Tom Jones

Tom Jones

by John Osborne, Henry Fielding

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A fascinating new adaptation of an Oscar winning screen play.


A fascinating new adaptation of an Oscar winning screen play.

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George Sherburn
Not the serious moral intention of the author, nor even the superb fusion of all elements, can fully account for the pleasure intelligent readers have found for two hundred years in reading Tom Jones. One must recognize as a supreme aid to the success of the book the fact that it is composed with confident directness and precision, and especially that it is written in healthy high spirits—that Fielding keenly enjoyed writing it.
Edward Gibbon
The successors of Charles the Fifth may disdain their brethren of England; but the romance of Tom Jones, that exquisite picture of human manners, will outlive the palace of the Escurial and the imperial eagle of the house of Austria.
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Upon my word, I think Tom Jones is one of the most perfect plots ever planned.

Meet the Author

JOHN OSBORNE was born in London in 1929. He worked as a journalist before becoming an Assistant Stage Manager and actor with several repertory companies. His Look Back in Anger (1956) has come to stand as a key text for modern British Drama, and prompted other successes with The Entertainer and Epitaph for George Dillon. He was the first of many writers to be discovered by the Royal Court's policy of a Writer's Theatre, and Look Back in Anger was the first of the Royal Court's plays to be internationally recognised. Osborne adapted Look Back in Anger and The Entertainer for film.

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