Total Lounge [Varese]

Total Lounge [Varese]


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Varese Sarabande


Disc 1

  1. Whispering Wind  -  Moby
  2. Never the Same
  3. Me & Yoko Ono  - Anna Clementi
  4. All My Favourite People (Stay With Me)
  5. This Life
  6. Desert Wind  -  Radiophonic
  7. Falling
  8. Bombay
  9. Scam  -  France & Dom
  10. Carpe Noctem
  11. Noodle Soup  -  Leggo Beast
  12. Edge of Forever
  13. Into the Blue

Disc 2

  1. All My Favourite People (Stay With Me)
  2. This Life
  3. Desert Wind  -  Radiophonic
  4. Falling
  5. Bombay
  6. Cette Planete  - J.P. Juice
  7. Scam  -  France & Dom
  8. Carpe Noctem
  9. PCH 101
  10. Edge of Forever
  11. Noodle Soup  -  Leggo Beast
  12. Prefade
  13. Into the Blue

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Julee Cruise   Vocals
Shanna Slone   Vocals

Technical Credits

Ian Lynn   Composer,Producer
Moby   Composer,Producer
Phobos   Producer
Man Called Adam   Producer
Angelo Badalamenti   Composer
Eddie Parker   Composer
Tom Rothrock   Producer
Rob Schnapf   Producer
Sandy Solomon   Mastering
Richard Dorfmeister   Composer,Producer
Rupert Huber   Composer,Producer
Coz   Producer
David Lynch   Composer
Peleg Top   Art Direction
Uwe Schmidt   Composer,Producer
Sally Rodgers   Composer
Julia Taylor-Stanley   Composer,Producer
Torres   Composer
Leggo Beast   Composer,Producer
Steve Jones   Composer
Brad Pressman   Producer
Nicola Hitchcock   Composer
Saul Freeman   Composer
James Hood   Composer,Producer
Dominic Paterson   Composer,Producer
Pulsar Bleu   Composer,Producer
Rod Linnum   Licensing
Kiran Shahani   Composer
Ramin Sakurai   Composer
DKam   Producer
Rick Strom   Producer
Radiophonic   Producer
Francois Paterson   Composer,Producer

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