Boom! Splat! Kablooey!: Safe Science That's a Real Blast

by The Scientists of Klutz Labs
Boom! Splat! Kablooey!: Safe Science That's a Real Blast


We asked kids what kind of science experiments they’d like to do, and they said: ""Blow stuff up."" We asked physicists what youthful experiences inspired them to become scientists, and they said: ""We blew stuff up."" We asked parents what they thought about kids and science and blowing stuff up, and they said: ""Is it safe?"" Sure, blowing up stuff is safe — with this book, that is. It comes with all the special equipment you need to make ordinary ingredients from your kitchen go boom in impressive, yet non-destructive, style. A Geyser Tube and a Depth Charge make table salt and a bottle of soda into a backyard geyser. A bevy of special balloons turns a regular pop into a big ol’ BOOM. And the Can of A Thousand Pops is specially designed to explode again and again and again and… you get the idea. At Klutz Labs, we’re dedicated to making the loudest (yet totally safe) booms, the most spectacular (yet totally safe) splats, and the most amazing (yet totally safe) kablooeys. We’re all charged up to get kids learning about science. And have a blast doing it.

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