Paper Beads

Paper Beads


We’ve been showing our latest beading project around quite a bit lately, and everyone has pretty much the same reaction. "These are paper? Unbelievable!" And that’s before they see how easy these beads are to make. Talk about unbelievable. Paper Beads comes with 200 precut strips of beautifully designed paper in 22 colors and patterns, and a custom tool for winding them into beads.

Super-clear how-to’s make it easy to create straight beads, round beads, simple beads, and fancy beads. A bottle of durable glaze gives each bead a polished finish. Since this is a Klutz book, we also provide everything you need to turn these tiny works of art into unbelievably beautiful jewelry. Supplies include elastic cord and a selection of pretty glass accent beads.

Inside the book, Anne Akers Johnson’s ultra-simple instructions show how to bring it all together in style. Also included is instructions for making beads out of recycled material. Turns out anyone can transform paper into beautiful beaded jewelry. Believe it or not.

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