Totally Re-Wired, Vol. 3

Totally Re-Wired, Vol. 3


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Hollywood Records

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  1. Lucky Fellow  - Noel McKay
  2. Love in the Making  - Rose Windross
  3. Waves  -  Serene
  4. Spinning Wheel  -  New Jersey Kings
  5. E-Type  -  Corduroy
  6. One Way Street  -  James Taylor Quartet
  7. Indian Rope Man  -  Phaze
  8. Stoned Woman  -  Mother Earth
  9. Nature Never Repeats Itself  -  Emperors New Clothes
  10. Render Your Heart  -  Dread Flimstone
  11. Sweet Feelings  -  Esperanto
  12. Ain't No Sunshine  -  Beaujolais Band

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Corduroy   Track Performer
Dread Flimstone   Track Performer
Snowboy   Track Performer
James Taylor Quartet   Track Performer
Noel McKoy   Track Performer
Emperors New Clothes   Track Performer
Rose Windross   Track Performer
New Jersey Kings   Track Performer
Beaujolais Band   Track Performer
Mother Earth   Track Performer
Serene   Track Performer

Technical Credits

Richie Havens   Composer
Bigga   Producer
Corduroy   Producer
Dread Flimstone   Producer
James Taylor   Composer
Cyril McCammon   Producer
Joe Price   Composer
Mark Roth   Composer
Barrie K. Sharpe   Producer
Robin Goodfellow   Producer
Emperors New Clothes   Producer
New Jersey Kings   Producer
Beaujolais Band   Producer
Mark "Snowboy" Cotgrove   Producer
Eddie Piller   Producer
Damien Asker-Browne   Producer
Bill Poskitt   Producer
D. Taylor   Composer
Robin G.   Producer

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