850 Piece Map of the USA

850 Piece Map of the USA


This map of the USA is one of a kind! Each of the 50 states is its own interlocking “mini puzzle” containing its own shaped “whimsical piece.” Have fun searching for the lobster that fits in Maine or the ruby slipper that completes Kansas; the whimsical pieces are an added dimension of fun to the puzzle solving experience. The overall puzzle border features large format pieces to quickly build a sturdy base for all of the states to fit inside. Now that is a great idea! And the puzzle graphics feature everything you would expect and more, educational and fun and designed with the entire family in mind. Truly something for everyone! The completed puzzle measures a generous 24” x 36” and features all the bells and whistles! And of course… it is made in the USA!

For Ages: 12+

WARNING: Not for children under 5 years old.

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