#116 MSN-06S Sinanju, High Grade

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#116 MSN-06S Sinanju, High Grade


An HGUC Sinanju! Bandai has created magic by bringing you the Sinanju as a 1/144 scale High Grade kit! This special HGUC has many of the same features which made the MG Version so special such as movable thrusters on the legs and backpack, a Grenade Launcher which attaches to the Beam Rifle or shield, and Beam Axes that can be attached to the shield. As well, Bandai has included an extra set of hands molded in fist-clenching form. The MG doesn't even have that! Bandai has also taken care of the gold trim for you with a set of gold foil stickers.

Snap fit assembly, no glue required.

For Ages: 15+

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Bandai Hobby
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#116 MSN-06S Sinanju, High Grade 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
First of all let me state that this kit is more along the lines of a 4.5. It's incredible but it has some flaws. First of all the amount of parts included with it are stunning. You'll get a few more plates than your usual High Grade. Next be ready to decal this thing, A LOT, if you want to get it anywhere near it's OVA counterpart in terms of looks and style you HAVE to decal it, otherwise this will look like an upgraded Sazabi or Nightingale. Assembly wise its straightforward and requires a lot more patience than your average HGUC. When i built this thing it took me about six hours and by this time I'd built several kits including a Master Grade and a Real Grade. So be ready to work on this one. Finally it does have some great articulation and storage space on it, the Bazooka undermount attachment and a pair of it's Beam Axes can be stored in the shield and unless you mounted the actual beam plastics you wouldn't know they were there. This is a good kit, but I would recommend this to a beginner who's had some practice or higher skill