Tom Clancy Duty and Honor

Tom Clancy Duty and Honor

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by Grant Blackwood, Tom Clancy

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Even though he’s on forced leave from the clandestine intelligence group known as The Campus, Jack Ryan, Jr., still finds himself caught in the crosshairs after an attempt on his life is thwarted when he turns the tables on his would-be dispatcher. Convinced that the attack is linked to his recent covert actions with the convalescing Iranian national Ysabel


Even though he’s on forced leave from the clandestine intelligence group known as The Campus, Jack Ryan, Jr., still finds himself caught in the crosshairs after an attempt on his life is thwarted when he turns the tables on his would-be dispatcher. Convinced that the attack is linked to his recent covert actions with the convalescing Iranian national Ysabel Kashini, Jack sets out to find out who wants him dead, and why.
            Using clues found on the now dead assassin, Jack pursues the investigation, following a growing trail of corpses to the European Union’s premier private security firm, Rostock Security Group, and its founder, Jürgen Rostock—a former general in the German Special Forces Command. Rostock is world-renowned as a philanthropist and human rights advocate. But Jack knows him from a Campus mission revolving around a company linked to RSG—a mission that has put him on Rostock’s lethal radar. 
            Without any Campus resources, Jack launches his own shadow campaign to uncover the truth about Rostock and a long-running false-flag war of terror that has claimed thousands of lives. Yet all of that bloodshed is but a precursor to a coming catastrophic event that will solidify Rostock’s place among the global powers. An event that Jack must stop at any cost.

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Publishers Weekly
Blackwood's fast-moving second thriller featuring Jack Ryan Jr. (after 2015's Tom Clancy: Under Fire) finds Jack on leave from his secret organization, the Campus. Even though Jack is hampered by the lack of backup and expert assistants, he shows determination and serious spymaster skills as he contends with a mysterious group of Germans who are trying to kill him. After a second attempt on his life, Jack acquires a sidekick, journalist Effrem Likkel, who has been researching a story about René Allemand, a French soldier who disappeared from his post in Port-Bouët, Ivory Coast, where he was part of a peacekeeping mission. Jack and Effrem engage in plenty of fighting and sleuthing as they race around the U.S., Europe, and Africa one step ahead of their pursuers. Blackwood, like Mark Greaney (who has also contributed to the Clancy franchise), is adept at hewing to Clancy's overall vision while producing books that are better written than the Clancy originals. Agent: Jennifer Rudolph Walsh, WME. (June)
Kirkus Reviews
If you're Jack Ryan Jr., the U.S. president's son, you shouldn't waive Secret Service protection, especially if your job at Hendley Associates, a private CIA clone known as "The Campus," makes for double threat exposure.Jack's on forced sabbatical from Hendley, having overstepped his brief. With the downtime, his tradecraft's sloppy, and he nearly succumbs to a knife attack in a supermarket parking lot. Jack later discerns the attack was an assassination attempt, not a mugging. A Hendley investigation into a corporate money laundering case put the bullseye on his back. The assassins have been dispatched by Rostock Security Group. RSG's namesake chief wants to collect a blood debt from Islamic terrorists. He intends a private covert war to be financed by murder, kidnapping, and extortion. Sending Jack in pursuit of bad guys from Virginia to New England to Munich and Namibia, Blackwood's (Tom Clancy Under Fire, 2015, etc.) newest contribution to Clancy's oeuvre turns into 500 pages of firefight. There's bromance here, with Jack being assisted by the nicely sketched Effrem Likkel, son of European "journalist royalty." A newbie searching for a headline, Likkel's fecklessness mirrors Jack's impetuousness. Blackwood's pacing is intense, action-oriented, and mostly bereft of Clancy's paeans to weapons, though technogeeks will get brief appreciations of the assassin's friends: frangible .22 caliber Glaser Safety Slugs and the Eickhorn Solingen Secutor combat knife. Jack isn't afraid to pull his Glock, but his major weapon is a smartphone, employed for everything from Yelp to Google to GPS tracking. Rapid action makes the settings a blur, but intrigue, clear snapshots of peripheral bit players, and snappy dialogue pass the readability and believability tests. Clancy regulars Clark and Cruz remain desk-bound at the Campus, but young Jack finds a balance between his tendency toward lone cowboy recklessness and "spiraling into paralysis by analysis" to thwart the RSG scheme. Action-adventure addicts will get their fixes.
From the Publisher
Praise for the bestselling novels of Tom Clancy

“HEART-STOPPING ACTION…entertaining and eminently topical…Clancy still reigns.”—The Washington Post


“HIGHLY ENTERTAINING.”—The Wall Street Journal


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Meet the Author

TOM CLANCY was the #1 New York Times–bestselling author of more than eighteen books. He died in October 2013. 

The New York Times–bestselling author of the Briggs Tanner series, GRANT BLACKWOOD is also the coauthor of the #1 New York Times bestseller Dead or Alive, with Tom Clancy, and The Kill Switch, with James Rollins. Blackwood is the author of  the New York Times bestseller, Tom Clancy Under Fire.  A U.S. Navy Veteran, Grant spent three years aboard a guided missile frigate as an Operations Specialist and a Pilot Rescue Swimmer.

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Tom Clancy Duty and Honor 2.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
Anonymous 6 months ago
This wasn't the worst book I've read, but it is by far the worst Jack Ryan book ever. At only 273 pages, I was initially disappointed at the length, but ultimately happy that it ended sooner rather than later. The writing was OK, but the story/plot was weak and predictable. Amazingly, all of the interesting and colorful characters from the previous books were non-existent in this installment. Hopefully, the publishers will find a new author for the next installent. The previous author's writing was better and more Clancy-like. Poor Tom Clancy must be rolling over in his grave. Save your money and avoid this book.
Anonymous 7 months ago
Drawn out
Anonymous 7 months ago
Mr. Blackwood's style eventually becomes predictable, but never to the point of not entertaining. However, sadly this ending left me hanging to the point of disappointment. Hope the next one is satisfying.
Anonymous 7 months ago
It is Jack Ryan jr, on his own with no supporting cast members, but it is a good read.
Anonymous 8 months ago
Was this just a money maker?
Anonymous 9 months ago
Good story and fast reading and get hooked right away as Ryan forges forward with his new stage in life. It is tough being the son of president!
Anonymous 3 months ago
Anonymous 7 months ago
This wasn't worth the read and if you don't buy it you won't be missing anything in the campus story line.
Anonymous 7 months ago
This is a great read and what I would expect from a Tom Clancy novel - a fast paced page-turner with surprises that don't disappoint. Happy that the Tom Clancy legacy continues.
dc981924 8 months ago
Duty & Honor was a poor excuse for a Tom Clancy book. There's little to no connection to any of the Campus / Jack Ryan Jr. storyline, the characters are cardboard cutouts that you don't get to know, much less care about, the plot is thin and sketchy at best, and aimlessly lurches from spot to spot on the map. Let's hope the next Clancy related installment skips over this book like a bad mushroom dream.
Anonymous 9 months ago
Had I known this book was not in the Clancy tradition, I would have saved my money. Next time, I'll wait for more reviews before I click the "purchase" button. It's an interesting read, but not what I expected or wanted.
Anonymous 5 months ago
All new characters except for Jack jr I missed the campus's characters. Maybe coukd havr used more development of new players