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Tooth & Nail Tenth Anniversary

Tooth & Nail Tenth Anniversary

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Since day one of its humble 1993 genesis, Tooth & Nail founder Brandon Ebel quietly but determinedly built the label with an ambitious release schedule that crossed over genre borders with a freedom uncommon in the indie label underground. While Christianity was often a unifying factor, it was still out of the ordinary to find a label


Since day one of its humble 1993 genesis, Tooth & Nail founder Brandon Ebel quietly but determinedly built the label with an ambitious release schedule that crossed over genre borders with a freedom uncommon in the indie label underground. While Christianity was often a unifying factor, it was still out of the ordinary to find a label where styles as disparate as ska and death metal coexisted in peace. This limited-edition, tenth-anniversary retrospective celebrates that diversity with six discs of Tooth & Nail music. It will be a boon for the imprint's throng of disciples, many of whom glommed onto initial releases from types like Starflyer 59, Blenderhead, and MXPX and stuck around for the duration, appreciating with equal fervor latter-day material from Further Seems Forever, FM Static, Halo Friendlies, and the Agony Scene. All of this and everything in between is represented on Tooth & Nail Tenth Anniversary, which runs in general chronological order through the label's decade of rock & roll devotion. Nothing is previously unreleased, but plenty offers pause for the memories. There are the established classics -- "Duane Joseph" from Juliana Theory, Bon Voyage's "West Coast Friendship" -- as well as relatively deep cuts like "Separate" from Morella's Forest and a representative sample from the label's stable of well-groomed CCM modern rockers: Anberlin, Fighting Jacks, Side Walk Slam. Even if it does seem to favor certain groups (the O.C. Supertones, for example), Tooth & Nail Tenth Anniversary will be a fun and thorough history lesson for new fans and longtime listeners. A congratulatory, photo-packed booklet accompanies the set.

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Tooth & Nail Records


Disc 1

  1. Unite
  2. Deep Surround
  3. Monosynth
  4. Someday
  5. Jamie's Kisses
  6. West Coast Friendship
  7. Rebel Youth
  8. It Must Be Wonderful
  9. Misaligned Men of Flomaton
  10. Aloha, It's You
  11. Rubbernecker
  12. East on Tracks
  13. Dear Charlotte
  14. Ravage Ritual
  15. Silent Film
  16. Separate
  17. Breed
  18. Sundown
  19. Internal Combustion
  20. Egos the Size of Cathedrals
  21. Outbreak
  22. Acquiesce
  23. Rock and Roll Girl

Disc 2

  1. Haze
  2. Second Chances
  3. Burial
  4. The Two Forty Eight Lie
  5. Freak Show
  6. Feel the Burn
  7. Chase the Sun
  8. Duane Joseph
  9. Rock and Roll Star
  10. Green Eyed Cat
  11. Keep Waiting
  12. Leave the Kids Alone
  13. No Pool Party Tonight
  14. Savannah
  15. No New Kinda Story
  16. New York Is Overrated
  17. Are You the Walrus
  18. The Motivation Song
  19. Go-Go to the Graveyard
  20. Another One

Disc 3

  1. Forever Yours
  2. Angel
  3. One Less Addiction
  4. Knife Fight
  5. They'll Never Take Me Alive
  6. Light Blue Collar
  7. Chevy Nova
  8. Top of the World
  9. High 5
  10. We Rock Harder Than You Ever Knew
  11. Pandora's Box
  12. Tonight
  13. A Stucture of Souls
  14. I Want It That Way
  15. Wah Wah
  16. Nothing New
  17. Standing on the Edge of Night
  18. She's the Girl
  19. Middle Man
  20. Snowbirds and Townies

Disc 4

  1. Local Vengeance Killing
  2. You Know Who You Are
  3. 5 Year Winter
  4. Guilty
  5. Goodbyes Are Sad
  6. GSF
  7. All My Friends Who Play Guitar
  8. Friday Nite
  9. The Youngest Son
  10. For the Record
  11. Not Getting Off
  12. I Fade Away
  13. Yours Truly
  14. Gold and Silver
  15. Spirit of Revival
  16. Breathing by Wires
  17. I Don't Want to Change the World, I Just Want to Change Your Mind
  18. 1200 Stares
  19. Hug Every Friend
  20. Letter to Myself
  21. Sweet Wound Sour

Disc 5

  1. When the Sun Sleeps
  2. Hands of Men
  3. Condolences
  4. The Worst Days
  5. Burgundy
  6. Bullet to Binary
  7. Your Touch
  8. FMZ4
  9. Face: Face
  10. The Telephone
  11. Crushed
  12. Infected
  13. Andy's Doin' Time
  14. Chorus of Birds
  15. The Fragile
  16. The Sound
  17. Parade of Chaos
  18. Modern Day Prayer
  19. Symbiotic

Disc 6

  1. Just a Man
  2. Aimless Endeavor
  3. Just Like You
  4. The Sun Also Rises
  5. Shine Like Stars
  6. Ready Fuels
  7. All of Me
  8. Temporary
  9. Pages Yet to Be Written
  10. First Heart Attack
  11. Summertime
  12. We Bury Our Dead at Dawn
  13. Kill and Deceive
  14. Crazy Mary
  15. (I Am) Made from the Wires
  16. Commons and Robbers
  17. Black Clouds
  18. Promise
  19. Phenomenon
  20. December
  21. Time Will Pass You By
  22. [Untitled Hidden Track]

Album Credits

Technical Credits

Beloved   Composer
Dogwood   Composer
Tim Henderson   Composer
Jason Martin   Composer
Dana Thomas   Composer
Peglegasus   Composer
Bryan Gray   Composer
Stavesacre   Composer
Starflyer 59   Author
Will Holland   Composer
Puller   Composer
Slick Shoes   Composer
Focal Point   Author
Ghoti Hook   Composer
Morella's Forest   Composer
Plankeye   Composer
Poor Old Lu   Composer
Living Sacrifice   Composer
Blamed   Composer
Frodus   Composer
Pep Squad   Composer
Roadside Monument   Composer
Max Martin   Composer
Sydney Rentz   Composer
Matt Wignall   Composer
Jyro Xhan   Composer
Geoff Riley   Composer
Ronnie Martin   Composer
Dingees   Composer
Huntingtons   Composer
Embodyment   Composer
Spoken   Composer
Andreas Carlsson   Composer
Reese Roper   Composer
Extol   Composer
Selfmindead   Composer
Steven Augustine   Composer
Bleach   Composer,Author
Brett Detar   Composer
Halo Friendlies   Composer
Mike Lewis   Composer
Twothirtyeight   Composer
Society's Finest   Composer
Brave Saint Saturn   Composer
Mike Herrera   Composer
Further Seems Forever   Author
Side Walk Slam   Composer
Chad Alan   Composer
Soul Embraced   Composer
Underøath   Composer
Ryan Kepke   Composer
Dead Poetic   Composer
Rob Withem   Composer
Figure Four   Composer
mewithoutYou   Composer
Chris McLane   Composer
David Sease   Composer
John Warne   Composer
Kutless   Composer
Kris McCaddon   Art Direction
Crissie Verhagen   Composer
Demon Hunter   Composer
Slow Coming Day   Composer
Agony Scene   Composer
Nathan Young   Composer
Emil Nikolaisen   Composer
Joey Bruce   Composer
Trevor McNevan   Composer
Adam Watts   Composer
Jay Matheson   Composer
Alan "Dinner" Mackinnon   Writer
Fighting Jacks   Composer
Casey Linstrum   Composer
Joel Bruyere   Composer
Joseph Milligan   Composer
Deon Rexroat   Composer
Chris Staples   Composer
Stretch Armstrong   Composer
Ted Bond   Composer
Stephen Arnold   Composer
Holland   Composer
Seth Roberts   Composer

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Tooth & Nail Tenth Anniversary 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
So your looking for the best collection of music out there. Well this is truly it. From the best of punk like MXPX and Slick Shoes. To hard cores finest as in Zao and Demon Hunter. And some of the best strate up rock also, Like Stavesacre and Further Seams Forever. You can find it all on this collection. Plus new groups that you haven't heard yet. So get it and tell all your friends before it's gone.