Topcat Records 20th Anniversary Extravaganza

Topcat Records 20th Anniversary Extravaganza


A double-disc set celebrating the two-decade anniversary of Topcat Records, this 40-track compilation shines a spotlight on the various releases the Texas-based blues label have released over the years. This set mixes up old, archival tracks reissued by the label along with newly commissioned recordings, some of the cuts sounding compressed and trashy, others big and…  See more details below


A double-disc set celebrating the two-decade anniversary of Topcat Records, this 40-track compilation shines a spotlight on the various releases the Texas-based blues label have released over the years. This set mixes up old, archival tracks reissued by the label along with newly commissioned recordings, some of the cuts sounding compressed and trashy, others big and bold. This discrepancy in audio quality can create some whiplash, but it does fit the slapdash nature of the whole project; it's hard to tell why each cut was chosen for inclusion as there are no real liner notes to speak of: the booklet does take note of the players on each track, which is nice, but it'd be even nicer to have some sort of context for each of the cuts here. Nevertheless, this is an enjoyable enough sampler of modern Texas blues in its many permutations, from simple guitar and voice to full-bodied blues shuffles.

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Topcat Records


Disc 1

  1. Blue Goose Blues  - Jesse Thomas
  2. Kind Hearted Woman  - Johnny Nicholas
  3. Down To the Bone  - Edwin Holt
  4. Long Distance Call  - Muddy Waters
  5. Mississippi River Blues  - George "Harmonica" Smith
  6. Hound Dog  - Big Mama Thornton
  7. My Babe  - Johnny Nicholas
  8. Texas Flood  - Jimmie Vaughan
  9. The Curly Stomp  - Curly "Barefoot" Miller
  10. "C" Jam Blues  - Bobby Chitwood
  11. Jump My Baby  -  Texas Topcats
  12. Pawnshop Bound  -  Tu-Tones
  13. Rollin' and Tumblin'  -  Josh Alan Band
  14. Tear It Up  - Mike "Hollywood Fats" Mann
  15. Guitar Man  - Cricket Taylor
  16. Rock Me  - Alex Rossi
  17. I'm Coming Home  - Robert Ealey
  18. Butter Beans  - Curly "Barefoot" Miller
  19. John the Revelator  - Johnny Nicholas
  20. Boogie  - Hash Brown

Disc 2

  1. True Blue  - Calvin Owens
  2. She Feels Good  - Bugs Henderson
  3. What's On Your Mind  - Solon "Fishbone" Coelho
  4. Welcome To the Game  - Robin "Texas Slim" Sullivan
  5. Walkin' Heart Attack  - Holland K. Smith
  6. Texas Girl  - Rocky Athas
  7. White Trash  - Fernando Noronha
  8. Saint Peter Have Mercy  - Skip Clay
  9. Leopard Skin Mini Skirt  - Keller Thomas
  10. Remeber  - Bob Kirkpatrick
  11. The Girl That Radiates  -  Cold Blue Steel
  12. Sneakin' Around  - Kenny Traylor
  13. Oh My Baby's Gone  - Alan Haynes
  14. Tribute To Roy Buchanan  - Big Gilson
  15. Heart of Stone  - Robin Sylar
  16. Well All Right Then  - Mike Morgan
  17. Queen of the Boucherie  - Pat Mason
  18. Sugar Bee  - Johnny Mack
  19. Cross Road  - U.P. Wilson
  20. The Thrill is Gone  - Tutu Jones

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Ronnie Earl   Guitar
Big Walter Horton   Harmonica,Vocals
Mike Morgan   Guitar
Big Mama Thornton   Vocals
Chris Hunter   Drums
Chuck Rainey   Bass
Bugs Henderson   Guitar,Vocals
Johnny Nicholas   Guitar,Vocals
Phil Guy   Guitar,Vocals
Bob Kirkpatrick   Guitar,Vocals
U.P. Wilson   Guitar,Vocals
Jim Suhler   Guitar,Vocals
Rüdiger Baldauf   Trumpet
Bobby Baranowski   Drums
Jack Barber   Background Vocals
Bob Berberich   Drums
Butch Bonner   Bass,Guitar,Electric Piano
Joe "King" Carrasco   Guitar
Bobby Chitwood   Bass
Dirk Cordes   Drums
Floyd Domino   Piano
Mike "Hollywood Fats" Mann   Guitar
Terry Hale   Upright Bass
Ted Harvey   Drums
Steven Herrman   Trumpet
James Hinkle   Guitar
Paul Hollis   Drums
Steve Howard   Horn
Mark "Kaz" Kazanoff   Saxophone
B.B. King   Guitar
Sammy Lawhorn   Guitar
Danny Levin   Fiddle
Ron Mason   Keyboards,Hammond B3
Bob Morris   Guitar
Muddy Waters   Guitar,Vocals
Calvin Owens   Trumpet,Vocals
Pinetop Perkins   Piano
Greg Piccolo   Saxophone
Bill Potter   Tenor Saxophone
Carlton Powell   Bass
Rhandy Simmons   Bass
George "Harmonica" Smith   Harmonica,Vocals
Jon Smith   Horn
Willie "Big Eyes" Smith   Drums
Jesse Thomas   Guitar,Vocals
Jimmie Vaughan   Guitar
Robert Ware   Bass
Keith Winking   Trumpet
Thomas Yearsley   Standup Bass
Randy Zimmerman   Trombone
Robert Ealey   Vocals
Richard Chalk   Guitar
Mark Rybiski   Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Tone Sommer   Guitar
Bart Buls   Bass
Aaron Comess   Bass,Percussion,Drums
Yan de Bruyn   Guitar
Tony Dukes   Bass
Fred Gleber   Drums
Andy Haderer   Trumpet
Jackie Howard   Baritone Saxophone
Reggie Hudson   Piano
Cesar Jansens   Drums
Tom Loughborough   Guitar,Vocals
James "Pee Wee" Madison   Guitar
Curly "Barefoot" Miller   Piano,Vocals
Mark Pollock   Guitar
Peter Van Bogart   Organ
Kurt Van Herck   Saxophone
Marc Wilson   Drums
Paul "Mighty Paul" Young   Guitar
Alan Haynes   Guitar
Josh Alan   Guitar,Vocals
Tutu Jones   Guitar
Mark Wilson   Drums
Gomez   Trumpet,Flugelhorn
Mudcat Ward   Bass
Dave Gonzalez   Guitar
Don Wise   Tenor Saxophone
Keller Thomas   Guitar,Vocals
C.C. Pinkston   Background Vocals
Holland K. Smith   Guitar,Vocals
Larry Samford   Vocals
Big Gilson   Guitar,Vocals
Kevin Schermerhorn   Drums
Rochester Sessions   Piano
Brian "Hash Brown" Calway   Guitar,Harmonica
Terry Groff-Montgomery   Bass
Tim Alexander   Organ
Matt Williams   Drums
Dave Isaacs   Drums
Robin Sylar   Organ,Guitar,Vocals
Turner Stephen Bruton   Background Vocals
Steven Coleridge   Bass
Dan Torosian   Saxophone
Johnny Mack   Vocals,Boards
Stoney Bass   Bass
Paul Byrd   Guitar
Gunzy Trevino   Drums
Martin McCall   Drums
Kenny Traylor   Guitar,Vocals,Background Vocals
Peter Hague   Drums
Mark Austin   Background Vocals
Edwin Holt   Harmonica,Vocals
Cristiano Bertolucci   Drums
Danny Ross   Piano,Keyboards
T. Buck Burns   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Michael "Slip" Clay   Electric Guitar
Kirby Kelly   Lap Steel Guitar
Dennis "Slide" McBride   Piano,Slide Guitar
Phil "Chopper" Phistry   Saxophone
Herb Schucher   Drums
Tyrone Starks   Drums
Ken Stock   Piano
Cricket Taylor   Vocals
Texas Gypsies   Background Vocals
Warren White   Percussion
Marty Baumann   Guitar
Joel Guzman   Hammond B3
Alex Rossi   Harmonica
Steve Shaw   Bass
Paul Harrington   Harmonica
Andy Comess   Electric Piano
Pat Mason   Guitar,Harmonica,Vocals
Anthony Giarossi   Piano
Johnnie Woods   Bass
Lee Charles Mitchell   Saxophone
Malcolm Robertson   Trombone
David Brashier   Dobro,Electric Guitar
Jason J.T. Thomas   Drums
"Big" Jack Williams   Trumpet
James Buck   Vocals
Bobby Gilmore   Guitar
Steve Wachsman   Guitar
Barry "Frosty" Smith   Drums
John Mills   Saxophone
Craig Marlow   Drums
Rocky Athas   Guitar
Sonny Collie   Bass
Roy Robbins   Bass
John Maldonado   Keyboards
Johnny Bradley   Bass
Bruce Steverson   Bass
Aurora Hernandez   Percussion
Alexandre Loureiro   Drums
Bob "Mr. 18 Karat" Wingate   Guitar,Drums
Derek Rougeot   Drums
Herb Abs   Bass
Floyd Pintado   Drums
Fernando Peters   Bass
Fernando Noronha   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Eric Mathew Przgocki   Bass
Luciano Leães   Keyboards
Lin Selman   Bass
Jon Dyke   Keyboards
Xico Preto   Bass
Jose Hernandez   Guitar
James Anderson   Bass
Greg Wilson   Guitar
Stompin' Bill Johnston   Harmonica,Vocals
Sonnie Collie   Bass
Solon "Fishbone" Coelho   Guitar
Scott Campbell   Drums
Ronie Martinez   Drums
Robin "Texas Slim" Sullivan   Guitar,Vocals
Robby Garner   Bass

Technical Credits

William Clarke   Composer
Willie Dixon   Composer
Roy Hawkins   Composer
Bugs Henderson   Composer
Jerry Leiber   Composer
Bob Kirkpatrick   Composer
U.P. Wilson   Composer
Duke Ellington   Composer
Son House   Composer
Robert Johnson   Composer
Michael Mann   Composer
George Miller   Composer
McKinley Morganfield   Composer
Calvin Owens   Composer
Eddie Shuler   Composer
Mike Stoller   Composer
Jesse Thomas   Composer
Robert Ealey   Composer
Richard Chalk   Producer
Tone Sommer   Composer
Tom Loughborough   Composer
Ray Sharpe   Composer
Russ Ragsdale   Mastering
Holland K. Smith   Composer
Jessie Mae Robinson   Composer
Larry Samford   Composer
Rick Darnell   Composer
Big Gilson   Composer
Brian "Hash Brown" Calway   Composer
Jagger   Composer
Cricket Taylor   Composer
Pat Mason   Composer
David Brashier   Composer
Paul Young   Composer
George Smith   Composer
Jim Isle   Composer
Fernando Noronha   Composer
Randle Isle   Composer
Solon "Fishbone" Coelho   Composer
Robin "Texas Slim" Sullivan   Composer

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