Tracking the Charlatans: An Environmental Columnist's Refutational Handbook for the Propaganda Wars

Tracking the Charlatans: An Environmental Columnist's Refutational Handbook for the Propaganda Wars

by Edward Flattau

Editorial Reviews

Choice Magazine
Choice Magazine ( Current Reviews for Academic Libraries) Association of Collegeand Research Libraries. June 1998, Vol. 35 No. 10 Science & Technology.
Nationally sundicated newspaper columnist Edward Flattau's 25 years of experience provide a unique perspective on the rhetoric and "propaganda" used to discredit the environmental movement. He executes a thorough and relentless attack on corporations and politicians who would weaken environmental policy. Flatttau addresses salient environmental issues, important actors in the anti- environmental movement, and debunks rhetorical stragies. His book provides thoughtful material for general readers and undergraduates son both sides of the environmental debate.
The Washinton City Paper
Washington (D.C>) City Paper, May 29, 1998
In the forest of environmental journalists, Edward Flattau finds himself a lone liberal crusader, up in a remote tree amongst a band of clearcutters.... His critics on the right-- many cited by name in the book-- will complain that Flattau unfairly broadsides them. ... But the author's long career has exposed him to the anti- environmental movement's every strategem.
Library Journal - Library Journal
Over 25 years of writing a syndicated environmental advocacy newspaper column has equipped award-winning journalist Flattau with the insight and ammunition to produce this contentious work, which refutes outspoken opponents of the environmental movement. Flattau covers every current environmental topic (global warming, endangered species, population growth, radon, etc.) while pointing out flaws in the rhetoric of the "environmental bashers," as he calls them, with entire chapters devoted to Ronald Reagan, Dixy Lee Ray, and Rush Limbaugh. Although his strident writing style borders on the fanatical, his well-documented rebuttals are credible and convincing. A more academic approach to the same topic is Paul R. and Anne H. Ehrlich's Betrayal of Science and Reason: How Anti-Environmental Rhetoric Threatens Our Future (Island, 1996). A useful resource for those interested in environmental topics; recommended for public libraries and environmental collections.Maureen Delaney-Lehman, Lake Superior State Univ. Lib., Sault Ste. Marie, Mich.

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