Too Much Stuff: A Novel

Too Much Stuff: A Novel

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by Don Bruns

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A 1935 hurricane in the Florida Keys destroyed the East Coast Railway, killed five-hundred people and blew away the town of Islamorada. Lost in that storm was Mathew Kriegel, a finance director for the railroad, and one and a quarter million dollars in gold. Now newly minted private investigators Skip More and James Lessor, of More Or Less Investigations have been


A 1935 hurricane in the Florida Keys destroyed the East Coast Railway, killed five-hundred people and blew away the town of Islamorada. Lost in that storm was Mathew Kriegel, a finance director for the railroad, and one and a quarter million dollars in gold. Now newly minted private investigators Skip More and James Lessor, of More Or Less Investigations have been hired to find that lost treasure. Fighting off competitors, scuba diving, digging in a spooky cemetery and almost getting killed is only part of their job. Skip and James have stumbled onto the biggest most dangerous adventure of their lives.

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Publishers Weekly
Reading like The Treasure of the Sierra Madre channeled through Elmore Leonard, Bruns’s fifth outing for James Lessor and Skip Moore (after 2010’s Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff) sends the two bumbling would-be PIs to the Florida Keys to search for lost gold. Their employer, Mary Trueblood, suspects that a train shipment of gold, then worth .2 million and supposedly lost during a 1935 hurricane, was in fact stolen by her great-grandfather, Matthew Kriegel, and hidden in the village of Islamorad. They instead find a smuggling operation and the murdered body of either Todd Markim or Jim Weezle, a previous pair of treasure hunters. Bruns milks humor from Skip’s dawning awareness of his and James’s investigative ineptitude, and from their luck in attracting far more intelligent and resourceful women like Skip’s girlfriend, Emily. Those not looking for tight plotting or suspense will best appreciate this breezy beach read for all seasons. (Dec.)
Library Journal
Call them fun-loving slackers, but partners Skip and James aren't suffering from any quarter-life crisis. Their fifth case (after Don't Sweat the Small Stuff) brings the bumbling duo back for a treasure hunt caper in the Florida Keys. They've been hired by a lovely (natch!) descendant of a railroad tycoon who might have buried several million dollars' worth of gold bars in the Keys back in 1935. A hurricane destroyed the booming resort area of Islamorada that year, and her great-grandfather and the gold disappeared. Luckily, she has an old letter with clues in it, so our guys give it a shot. Skip's savvy girlfriend, Em, sniffs out those leads and joins in. The hapless group muddles along, finding some current crime issues and quite a few laughs along the way. Plus, a librarian helps solve the case! VERDICT Inspired by Les Standiford's book Last Train to Paradise, this silly caper just happens to share some Florida history, too. Recommend for those looking for a chuckle, movie quotes (Skip and James's specialty), and something along the lines of Dave Barry.

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Don Bruns is an award-winning novelist, songwriter, musician and advertising executive, who lives in South Florida. He is also the author of Stuff to Spy For, Stuff Dreams Are Made Of, Stuff To Die For, Bahama Burnout, St. Barts Breakdown, South Beach Shakedown, BarbadosHeat and Jamaica Blue.

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Too Much Stuff 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
janimar More than 1 year ago
Too Much Stuff is part of the Stuff Series by Don Bruns published by Oceanview Publishing, an independent publishing company who is putting out some interesting mysteries and thrillers. I have read one other book in this particular series. Skip Moore and his best friend, James Lessor, once more are trying to get rich quick. They have had many dead-end jobs in the past but now they are trying their hands at private investigation. They are hired by Mrs. T to find gold. Her great grandfather had loaded one and a quarter million dollars of gold bars on a train that disappeared when a storm in 1935 killed 500 people and destroyed much property. No has found the gold and Skip and James want to try their hand at it. As usual, these two are broke so they jump in with both feet without thinking everything through. And once again they find themselves in over their heads. Thankfully, Skip’s girlfriend, Em is around to help them but James' girl is married and that causes issues for Skip and Em. With other folks also searching, a dead body showing up and a mysterious boat carrying folks ashore there is a lot going on for these two private investigators. Bruns has written a humorous series with likeable characters. I found myself rooting for these two quirky guys who manage to bumble along solving mysteries and along the way they find out a little more about who they really are. I recommend this book especially for those who enjoy a lighthearted adventure story.
VictoriaAllman More than 1 year ago
What I like most about Florida mysteries is how much I learn about the state and its history. There is always so much more going on than the Disney World and Miami Vice memories I have of the sunshine state. Don Bruns' Too Much Stuff is a perfect mix of fact and fiction. The story is fun and funny but the research and setting is bang on. Bruns has obviously spent a lot of time combing over stories from the past to meld with his often zany modern-day characters. He is a master at setting and has captured the feel of the Keys on his pages. This time out, Skip and James are searching for gold that was lost in the hurricane of '35 that wiped out Flagler's railroad. The two bumbling, fledgling detectives uncover much more than just treasure. They stumble upon murder, too. This was a fun, fast-paced read in which I learned a great deal about my favorite state. I'm looking forward to Bruns' next foray with Skip and Lestor Victoria Allman author of: SEAsoned: A Chef's Journey with Her Captain
rhonda1111RL More than 1 year ago
4 STARS This mystery case is solved by two P.I.s who are not the most on the balls. James Lessor and Skip started More or Less Investigations after collage. They graduated at the bottom half of their class. They watched a lot of old movies instead of studing. They are always quoting old movies and the other one is g uessing. They have been hired to go to KeyWest and try to find 10 boxes of gold that was on a train in 1937 that was destroyed by a hurricane that killed over 500. The Flager railroad took 6 years to build but destroyed by hurricane. Mary Trueblood had hired 6 months ago other P.I.s that had vanished their number disconnected and internet site down. She found a letter that her grandfather had sent in code that he survived the hurricane. Where he might stash the gold for his company he would leave a clue their. He was afraid he might not be able to get back each box weighed around 200lbs worth around 44 millions dollars in todays market. James & Skip before they get too far in the investigations find a dead body in thier hotel room. Emily Skip's girl friend back home recieved a death threat to James, Skip and Mrs. Trueblood. So Emily comes down to join the boys. James has found a couple of girls in the mean time. They keep running into danger and making not the smartest moves especially James. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley.