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Toot & Puddle: The New Friend

Toot & Puddle: The New Friend

by Holly Hobbie

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Opal's new friend Daphne seems to be the best at everything she does, but Toot and Puddle see another side of her.


Opal's new friend Daphne seems to be the best at everything she does, but Toot and Puddle see another side of her.

Editorial Reviews

The Barnes & Noble Review
Holly Hobbie's Toot and Puddle return with autumnal cheer in this feel-good-about-yourself picture book featuring a new addition to the cast. When Opal brings her new friend, Daphne, to meet Toot and Puddle, the group is charmed by Daphne's plethora of talents, including cartwheels, headstands, and rope-jumping. Opal begins to find herself standing in Daphne's shadow, but when the tables turn and Daphne doesn't get to be top piglet, Toot and Puddle suppose aloud that the new friend is "a bit of a prima donna." Fortunately, a bath-time incident opens Daphne's eyes to Opal's good qualities, too, and the two snuggle up later as better and wiser chums. As usual, Hobbie's illustrations are first-rate, with gently warm, buoyant watercolors and winning expressions setting Toot and Puddle in the upper echelon of memorable characters. Parents and kids will also appreciate the author's cleverly constructed tale, without a hint of preachiness and fun to read until the uplifting end. A must-have for your Toot and Puddle collections. Matt Warner
Publishers Weekly
Readers rejoin favorite characters for new adventures this fall. It's back to Woodcock Pocket in Toot & Puddle: The New Friend by Holly Hobbie, eighth in the series. When Opal comes to visit, she brings a friend, Daphne, who excels at everything from turning "perfect" cartwheels to playing a Mozart concerto on the violin. But Daphne knows it. " `I think your new friend is a bit of a prima donna,' Toot said. `What's a prima donna?' Opal asked. `Someone who thinks she is overly special... Like the biggest shooting star in the sky.' " Copyright 2004 Reed Business Information.
Children's Literature
Renowned author and children's illustrator Holly Hobbie has created another charming story involving her piglet characters. Toot and Puddle, who live in Woodcock Pocket, a magical, woodsy place, are visited by their friend Opal. She brings along her new friend Daphne. The piglet pair is very impressed as Daphne entertains them with her many talents. However, she soon wears out her welcome. She insists on having things her way, and she stubbornly refuses to try anything new, whether it's raking leaves or eating noodles with dandelion sauce. Although Opal defends her friend, she, too, becomes exasperated with her self-centered behavior. But Daphne's obstinacy soon turns to vulnerability, when suddenly she comes face-to-face with a big, scary spider. Opal comes to the rescue and even offers to show Daphne a neat thing or two about spiders and their webs, for she isn't afraid of them at all. So, perhaps trying new and different things isn't so bad with a friend along. The book's watercolor illustrations depict these expressive characters in comfortable, cozy surroundings, bringing this children's tale to life. 2004, Little Brown and Company, Ages 3 to 8.
—Robbin Gould
School Library Journal
PreS-Gr 2-Hobbie's endearing pigs return in another tale about friendship. Opal returns to Woodcock Pocket to visit Toot and Puddle and brings along a much-admired companion. The self-deprecating Opal claims that Daphne is good at everything-much better than she could ever be. Wise Puddle assures her that "everyone is different and everyone is good at different things." Daphne is quite pleasant while proving that she can hold her breath longer, turn a cartwheel more flawlessly, and play the violin better than the others. She enjoys competition as long as she comes out on top, but when she doesn't, her little snout gets out of joint. She's petulant when Opal wins at cards, refuses to try new foods, and won't help out with the raking. However, when Daphne can't deal with a spider in the bathroom, it's little Opal who comes to the rescue. Daphne finally swallows her pride and openly admires Opal's bravery. Hobbie's signature watercolors are delightfully warm and appealing; October leaves on a sunny day almost warrant sunglasses, the glows from fireplace and lamps exude coziness, and the foursome's breath-holding contest is priceless. A gentle, entertaining lesson showing that everyone is special.-Maryann H. Owen, Racine Public Library, WI Copyright 2004 Reed Business Information.
Kirkus Reviews
A marvelous addition to the Toot & Puddle series. The setting is autumn at Woodcock Pocket. The leaves are golden by day and a peachy-pink by evening. Opal has come to visit the piggy duo and brought her new friend, Daphne. Daphne is perfect at everything. Not only can she hold her breath the longest, but she can even play a Mozart violin concerto. It's inevitable that Opal will feel pale by comparison. Soon, however, the darker side of Daphne appears. When, for instance, Opal wins at Go Fish, Daphne quits. She won't even help rake leaves, as she might blister. Opal is driven to say, "Maybe you are a prima donna." It takes a rather large spider descending upon a bathing Daphne for them to appreciate one another's talents. The illustrations add verve and sparkle to the warm-hearted story; they range from picturesque to mirthful in reverent watercolors. Toot and Puddle have found a perfect way to say that we all have something special to offer. They will tickle you pink. (Picture book. 3-6)

Product Details

Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Publication date:
Toot and Puddle Series , #8
Product dimensions:
10.37(w) x 10.37(h) x 0.75(d)
Age Range:
4 - 8 Years

Meet the Author

Holly Hobbie has worked as an artist for more than thirty years and is the author of five previous and highly acclaimed Toot & Puddle picture books, as well as an illustrated memoir, The Art of Holly Hobbie. The mother of grown children, she lives with her husband in Conway, Massachusetts.

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