Tommy: The Rock Opera [Repertoire]

Tommy: The Rock Opera [Repertoire]

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  1. Overture  -  English Chamber Choir
  2. It's a Boy  -  English Chamber Choir
  3. 1921  -  English Chamber Choir
  4. Amazing Journey  -  English Chamber Choir
  5. Sparks  -  English Chamber Choir
  6. Eyesight to the Blind  -  English Chamber Choir
  7. Christmas  -  English Chamber Choir
  8. Cousin Kevin  - John Entwistle
  9. The Acid Queen  -  English Chamber Choir
  10. Underture  -  English Chamber Choir
  11. Do You Think It's Alright?  -  English Chamber Choir
  12. Fiddle About  -  English Chamber Choir
  13. Pin Ball Wizard  -  English Chamber Choir
  14. There's a Doctor I'v Found  -  English Chamber Choir
  15. Go to the Mirror!  -  English Chamber Choir
  16. Tommy Can You Hear Me?  -  English Chamber Choir
  17. Smash the Mirror  -  English Chamber Choir
  18. I'm Free  -  English Chamber Choir
  19. Miracle Cure  -  English Chamber Choir
  20. Sensation  -  English Chamber Choir
  21. Sally Simpson  -  English Chamber Choir
  22. Welcome  -  English Chamber Choir
  23. Tommy's Holiday Camp  -  English Chamber Choir
  24. We're Not Gonna Take It  -  English Chamber Choir
  25. See Me, Feel Me (Finale from We're Not Gonna Take It)  -  English Chamber Choir

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Sandy Denny   Soloist,Guest Appearance
Richie Havens   Soloist,Guest Appearance
Richard Harris   Soloist,Guest Appearance
Roger Daltrey   Soloist,Guest Appearance
London Symphony Orchestra   Track Performer
Ringo Starr   Soloist,Guest Appearance
Rod Stewart   Soloist,Guest Appearance
Pete Townshend   Soloist,Guest Appearance
Steve Winwood   Soloist,Guest Appearance
Graham Bell   Soloist,Guest Appearance
Maggie Bell   Soloist,Guest Appearance
Merry Clayton   Soloist,Guest Appearance
John Entwistle   Soloist,Guest Appearance
David Measham   Conductor

Technical Credits

Pete Townshend   Composer
Richard Harvey   Illustrations
Keith Moon   Composer
David Byrd   Illustrations
John Entwistle   Composer
Keith Grant   Engineer
Kit Lambert   Producer
David Measham   Director
Lou Reizner   Producer
James Sullivan   Arranger
Charles White   Illustrations
Alex Gnidziejko   Illustrations
Wilson McLean   Illustrations
Jim Manos   Illustrations
Richard Amsel   Illustrations
Chris Welch   Liner Notes
Mark English   Illustrations
Robert Grossman   Illustrations
Tom Carnase   Logo
Robert Heindel   Illustrations
Doug Johnson   Illustrations
Wil Malone   Arranger

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Tommy: The Rock Opera [Repertoire] 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
AS good as I remembered!