Top 50 Reasons to Care about Great Apes: Animals in Peril

Top 50 Reasons to Care about Great Apes: Animals in Peril

by David Barker

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Children's Literature - James Rutkowski
Fifty fascinating reasons, including # 24, that Great Apes have spindle cells responsible for feelings, provide the justification for why a young reader should read this book to learn and begin caring about the endangered Great Apes. The author provides easy-to-read information about the Great Apes of the world and why it is so important to know and protect them. After a brief introduction, the reader finds a series of one-page articles that reveal the different types of Great Apes. Each page lists one reason to care and is partnered with colorful photos that depict the species discussed. One section focuses on the Great Apes of the forest and describes their diet and distinguishing features. Community living examines the social behavior of these mammals and details the interaction between members of the group, while the section on history and research discusses the importance of these creatures in understanding the human species. Jane Goodall and Dian Fossey are featured as scientists whose studies enhanced human understanding and began the movement to protect all Great Ape species. Their research exposed the threats to these creatures, from habitat destruction to poaching. The final section lists seven reasons or ways that certain conservation practices or actions can save these species from extinction. Additional information contained in the book will enable the reader to learn more about this topic. Interested readers can examine other books in the "Top Reasons to Care About Endangered Species" series that highlight animals in peril around the world. Reviewer: James Rutkowski

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Top 50 Reasons to Care about Endangered Animals Series
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