Pathfinder Chronicles: City Map Folio

by Robert Lazzaretti, Rob Lazzaretti
Pathfinder Chronicles: City Map Folio


  • Six of the deadliest and adventure-packed cities of the Pathfinder
    campaign setting explode in giant full-color maps packed with rich detail and great layouts built to enhance campaign play. Each map measures
    17" x 22", giving a great bird's eye view of hundreds of encounter locations detailed in Pathfinder Chronicles: Cities of Golarion. Drawn by the best cartographers in the tabletop gaming business, the six beautiful poster maps in this unique package can be used with any fantasy roleplaying game.
  • The City Map Folio includes poster maps of the following locations:
    Cassomir — Gleaming Capital of Humanity's Oldest Empire; Corentyn —
    City Between Two Seas; Ilizmagorti — Island Jungle City of Outcasts and
    Assassins; Nisroch — City of Shadows; Vigil — Last Bastion Against the Orc Hordes; and Whitethrone — Frozen City of the Witch Queen.

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Paizo Publishing, LLC
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13 Years

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