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Puerto Rico Game

5.0 4
by Rio Grande Games
Puerto Rico Game


Prospector, captain, mayor, trader, settler, craftsman, or builder? Which roles will you play in the new world? Will you own the most prosperous plantations? Will you build the most valuable buildings? You have but one goal: achieve the greatest prosperity and highest respect! This is shown by the player who earns the most victory points. He will win the game! Andreas Seyfarth is the author of Puerto Rico. It is for 3-5 players aged 12 and up. Length of a typical game is 90-150 minutes.

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Rio Grande Games
Age Range:
12 - 14 Years

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Puerto Rico Game 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Cstldrm More than 1 year ago
If you have ever played Catan or similar strategy games you will love Puerto Rico. If you are new to strategy games you will still love it, but the concept may overwhelm at first. My suggestion read the basic rules, jump into the game and then just refer to the rules throughout, that's the only way you will learn (or get a friend to teach you). We have gotten at least six different people addicted to this game (all of which have never played a strategy game in their life) to the point they also purchase. Gameplay is incredibly fair because you have a new role each turn and get to have an action each turn, keeping you involved and interested. Also alot of other peoples actions directly affect and sometimes heavily benefit you. Very little "luck" involved which I love! One of my favorite aspects of the game is that you really can't guess who is winning until you actually count your victory points at the end, so you are giving your all the entire time making it very competitive and keeping you on your toes constantly. This game is not for those that don't like to think a few steps ahead or don't want to invest a few hours to the game because with five people it will take a few hours.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
i bought this as a present for some friends, and it became the favorite! we like it better than carcasone or settlers of catan. it is really very interesting since at every turn you can be something else (captain, mayor, settler etc.) and have different advantages. the possibilities areendless, one might say. i also love it because it is very easily played via the internet. i happen to work abroad, and am very happy to still be able to enjoy this great board-game with my closest friends via skype. the rules are quite simple, everybody knows what everyone else is doing, and there are no hidden cards, so it's all about verbal communication, really.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
I can't believe there are no reviews here. From the makers of &quot Settlers of Cattan&quot this is arguably more exciting strategically then Cattan could ever be. The learning curve is certainly higher, but so is the payoff. While Cattan is reminiscent of lazy Sunday nights, swigging beer and corn chips with no apparent goal in mind, Puerto Rico is the game you sit down to, saying, &quot Oh let's hit the clubs in an hour,&quot and then continue playing, locked in serious competition, while kicking each other under the table. You never make it to those clubs. Rather, 12 hours later, you kick off your high heels and pass out on the couch, vowing never to do something so life-affirmingly nerdy ever again. OH, BUT YOU WILL.