yu Clean
  8. Jerusalem
  9. Battlefield
  10. Dem Running Out
  11. See Dem
  12. Red Pon Backra
  13. Jah Jah Lift My Head
  14. Words of Mind
  15. She's So Fine
  16. Log on Girls
  17. Hot Stuff
  18. Can't Stop This

Disc 4

  1. Praise Jah  -  Luciano
  2. There's Got to Be a Change  -  Luciano
  3. Leave Babylon  -  Luciano
  4. Have Mercy  -  Luciano
  5. You Bring Me Joy  -  Luciano
  6. Serve Jah  -  Luciano
  7. Apologise  -  Luciano
  8. Should I Slumber  -  Luciano
  9. The People  -  Bushman
  10. You've Changed  -  Bushman
  11. Knowledge  -  Bushman
  12. Rainbow Sign  -  Bushman
  13. Fill My Cup  -  Bushman
  14. Hard to Get  -  Bushman
  15. We Can Make It Work  -  Bushman
  16. You Are My Heartbeat  -  Bushman

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Album Credits

Technical Credits

Rita Marley   Composer
Billy Joel   Composer
Johnnie Taylor   Composer
Bill Withers   Composer
Junior Byles   Composer
Clifton Bailey   Composer
Fish Brown   Producer
Lloyd Charmers   Composer
Barry Clarke   Producer
Delroy Collins   Composer,Executive Producer
Computer Paul   Producer
Clement "Coxsone" Dodd   Composer
Jermaine Forde   Producer
Paul Henton   Composer
Morgan Heritage   Producer
Joseph Hill   Composer
Clive Kennedy   Producer
King Jammy   Producer
Willie Lindo   Producer
Barry O'Hare   Composer,Producer
Jimmy Riley   Producer
Glen Washington   Composer
Mikey Spice   Composer
O'Neil Clarke   Producer
Danny Ray   Producer
Carl McCleod   Composer,Producer
Raymond McCleod   Composer,Producer
Winston Riley   Producer
John Masouri   Liner Notes
George Nooks   Composer
Kent Brown   Composer
JNR   Producer
Derrick Harriott   Composer
Doctor Marshall   Producer
Garnett Smith   Composer
Miguel Collins   Composer
Michael Finger Stewart   Producer
Othniel "Otty" Lewis   Composer,Producer
Norman "Bull Pus" Bryan   Producer
Collin Levy   Executive Producer
Louis "Flabba" Malcom   Producer
P. Henton   Composer
D. Duncan   Composer
Tony Neufville   Producer
E. Elizabeth "Liz" Weiner   Composer
Michael "Mike Dee" Johnson   Producer
Dafydd Morgan   Producer
Eric "Jr" Delisser   Producer
Preston Onfroy   Producer
Tony English   Producer
Cordell "Scatta" Burrell   Producer
Mark "Stone Cold" Hutson   Producer
Vasco Carney   Producer
Rudolph "Fudgi Boy" Daley   Producer
M "Justice" Halsall   Producer
Omar McNaught   Producer
Edward Murray   Producer
Paul Barclay   Producer
Carl Dawkins   Composer

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