Doctor Who/Replica/Sonic Screwdriver/Temporal

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Doctor Who/Replica/Sonic Screwdriver/Temporal


With the TARDIS trapped on Earth in a Trans-temporal schism, the Doctor find himself at the centre of four time zones. As with each previous time the TARDIS generates a new sonic screwdriver for the Doctor but this time it is created in the style of each time zone, Elizabethan, Victorian, Present Day and Future London. With additional features including a 'wood' setting, the Doctor must try and free the TARDIS before time runs out. Replica sonic screwdriver with 8 new sound effects.

Also compatible with your Personalize Your Own Sonic Screwdriver Set so you can mix and match the pieces in different ways to create your own version.

Requires 3 x 1.5V L1154 Batteries included.

For Ages: 5+

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Doctor Who/Replica/Sonic Screwdriver/Temporal 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Eris Caver 7 months ago
I have previously purchased five sonic screwdrivers from this company, and they've all been great! This is also a high quality product except for one serious problem -- there were no instructions on how to fit all the pieces together, and figuring out how to do that was extremely frustrating. At one point, two of the pieces got quite stuck, and I almost had to break them to get them apart. Fortunately, after a lot of fiddling, they finally came loose, and I got everything properly together. After that, it became a wonderful prop (although I'll probably use it mostly for steampunk cosplay, and not for DW). Oh, and a second annoyance -- everything on the sonic is beautifully designed and painted plastic, except for one place, where the manufacturer put a paper sticker to represent a row of lights. Very shoddy and lazy, I feel. I'll probably get crafty and make something to paste over that part. So overall, a great (if non-canon) prop -- once you get it together, and ignore (or modify) the paper sticker. Thumbs up, with 3.5 of 5 stars.
Avatar_Zuko More than 1 year ago
The toy was pretty good and cool.  one of the three problems i have had with it was how the pices went together.  the bottom piece was stubborn and wouldn't go the way it was supposed to.  then i figured it out and did it that way.  problem two was how if left unused for a while it goes to the ugly sound.  (the ugly sound is the sound a multi-sound screwdriver makes that is not the one you like.)  the third problem is how the button got stuck.  i fixed it but still really!  it turns out i have a fourth problem too.  how the darn thing came with no instructions on how to put the stupid thing together!  really you are supposed to build it yourself and there is no instructions!!!  look it is a great product.  great for showing off.  maybe even great for role playing.  it isn't the worst one i have seen.  (that is the 10th doctor sonic screwdriver pen.)  i give it a four out of five star rating.  
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago