Total Package (Silhouette Desire #1642)

Total Package (Silhouette Desire #1642)

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by Cait London

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It had begun like any other assignment. Until the night she encountered Danya Stepanov atop a windswept cliff…then moved in with him. Her immediate feminine response to his masculinity frightened her, for Sidney Blakely didn't do the fair-lady bit. She led during slow dances. Her sole experience with sex had been fast and more about physical fitness. And she


It had begun like any other assignment. Until the night she encountered Danya Stepanov atop a windswept cliff…then moved in with him. Her immediate feminine response to his masculinity frightened her, for Sidney Blakely didn't do the fair-lady bit. She led during slow dances. Her sole experience with sex had been fast and more about physical fitness. And she believed that home was where the photo shoot du jour was.

But Danya was confident enough to allow her to lead. And he showed her that loving could be slow, and giving…and often. Trouble was, Danya wanted the total package: wife, babies. And Sidney had never believed that such a gift was intended for a woman like her.

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Heartbreakers , #1642
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Meet the Author

Bestselling author Cait London now enjoys life in Missouri, but was raised in rural Washington state. Much of her writing includes that early background amid the sage and sand and the wheat and apple crops.

With rumors of an Austrian princess in her ancestry, Cait is of German–Russian heritage, and is the only member of her family who is not bilingual. However, like Cait, every member of her family has achieved in the creative arts.

"I usually teach myself," she says. "And that is what I did with writing. I believed then, and still do, that artistic elements are translatable -- that given dedication and the eagerness to learn, one can move from one art form to another....

"In some ways, that untrained, do-it-yourself creativity is more pure than when it is taught. 'Live and learn' has always served me well. I have been an artist since I was 10, so it seemed only natural to move into writing, that is, creating pictures on pages instead of canvas."

A reader of mythology, folklore, epic poetry, and history, Cait incorporates her life experiences into her books. She believes that experience in life makes a good writer and those experiences, woven into her books, range from painting houses, gardening, canning, and sewing to researching computer software.

She loves computers, the Internet, creating bookmarks and newsletters, and reading everything, and she attends museums, festivals, powwows, and other rendezvous for research.

Writing historical romance under another pseudonym, Cait enjoyed doing research driving the full length of historic Western trails. She has driven the entire Oregon Trail and loved that experience. She uses this historic background in her contemporary romances.

This love of historical research is especially found in the popular Tallchief series from Silhouette. The original five-book series was designed as a complete unit, and her editor at the time said she had never seen anything like it. Cait designed the Tallchief logo, the genealogy chart, and of course the ancestral stories and the additional Tallchief books.

Where does she get her ideas? "All I have to do is take a long drive, look at an old house or a windmill missing a paddle, and a story unfolds to me," she says. "So those long drives across the West are very profitable, stories sticking to me like lint."

The mother of three daughters, Cait says that three is her lucky number.

She enjoys raising herbs and scented geraniums, driving cross-country, photography, cooking, and generally experiencing life. On her list of future experiences are updating her ballroom, Latin American, and folk dancing, and traveling abroad (and having Robert Duvall as a tango teacher).

Cait creates and maintains her innovative web site at Cait enjoys the friendship of many readers who write or email her. She hopes that you will write to her, too.

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Total Package (Silhouette Desire #1642) 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
We return to Amoteh, a town in southwest Washington State. Danya is the last single Stepanov man. They are a family famous for the furniture they build with pride, as well as, for the luxurious Amoteh Resort. .............................................. Danya's wife died nine years ago. He is now thirty-two years old. He has a business with one of his brothers as a builder and remodeler. Danya has not found a woman he could love since his wife died, but hoped to some day. Then he spies a lady unlike any other. She is at the grave site of Chief Kamakani, stripping off her clothes as she talks to deceased. ............................................ Sidney 'Sid' Blakely is a professional photographer (freelance) who has recently been jilted by a long time boyfriend. Sid and her sisters (Stretch and Junior) have been raised by their military father (Bulldog). The Blakely women detest anything overly feminine, such as dresses, cosmetics, anyone holding a door open for them, etc. Sid usually takes photos of things that put her in danger, such as an erupting volcano. However, to avoid her ex-boyfriend, she is at the Amoteh Resort with a group of ladies. Sid has been commissioned to photograph great shots of the ladies to be made into a calendar. (SO not her normal type of job!) To escape the models who are trying to give her a make over, Sid decides to camp out near Chief Kamakani's grave site. .......................................... When Sid thinks Danya is about to suicide by jumping off a cliff, she begins talking him out of it. Danya begins using the misunderstanding as an excuse to spend time with her. The Stepanov men know quickly upon meeting a woman whether she is perfect for him or not. Danya is no exception. But Sid is not like other women. Thus Danya's courting must be done without Sid realizing what is happening. .......................................... ***** A wonderful conclusion for the Stepanov family story. I found it very interesting to watch Sid do so many masculine things while Danya attempt to out maneuver her (and her macho family). I find myself regretting that this is the last of the 'Heartbreaker miniseries'. I can only hope that Cait London will begin a new romance series some day soon. *****
harstan More than 1 year ago
In Amoteh, Washington, brooding Danya Stepanov, whose family owns and runs the nearby resort, walks along the cliffs still mourning the loss of his wife Jeannie to a DUI nine years ago. While wandering around he notices a woman by the gravesite of Kamakani asking the chief why her partner, friend, and sometime lover Ben dumped her to marry a bimbo. When she notices Danya, she fears he is suicidal and plans to leap. She informs him her name is Sidney Blakely, a photographer doing the models shoot and she will be his buddy. Danya is shocked because he is attracted to this spirited female, but fails to inform her that he is not a jumper.--- Danya persuades Sidney to move into his cottage so that she can escape the horde of females that she is working with and of course she agrees to stay in his home as platonic friends. As his family wonders what is going on, he tells them that she is the one. Meanwhile she continues to moan the loss of Ben, but admits only to herself that Danya is a caring hunk and would she not mind a lifetime or two with him except that she has a wanderlust soul.--- TOTAL PACKAGE, the fourth Heartbreaker tale, is a fun contemporary romance starring two likeable protagonists and a horde of support players (mostly his family, but to a lesser degree the models too). The story line¿s tension comes from Danya knowing eh must be patient with his beloved who needs to recover from what she perceives as her love and he feels was her convenience. Fans of warm contemporary drama will enjoy this fine romance.--- Harriet Klausner