The Torture Debate in America

The Torture Debate in America

by Karen J. Greenberg

This book provides essays on the debate over the US government's use of torture.See more details below


This book provides essays on the debate over the US government's use of torture.

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Table of Contents

Introduction : the rule of law finds its golem : judicial torture then and now1
Torture : the road to Abu Ghraib and beyond13
1Liberalism, torture, and the ticking bomb35
2How to interrogate terrorists84
3Torture : thinking about the unthinkable98
4The curious debate111
5Is defiance of law a proof of success? : magical thinking in the war on terror118
6Through a mirror, darkly : applying the Geneva conventions to "a new kind of warfare"136
7Speaking law to power : lawyers and torture151
8Torture : an interreligious debate162
9Unwise counsel : the war on terrorism and the criminal mistreatment of detainees in U.S. custody183
10Rethinking the Geneva conventions203
11If Afghanistan has failed, then Afghanistan is dead : "failed states" and the inappropriate substitution of legal conclusion for political description214
12War not crime223
13Legal ethics and other perspectives229
14Legal ethics : a debate236
15The lawyers know sin : complicity in torture241
16Renouncing torture247
17Reconciling torture with democracy253
18Great nations and torture256
19Litigating against torture : the German criminal prosecution261
20Ugly Americans267
Relevant documents
1Taft-Haynes March 22, 2002 Memo Re : president's decision about applicability of Geneva conventions to al Qaeda and Taliban : William Taft IV to William Haynes, March 22, 2002283
2Bybee-Gonzales August 1, 2002 Memo Re : standards of conduct for interrogation, aka the "torture memo" : Jay Bybee to Alberto Gonzales, August 1, 2002347
3Levin-Comey December 30, 2004 Memo Re : legal standards applicable under 18 U.S.C. sec. 2340-2340A : Daniel Levin to James B. Comey, December 30, 2004361
4JAG Memos Re : recommendations of the working group to assess the legal, policy and operational issues relating to interrogation of detainees held by the U.S. armed forces in the war on terrorism, February-March 2003377
To the American people : report upon the illegal practices of the United States department of justice395

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