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Mad Quao


Mad QUAO (pronounced “Maaaad Cow”) is the humorous and satirical follow up to the original QUAO card game featuring an evil bovine with secret rules.

In Mad QUAO, players struggle against dictator QUAO and her set of impossible rules to get ahead of all the other farm folk. Once QUAO’s powers are removed, players race to get rid of all their cards to unseat QUAO from her throne and become the new dictator!

When you play, you’ll be caste (”caste” - get it?) into one of the following roles:

QUAO - She is a cow. She makes up the rules. She is dictator of the land.

BullyQ - BullyQ is QUAO’s right-hand man. Except the QUAO has hooves, not hands. And he’s a bull, not a man. But you know what we mean! The BullyQ’s job is to pick on the ranking members of the farm and make sure they know who is in charge.

JaQuas - He’s a donkey. He loves talking, singing, gossiping, miming - anything that involves him braying.

Quak - He’s a duck. He uses humor and talents to amuse.

The chickens - The socialist middle class. There is nothing special about being a chicken.

Cheata’ - She’s a cat. Good luck petting this feisty feline. She's subversive and doesn’t care what other people say or do. She gets away with things and is the only one who can actually undermine QUAO. If you can’t be QUAO, then it’s probably best to be Cheata’.

Ages 18 and up

3-8 players

Play time: Winning? There is no winning in Mad QUAO. Only enduring. Play until you’ve had your fill!


For Ages: 18+

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Wiggity Bang Games
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13 Years

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