Tomorrow's Lawyers: An Introduction to Your Future

Tomorrow's Lawyers: An Introduction to Your Future

by Richard Susskind

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Tomorrows Lawyers predicts fundamental and irreversible changes in the world of law. For Richard Susskind, best-selling author of The End of Lawyers?, the future of legal service will be neither Grisham nor Rumpole. Instead, it will be a world of virtual courts, Internet-based global legal businesses, online document production, commoditized service, legal process…  See more details below


Tomorrows Lawyers predicts fundamental and irreversible changes in the world of law. For Richard Susskind, best-selling author of The End of Lawyers?, the future of legal service will be neither Grisham nor Rumpole. Instead, it will be a world of virtual courts, Internet-based global legal businesses, online document production, commoditized service, legal process outsourcing, and web-based simulated practice. Legal markets will be liberalized,with new jobs for lawyers and new employers too. This book is a definitive guide to this future - for young and aspiring lawyers, and for all who want to modernize our legal and justice systems. It introduces the new legal landscape and offers practical guidance for those who intend to build careers and businesses inlaw.Tomorrows Lawyers is divided into three parts. The first is an updated restatement of Richard Susskinds views on the future of legal services, as laid out in his previous bestselling works, The Future of Law, Transforming the Law, and The End of Lawyers?. He identifies the key drivers of change, such as the economic downturn, and considers how these will impact on the legal marketplace. In the second part, Susskind sketches out the new legal landscape as hepredicts it, including the changing role of law firms, and in-house lawyers, and the coming of virtual hearings and online dispute resolution. The third part focuses on the prospects for aspiring lawyers, predicting what new jobs and new employers there will be, and equipping prospective lawyers with penetrating questions to put totheir current and future employers.This is the essential introduction to the future of law for those who want to succeed in the rapidly changing legal landscape.

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"In Tomorrow's Lawyers, Susskind achieves what very few people attempt and hardly anyone achieves, namely to predict the future in a complex field, in an inspired, credible, and engaging way. Nobody has better credentials to write about the current and future effects of the ongoing electronic and economic revolution on the rule and practice of law."
--Lord Neuberger, President of the UK Supreme Court

"Aimed at an audience much in need of optimism, hope and insight, Susskind has produced a concise, readable and thought provoking guide for young lawyers on how to think about their future."
--Professor David Wilkins, Harvard Law School

"For years, Susskind has challenged lawyers to reinvent the way we work. Now, in Tomorrow's Lawyers, he presents his clearest picture yet of what the future has in store."
--Hugh Verrier, Chairman, White & Case

"A must-read for anyone interested in the future of legal services. Insightful, thought provoking and challenging, Susskind has clearly identified the inexorable forces that will drive change."
--David Allgood, Executive Vice President and General Counsel, Royal Bank of Canada

"Susskind's best book yet, Tomorrow's Lawyers unleashes with explosive energy the disruptive trends liberating the legal industry from centuries of conservatism. An enjoyable read that lights up the future."
--David Morley, Senior Partner, Allen & Overy

"Susskind's in-depth understanding of his subject and ability to explain his views with real clarity has resulted in a thoughtful book which, in only 165 pages, covers many key issues of concern to law firms today. When it comes to keeping up with technology, Susskind is again true to his word."
--Joanna Goodman, The Law Society Gazette

"This concise book is a compelling glimpse into the near-future of legal services, and provides invaluable information for tomorrow's lawyers."
--Colman Candy, Irish Times

"Susskind has a knack for taking complex and complicated issues and making them simple and easy to understand. He has a clear message for in-house lawyers: the legal world is changing; law firms are changing; and law departments must change as well. This book is worth reading - it will make you think. And, hopefully help you prepare for the future. After all, law departments must adapt to the changes going on around us."
--Fred Krebs, Canadian Lawyer Magazine

"I highly recommend this book to all astute, forward-thinking lawyers who seek to innovate the delivery of legal services in response to consumer demand driven by technological change."
--Nicole Black,

"Far and away the best analyst and predictor of the evolution of the legal marketplace is Richard Susskind, the U.K.-based academic and futurist. If you're in any kind of management or leadership role in law (or you just care about your own career), I would say it's a prerequisite to read Tomorrow's Lawyers."
--Paul Lippe, ABA Journal

"Richard Susskind is the John Naisbitt of legal megatrends. He's shaken us up for years with The End of Lawyers? (2008), Transforming the Law (2000), and The Future of Law (1996). Like Naisbitt, he won't be right on all of the particulars when we have the luxury of grading him 30 years down the road. But some of his predictions are already upon us."
--Don Philbin, (President of Picture It Settled®), Alternatives to the High Cost of Litigation Newsletter, June 2013

"Are you ready for the challenge? Can you embrace the unfolding future and build a law practice that is viable and sustainable? Will you take your place as one of tomorrow's lawyers? What lies ahead may be found in Susskind's latest book, Tomorrow's Lawyers: An Introduction to Your Future, which is essential reading for moving forward in a changing legal landscape. So what are you waiting for? Get reading!"
--Sheila M. Blackford, Editor-in-Chief of Law Practice Magazine (ABA)

"The legal profession is usually pretty stable. For decades now, young attorneys could make reliable assumptions about their futures at law firms or in-house legal departments. But according to legal futurist Richard Susskind, the profession of law is about to change fundamentally. During the past 25 years, Susskind's legal industry predictions have been proven accurate, so his description of likely dramatic future changes for lawyers is credible. getAbstract recommends Susskind's analysis (some of which is more current diagnosis than future prognostication) to young lawyers, partners and anyone with ambitions in the field of law. Older attorneys and leaders of law firms and in-house legal departments will benefit by considering Susskind's predictions and making the operational changes needed to stay current." --getAbstract, Life and Leisure NJ

"Once again, Richard Susskind offers an interesting and provocative book about the legal profession...He impresses the reader with his knowledge of changing economics and how technology has modernized other sectors more rapidly; then he leaves the reader to analyze his theories about the future." -Judy Janes, Law Library Journal

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Richard Susskind OBE is an acclaimed author, speaker, and independent adviser to international professional firms and national governments. He is President of the Society for Computers and the IT Adviser to the Lord Chief Justice. He holds professorships at Oxford University, University College London, and elsewhere. His work has been translated into more than 10 languages, and he has been invited to speak in over 40 countries.

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