Total Temple Makeover: How to Turn Your Body into a Temple You Can Rejoice In

Total Temple Makeover: How to Turn Your Body into a Temple You Can Rejoice In

by Gregg Jantz Dr.

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While the world reels with an ever-growing array of lose-weight quick schemes, Dr. Gregory Jantz applies common sense and spiritual encouragement to lead readers on a reasonable, realistic path to healthier living.

While the world reels with an ever-growing array of lose-weight-quick schemes, Dr. Gregory Jantz applies common sense and spiritual encouragement to…  See more details below


While the world reels with an ever-growing array of lose-weight quick schemes, Dr. Gregory Jantz applies common sense and spiritual encouragement to lead readers on a reasonable, realistic path to healthier living.

While the world reels with an ever-growing array of lose-weight-quick schemes, Dr. Gregory Jantz applies common sense and spiritual encouragement to lead readers on a reasonable, realistic path to healthier living. Unlike the radical and even dangerous tactics that often captivate those who hunger for dramatic change, Jantz advocates a gentle twelve-week program, which considers the whole person, not just body weight. This comprehensive approach incorporates scripture study, prayer, and journaling, as well as nutrition, food-consumption plans, and body maintenance with the intention of reshaping a person's self-image in addition to dropping inches in the waistline.

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Total Temple Makeover

How to Turn Your Body into a Temple You Can Rejoice In
By Greg Jantz

Howard Books

Copyright © 2004 Greg Jantz
All right reserved.

ISBN: 9781582294117


Kale's Story -- And Yours

Sundays were always my favorite day of the week. We would go to

church and sit together as a family - four generations of us. We had

been one of the founding families of that church. Dad and

Grandpa had helped to lay the stones, build the walls, and even

shingle the roof. It was a place where God's family met together -

a place where we all felt we belonged.

After church we would gather at my grandparents' farmhouse

for dinner. The smells that came from that kitchen! Thick, juicy

ham, mashed potatoes covered with gravy, delicious homemade

rolls and hand-churned butter, fresh vegetables from the garden - it

all seemed to flow from that kitchen like a bounty from heaven itself.

We would eat until we were stuffed, with more than one man in the

family having to loosen his belt in recognition of the wonderful meal.

Afterward we would gather in the living room. Most of the men

would nap; the women would meet at the piano to sing favorite

hymns. It was the one day we all seemed like family.

No one yelled. No one was angry.

And no one called me fat.

Since you are reading this book, it's a fairassumption that you

have three things in common with Kale and most other readers:

  • You strive to follow a Christian life.
  • You struggle with a weight issue.
  • You feel guilty.

After all, why should you as a Christian struggle with weight

issues? Does your struggle mean you're not “spiritual” enough?

Shouldn't the self-discipline that comes with following and obeying

God equip you to say no to a hot fudge sundae? If you're such a great

Christian, why aren't you a thin Christian?

Part of the answer, of course, is that as hard as we try, none of us

are “great” Christians. We are striving, falling, groping, stumbling-inthe-

dark Christians who need God's assistance on a day-to-day - even

a moment-by-moment - level. We have our periods of successes . . .

and our times of failure. Our very human nature, thanks to Adam and

Eve way back in the Garden, ensures that we're imperfect. And that

lack of perfection manifests itself in a variety of ways - including our

body weight.

Another part of the answer is that we tend to associate God only

with the intangible things, the spiritual aspect of our lives. We think,

whether on a conscious or subconscious level: “God is somebody we

talk to on Sunday; He isn't around when I'm standing in the mall

choosing between a fat-free pretzel and a hot fudge sundae. He is worried

about my soul, not my cholesterol count. Right?”

Wrong. God, who created us, cares about all aspects of our

lives - spiritual, mental, and physical. Yet we do not seem to seek

His guidance as we make choices about how we treat our bodies.

We treat our physical health as less important than our mental and

spiritual health.

But God Himself calls our bodies His temple and makes it clear

that He wants us to take care of them: “Do you not know that your

body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have

received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a

price. Therefore honor God with your body” (1 Corinthians 6:19-20).

Your body is the only “house” you have all the years you are on this

earth. It isn't until we are taken to heaven and transformed that we

receive a different sort of house. So why not make the body you have

right now the absolute healthiest body possible?

Almost all of us would like to have a healthier body.

The trouble comes when we try to do something about it. We get

frustrated and think, “I've tried everything, and nothing works. If God

wants me to be healthy, then why doesn't He help? Why isn't losing

weight, balancing my food intake, and exercising easier?”

The Total Temple Makeover is designed to make it easier. It's a

twelve-week program for real people who are struggling with weight

issues. In three months not only can you transform your body into a

healthier temple, you can change your lifestyle and thinking - the

only way to insure that your weight loss is permanent.

Over the last twenty years, after helping thousands at The Center

for Counseling and Health Resources in Seattle, I've found that quick

fixes always lead to disappointment and pain. I'm more convinced

than ever that treating the whole person is the only approach that

gives whole health. No matter how many times you've tried (and I've

worked with people who've been overweight most of their lives), I

want you to know that there is hope. Really.

But it isn't enough to be at a healthy weight; you have to learn to

live at a healthy weight.

Is this doable? Yes! Many have undertaken this program and succeeded.

Each of them stepped out in faith, hoping for success, yet

fearful of another failure.

Take Karen, for example. Her entire being seemed to revolve

around her three children's needs. She desperately wanted to be thinner,

but the pounds continued to creep onto her five-foot-four-inch

frame. Always considered “chunky” as a child, Karen was, as an adult,

fast approaching obese. After a particularly difficult shopping trip

where she couldn't find any clothes to fit her, Karen realized she just

had to lose weight. She wanted a fast-track diet. Instead, the Center

helped her focus on health, rather than weight; on long-term, rather

than on short-term; on nutrition, rather than calories. Today Karen

has returned to a healthy weight. She no longer is obsessed with being

thin but has learned to appreciate her body - not as a physical representation

of who she is but as the temple given to her by God to serve

Him and her family. She's healthy, she's happy, and she's free from

bondage to her flesh.

When Mike started on the program, his concern wasn't his weight.

It was his health. The report from his annual physical was sobering.

“If you don't do something different, you're headed for serious health

problems,” this forty-three-year-old was told. It came as a bit of a

shock to Mike that something he thought was OK needed “fixing.” It

didn't help that he really didn't want to do anything different; Mike

was content with his life and his habits. So he fought the doctor's

advice. One day, however, he realized that his struggle with weight

was simply a mirror of an ongoing spiritual struggle. When Mike was

able to frame his weight problem as a spiritual battle, he was able to

surrender his weight to God's sovereignty. Now day by day Mike is

winning by giving the battle over to the Lord.

Like Karen and Mike, you have to come to a personal decision to

allow God to take over your battle with weight and make the temple

He has blessed you with the healthiest one possible. This requires a

change in focus, awareness, priorities, and trust. Can you give yourself

three months? Can you dedicate yourself to health for the next

twelve weeks?

This book is divided into twelve chapters, to fit the twelve weeks

of this program. Each chapter has seven sections:

  • Inspiration
  • Devotional
  • Thoughts for Food
  • What You Eat
  • The Journey Journal
  • Make It Real
  • A Voice along the Path

You can choose to read the chapter in one sitting once a week or you

can read one section each day of the week, depending on your schedule,

temperament, and preference. Either way is fine. Along the way

you'll find practical advice, encouragement, specific tips to help you

understand what you're eating (and why), and exercises (don't groan

yet -- they're not as bad as you think!). You'll also get a sneak peek at

the thoughts of Kale, a person who is also walking through the program.

Are you ready for a healthier body? The time to start is now.

Let's do it -- together!


Excerpted from Total Temple Makeover by Greg Jantz Copyright © 2004 by Greg Jantz. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Meet the Author

Dr. Gregory Jantz is a speaker, author, and counselor. In his own unique way, Gregg presents hope to a nation who has lost it. He is the founder and executive director of The Center for Counseling and Health Resources, Inc., a leading mental health and chemical dependency treatment facility. He is a nationally certified eating disorder specialist, a state certified psychologist, and a state-licensed mental health counselor. The Center was recently featured on the Dr. Phil show, serving as a counseling resource. He is married to his wife, LaFon, and has two sons.

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