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Touch Me There!: A Hands-On Guide to Your Orgasmic Hot Spots

Touch Me There!: A Hands-On Guide to Your Orgasmic Hot Spots

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by Yvonne K Fulbright

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TOUCH ME THERE! A HANDS-ON GUIDE TO YOUR ORGASMIC HOT SPOTS is the first book to focus exclusively on all of the body’s titillating erogenous zones, offering lovers a new realm of sexual exploration and experience. Sexologist and sex comumnist Yvonne K. Fulbright gives readers of all sexual orientations a guided tour of the male and female body’s wild


TOUCH ME THERE! A HANDS-ON GUIDE TO YOUR ORGASMIC HOT SPOTS is the first book to focus exclusively on all of the body’s titillating erogenous zones, offering lovers a new realm of sexual exploration and experience. Sexologist and sex comumnist Yvonne K. Fulbright gives readers of all sexual orientations a guided tour of the male and female body’s wild attractions and explains how to maximize pleasure from head to toe.

Contents include a variety of sex acts (including foreplay and positions), sexual enhancers and toys, fantasy, and exercises (e.g., kegels) for becoming more orgasmic and sexually satisfied.

The book contains 4 sections:
1. her orgasmic hot spots — clit, G-Spot, A-Spot, urethra, cervex & labia
2. his orgasmic spots — the frenulum, corona, foreskin, prostate, perenium, testicles
3. mindblowing spots on both sexes — breasts, head, torso, anus, hands & feet
4. sexual positions and enhancements for better stimulating your hot spots — sex toys, etc.

All four sections:
** show you how to find mother nature's often hidden treasures & maximize pleasure
** offer you a plethora of sex facts and tips
** provide you with techniques & fresh ideas on how to use and/or stimulate each area effectively
** enable you to become a better communicator and lover
** release you from any notions of what you "can't" do
** build intimacy with both the self and with a lover

Delivered in an informative, but playful, tone, the book beholds the body as full of wonder, to discover or rediscover. Information is delivered thoroughly, yet not too in-depth, helping readers to easily grasp the basics needed to happily engage in “how to” instructions. Attractive visuals secure this work as an irresistible sell.

Editorial Reviews

From the Publisher
Fulbright a sexuality educator, writer, and consultant, incorporates techniques from tantra, yoga, acupressure, and reflexology in this detailed Baedeker to erotic parts. The tour also visits numerous body parts often overlooked: testicles and prostate as well as areas on the head, torso, and limbs. The writing is clear and friendly with detailed instructions and exercises for different types of stimulation... — Library Journal

Fulbright a sexuality educator, writer, and consultant, incorporates techniques from tantra, yoga, acupressure, and reflexology in this detailed Baedeker to erotic parts. The tour also visits numerous body parts often overlooked: testicles and prostate as well as areas on the head, torso, and limbs. The writing is clear and friendly with detailed instructions and exercises for different types of stimulation... - Library Journal

Sex educator Yvonne Fulbright continues to fulfill her civic duty of teaching the public still more about how to have fabulous sex with her second book, Touch Me There! A delightful, humorous, yet truly educational read, Touch Me There offers something for everyone – from the sexual novice to the sexpert. While topics range from orgasmic hot spots to acupressure points, reflexology, and yoga postures designed to facilitate arousal and sexual enjoyment, Touch Me There never fails to highlight the importance of a couple’s emotional relationship when connecting intimately. If you come to this book thinking “it’s just another book on technique”, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Couples are guided through a variety of interesting and creative exercises to facilitate their sexploration. I find Fulbright’s book to be a fabulous addition to my bookshelf. - Dr. Marianne Brandon, former Book Review Editor for AASECT, and current President of Wellminds Wellbodies LLC

Touch Me There! is one of the most intelligent books I’ve read about sex in a long time. Yvonne K Fulbright Ph.D. is a renowned sexologist as well as being the author of The Hot Guide to Safer Sex and Sex With Your Ex… and 69 Other Things You Should Never Do Again (Plus a Few That You Should). She has appeared in magazines, newspapers and TV shows offering sensible but practical guidance and advice on how to make good sex better. Touch Me There is her latest title and continues Yvonne’s stylish blend of non-didactic tuition to all matters sexual.

In the first chapter Yvonne explains that the book is intended to offer the necessary "recipe" to transform any reader into a "Master Chef" of the bedroom. I could be coarse here, and make some tacky joke about "enjoying a sausage roll," but this book impressed me with its thoughtfulness and broad spectrum of influences, so I’m not going to descend to such puerile levels of schoolboy humour.

The main thing I enjoyed about Touch Me There was the way Yvonne blended her understanding of physical and biological responses with an accessible introduction to holistic disciplines. In covering areas like the clitoris she explodes the myths that have been built on the foundations of this favourite pleasure button, explains the true nature of the clitoris, and goes onto offer guidance on how to get the best out of it. More than that, Yvonne also offers suggestions on how to stimulate clitoral arousal through acupressure, with illustrated advice on how to obtain adopt a series of yoga positions that are most beneficial for clitoral stimulation, and all of this sensibly tempered with sexual health considerations.

The repeated references to yoga, acupressure, reflexology, Taoism and Tantric sex bring the book firmly into the realm of the twenty-first century’s new age underpinnings. And the blend works wonderfully well. In our current climate where we accept the findings of science, but prefer to have them reinforced by the wisdom of more established (if slightly esoteric) practices, Yvonne seems to have found the best way to explain how things work, why they work, and how we can make them work better.

Yvonne also manages to address a variety of sexual practices in an honest, open and non-critical manner. She offers suggestions for a wealth of fun activities that include oral, anal, fisting and the fun that can be had with sex toys, and all with unintrusive reminders that sex should be fun and safe.

However, the main strength of this book is that it illuminates the erotic and erogenous potential of the typical male and female hot spots. These are not just confined to our familiar sweaty bits and Yvonne takes time to explore the erogenous potential of areas as diverse as shoulders and scalp, right down to my own personal favourites.

And Yvonne clearly knows what she is talking about because she repeatedly backs up her statements and arguments with references from renowned studies and highly regarded experts. At the back of the book she also offers an extensive list of resources and recommended reading for anyone who wants to expand their knowledge on any of the included topics.

And, now I have the recipe to be a "Master Chef" in the bedroom, I’m ready to serve any hungry woman who thinks I can satisfy her appetite. (Please contact me through the address at the bottom of this page to book your main course).

For those who would rather learn these tricks for themselves: Touch Me There is an extremely intelligent book and a must have for anyone intelligent enough to want to make good sex better. - Ashley Lister, Erotica Readers & Writers Association

"Sexologist Yvonne K. Fulbright discusses in detail how to stimulate your lover and yourself in her book, “Touch Me There!” She begins by asking readers to promise three things. First, to realize that there are many hot spots of the body; they are not limited to the genital area and that stimulation is not a just foreplay activity. “Intimacy does not need to involve intercourse or orgasm for it to be deemed successful.” Secondly, you must be willing to learn to communicate. Talk to your partner and enlighten them when something feels good and when it is a turn on. Third, you must be open to new ideas and concepts, explore things you might have considered taboo.

There are chapters dedicated to female pleasure and male pleasure. Several chapters discuss hot spots for both male and female. Ms. Fulbright has included exercises and illustrations to assist the reader in learning to give pleasure.

Touch Me There! arrived just a few days before we left on vacation. The timing could not have been better. I read the book and then went back and studied the illustrations. Armed with the book, I was ready to take my husband by surprise (and did). Sexologist Yvonne K. Fulbright presents the information in a simple, easy-to-understand format. My only criticism would be that many of us are not as flexible as we wish we were; some of the positions would be impossible for me. However, that is not Ms. Fulbright’s fault; it is just a fact as I age. I was particularly interested in finding ways to increase my husband’s pleasure. I used several of her suggestions, successfully. I had never heard of the “Rushing Door or the Mansion Cottage or the Crooked Bone.” My favorite chapters are 11 and 13. There is a glossary at the end of the book. Touch Me There! is an excellent instruction manual. You will be glad you read it. - Reviewed by Anne Boling for Reader Views

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From Chapter 1: Your Hot Spots in Perspective

The popular press always loves a good spot, regularly celebrating the “latest” way to drive your lover crazy with just the right touch of a bodily button. Hardly a month goes by that cover stories don’t announce a “new” must-test erogenous zone, with results practically guaranteed to rock your world and your sex life. And the public responds with bated breath, hoping that maybe this time they will be astounded, love lives transformed forever. Such articles sell publications because there is such a desire, such a need for better loving, better relationships, and better communication between lovers everywhere!

As a sex expert, I often get asked to provide comment for magazine articles on where to touch your partner for the best sensations ever and, more importantly, how to do it with the skill and expertise of a sexologist. But whether questions are posed by a journalist, one of my students, a Sexuality Source web browser, or audience member at one of my speaking engagements, people always want to know: Where should I touch him? Why am I not doing this right? How should I stimulate her? How long ‘til we see results? What other ways can that be done – and better? Is it possible to be orgasmic or more orgasmic?? That’s why I was really excited to tackle a book that brings it all together, offering sexual beings everywhere a first of its kind work that’s a one-stop shop exclusively devoted to all of the human body’s hottest spots and how to turn them on.

With so many erogenous zones, besides the genitals and breasts, seriously neglected, it is important to cover all of our erotic spots from head to toe. With the right amount of time and attention, a plethora of seemingly innocent areas of the body can result in anything from nipple-hardening to scintillating nerve activating to ethereally orgasmic results.

Positively embracing the erotic potential of any part of the human body, new lovers can begin their sexual relationship with even more eruptive fireworks, while more long-term partners can reactivate the sparks and passion with such a mindset. Whether it’s your first time or ten thousandth time together, with this book you’ll be embarking upon never before imagined, wonder-filled sexual adventures that trump anything you’ve ever known – as long as we establish an agreement of sorts.

What You Must Promise
As we journey through this book together, I need for you to promise me three things. First, it’s important to realize that when it comes to orgasmic hot spots, people tend to limit their erotic potential to just the genitals. And while your groin and reproductive organs are full of climactic triggers, you need to conceptualize your body as a vast landscape of Touch Me Here (or there) spots. In taking a tour through every area, every crevice, every inner working, you must see the human body as a vibrant energy source, full of simmering hot spots just waiting for eruptive release. It is only then that we can find all of your and your lover’s most titillating, erogenous zones. Only then will you find that the human body is a personal paradise, opening yourself up to a new realm of sexual exploration and experiences.

Furthermore, you need to take your time exploring your wondrous islands, knowing that these are the first of many amazing trips to come and that pleasuring a spot or two, and not necessarily a major hot spot, may be as satiating or even better than the sex play you’re used to. No matter what the spot, don’t always approach its stimulation as merely a “pre-game” activity, even though it may serve that purpose. It is important to realize that any of the exercises in this book can be the main event. Sex does not need to involve intercourse, or orgasm for that matter, for intimacy to be deemed sex, complete, or “successful.” Being able to stay in the moment, attentive to what’s present and not what’s to come or where things might be going will make your intimacy and stimulation all the more fulfilling.

Second, you must be willing to re-evaluate how you communicate in your relationship(s) and how it can be improved. People are generally not taught how to communicate effectively in intimate relationships. On the whole, humans are terrible at letting others know how they’re truly feeling, what they’re really thinking, and what they absolutely need. There’s so much threat, so much fear – and things get even more complicated when it comes to a taboo subject like sex! Letting your needs, wants, and desires, as well as turn off’s, be known can be one of the most intimidating, difficult things to express, especially if you’re worried about bruising the ego of someone you love and adore. So oftentimes, sexual communication boils down to a guessing game, full of assumptions. In taking charge of your erogenous zones and in finding your lover’s, you must be willing to practice some of the communication strategiessssss offered in this book. It is okay to let your lover know what feels good, to tell your partner where to touch you – and not - and how. It’s equally okay to let your lover know what doesn’t feel good or what isn’t working. The trick is in how it’s communicated, as this book will unveil.

Third, you need to be open-minded in order to get the most out of this book. Societal myths and taboos, as well as research facts that make population generalizations, often influence one’s sex play exploration, limiting lovers’ experiences, pleasuring, and orgasmic potential. For many people, erotic areas have more to do with what they’ve experienced or been told rather than what they’re open to, further stifling one’s acceptance of new ideas and possible sensations. So it’s important to be open to new information that challenges preconceived notions about what can be a turn on and what you should or shouldn’t do in bed. As we uncover your body’s hot spots, we’ll demystify some of these myths, allowing you to better decide if certain sex acts are right for you and your partner. We’ll also tackle taboos that can prevent lovers from finding novel forms of pleasure no matter what your sex or gender.

What You Must Know
I decided not to start this book with an official introduction for fear that some readers would skip over it to get to the “juicier” information. Doing so would’ve deprived them of fully understanding the power of the hot spots and how to fully engage in the recommended exercises. The following pages are at the heart of this book and among the most important to know and process in order to perform the exercises in a more meaningful, more rewarding way.

This book is rooted in relaxation, healing, and sexual practices that focus on the body’s energy and, at times, erogenous zones, specifically, pulling together concepts utilized in Tantric sex and yoga, acupressure, and reflexology. It is hoped with these overlapping, yet diverse, perspectives you will be able to stimulate your hot spots, as well as your partner’s, all the more effectively, with all the more tremendous results. Understanding how different parts of the body, including erotic areas, are interconnected, influencing and stimulating each other, as viewed by these genres, helps to frame each hot spot’s erogenous qualities and potential in contributing to better sex and intimacy. Rushing straight to a spot, without considering the following information, robs lovers of realizing an area’s full power in creating amazing physical sensations, in delivering an improved, healthier state of mind, in nurturing one’s spirit, and in giving individuals and couples an array of ways to experience their sexuality, feelings, energies, libidos, and sexual expression.

With all of that said… Many moons ago, sexual behaviors and pleasuring were used as tools to a healthier, more invigorated body, and as a way for lovers to become more in tune with their own and each other’s energies, emotions, and spirits. Sexual practices involving exercise and massage were cultivated to strengthen the sexual organs and the body’s senses, as well as relationships. The following perspectives and warm up activities on the body’s hot spots, Tantric/yogi, acupressure, and reflexology, are all interrelated to a certain extent and will be revisited throughout this book. Keeping these frameworks and techniques in mind will not only help an erotic area feel sensational, but ultimately generate so much more physically, emotionally, sexually, and spiritually for you and your partner.

Meet the Author

Identified by the U.S. Secretary of Health as an expert and key leader in the area of sexual and reproductive health, Yvonne was a consultant to the U.S. Surgeon General’s Call to Action on “Promoting Responsible Sexual Behavior” at just 23 years old. Armed with her Master’s in Human Sexuality Education from the University of Pennsylvania, Yvonne is the author of THE HOT GUIDE TO SAFER SEX (Hunter House, June 2003). Yvonne has focused on the needs of young adults, having taught university-level human sexuality courses, written the infamous “Sexpert Tells All” column for the Washington Square News, and volunteered as a sexual health peer advocate. She is a highly sought after college circuit lecturer and frequent presenter for the American Medical Student Association, giving presentations nationwide on topics like eroticizing safer sex, love and relationships, sexual behaviors, contraceptives, STIs/HIV, and alcohol and sexual assault.

A media darling with international appeal, Yvonne has made headlines or commented on them in nearly 200 publications, television, and radio stations around the globe, like CNN’s “Paula Zahn NOW,” NBC’s “Today Show, USA Today, the New York Times, Men’s Health UK, Cosmopolitan, Discovery Channel Canada’s “Sex Files,” XM Satellite Radio, and the Austrian Broadcasting Company.

Yvonne is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in International Community Health, with a sexual health focus, at New York University. She provides editorial direction and is the Book Review & Media Editor for AASECT’s Contemporary Sexuality, is the sex columnist for TODAY'S GROOM MAGAZINE and is an expert with the Internet’s Sexual Health Network and loveandhealth.ifriends.net.

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Touch Me There!: A Hands-On Guide to Your Orgasmic Hot Spots 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
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Any one want to have nook sex with a supermodel
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I love it
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I do
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I think this is bad what if a little kid gets on and dosnt know what this is they click on this and say ouuh! They buy the book then find out what sex is. They should have a password u need to type into in order to look at these typrs of books.if your older then ok. But i just dont think its safe for this to be on here. If you agree type yes. Bye the way the book is good
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Those who buy this are really stupid. Go to a mueseum or go shopping but if yiu do this, youareplain SUPID! Go do something educational with your bf.?!??????!!!!!!!!! TRY IT!