Tracks and Fields

Tracks and Fields


Tracks and Fields is a double-disc follow-up to Kill Rock Stars' double-disc Fields and Streams set from 2002. Much the same as that fine release, this is a roundup of indie rock and pop bands that either record for KRS or make music that float KRS' boat. The disc plays like a state…  See more details below


Tracks and Fields is a double-disc follow-up to Kill Rock Stars' double-disc Fields and Streams set from 2002. Much the same as that fine release, this is a roundup of indie rock and pop bands that either record for KRS or make music that float KRS' boat. The disc plays like a state of the indie union address with a nice mix of established acts and up-and-comers and a strong sense of the overall vision and aesthetic that has helped keep KRS going all these years. Disc one's highlights are a crinkly track from the Legend! ("I'm Not Like That"), a deeply soulful revamping of What's Going On-era Marvin Gaye by His Name Is Alive ("Peace in Detroit"), the starkly beautiful "Eric's Song" from Cynthia Dall, the storming "Pink 14" by Billy Childish's Buff Medways, the cute new wave of the Charades ("The Only One"), and the nasty garage blues of Total Sound Group Direct Action Committee ("Wake Me When I'm Over"). Disc two holds many pleasures as well, like Biography of Ferns' epic Pastels/Television Personalities-influenced "John the Barber," Measles Mumps Rubella's glittery disco-funk "Fantastic Success II," the lo-fi demo of Devendra O Banhart's "Poughkeepsi," Nedelle's soulful indie folk ("Begin to Breathe"), a stunning acoustic take of "Golden Cloud" from space rock stalwarts Dead Meadow, and a sweet country tune from the heavily hyped (deservedly so) Decemberists ("Everything I Try to Do, Nothing Seems to Turn Out Right"). Some songs -- but only a handful -- aren't quite up to the level of the rest, and are not enough to drag the collection down. Anyone who wants to get a feel for beneath-the-radar indie rock in 2004 should seek this out.

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Product Details

Release Date:
Kill Rock Stars


Disc 1

  1. I'm Not Like That  -  Legend!
  2. This Lush Life  -  Antitam
  3. Peace in Detroit
  4. Everyone Gets Crushed
  5. Our Givest  -  Danielson Famile
  6. Make Her Me  -  Dos
  7. Release the Robots
  8. We've Got Room in Outer Space
  9. Steve and Tiffanie  -  Capricorns
  10. Eric's Song  - Cynthia Dall
  11. Birds in the Sky  -  Lovers
  12. Clowne Towne
  13. Ghost Boobs  -  Gravy Train
  14. Pink 14  -  Buff Meadways
  15. The Only One  -  Charades
  16. TV Life
  17. Inside Out  -  Brooke
  18. Version Valley  -  Young People
  19. Amplifier  -  Jucifer
  20. Wake Me When I'm Over
  21. This Town Ain't Big Enough for Both of Us  -  King Cobra
  22. Search & Seizure
  23. R U Listenin  -  Alaska

Disc 2

  1. Hegemony Enemy  -  Shoplifting
  2. John the Barber @@Biography Of Ferns  -  Biography Of Ferns
  3. Bright Things
  4. Fantastic Success II  -  Measles Mumps & Rubella
  5. Electronic Boots Remix: Brown Rice vs. Young Soul Rebels Sound System
  6. Walking Backwards  -  Sleetmute Nightmute
  7. Ggaannkk
  8. Industrial Noise Blues
  9. I'm Your Doctor Now"  -  Paper Chase
  10. Poughkeepsi  - Devendra Banhart
  11. Icebound Stream
  12. The "In the Lake"  -  Thanksgiving
  13. Begin to Breathe  - Nedelle Torrisi
  14. Rockaway Beach  -  Sahara Highlights
  15. Oh Johnny
  16. Stalwart (Main Title)
  17. Golden Cloud
  18. Everything I Try to Do, Nothing Seems to Turn Out Right

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Lee Ranaldo   Guitar
Josh Madell   Drums
Thurston Moore   Guitar,Vocals
Jim O'Rourke   Bottleneck Guitar
Steve Shelley   Gamelan
Tara Key   Guitar,Vocals
Tim Harris   Bass
Tara Jane O'Neil   Bass
Cynthia Dall   Strings,Keyboards,Vocals
M.A.C.   Group Member
Dave Holmes   Guitar,Background Vocals
Tucker Martine   Percussion
Karl Blau   Bass
Kim Thompson   Bass,Vocals
Katie Gentile   Strings
Eyvind Kang   Viola
Robert Austin   Group Member
Legend!   Vocals
Brent Jones   Track Performer
Jayne Simon   Guitar,Sitar,Drones
Devin   Group Member
Jesse Flavin   Track Performer
Rachel Carns   Organ,Drums,Vocals
David Nichols   Drums
Nate Query   Bass
Laura Veirs   Guitar,Vocals,Banjo-ukelele
Ryan Hicks   Group Member
Lisa Rickenberg   Synthesizer,Bass,Vocals
Stephen Malmin   Drums
Rachel Blumberg   Drums
Steve Kille   Bass
Tamar Berk   Guitar,Vocals
Katie Eastburn   Percussion,Violin,Vocals
Chris Funk   Guitar
Jenny Conlee   Keyboards
Jeff Rosenberg   Guitar
Steve Poponi   Bass,Drums,Electric Guitar
Chris Frey   Group Member
Lyndsay Sung   Group Member
Carolyn Berk   Track Performer
Larry Biely   Bass
Aaron Dall   Guitar,Vocals
Paul Degan   Electric Guitar
Justin Hamacher   Guitar,Vocals
Chris Kurtz   Drums
Betsy Kwo   Guitar
Brett Lyman   Group Member
Heather Lynn   Keyboards,Vocals,Group Member
Kirsten Lynn   Keyboards,Vocals,Group Member
Brad MacKinnon   Group Member
Brooke McAleer   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Stephen McCarty   Drums
Adrian Meier Dentzel   Bass
Daniel Rickard   Track Performer
Mark Ropelewski   Group Member
Brett Rudy   Drums,Background Vocals
Jarrett Silberman   Guitar,Violin,Bass Guitar
Julian Teakle   Guitar
Nedelle Torrisi   Vocals

Technical Credits

Ramones   Composer
Superchunk   Composer
Thurston Moore   Song Notes
Brian Paulson   Engineer
Joey Ramone   Composer
Dee Dee Ramone   Composer
Johnny Ramone   Composer
Tommy Ramone   Composer
Cynthia Dall   Composer
M.A.C.   Engineer
Tucker Martine   Engineer
Johnny Sangster   Engineer
John Congleton   Composer,Producer
Jucifer   Composer
Dead Meadow   Composer,Engineer
Laura Veirs   Composer
Steve Denekas   Engineer
Radio Berlin   Engineer
Lisa Rickenberg   Composer
Devendra Banhart   Composer
Jonathan Kreinik   Engineer
Angus Andrew   Engineer
Colin Meloy   Composer
Mahan Kalpa Singh   Engineer
Steve Poponi   Engineer
Joshua Wells   Engineer
Tony Cale   Engineer
Electronic Boots   Remixing
Asa Leffer   Engineer
Carolyn Berk   Composer
Hunx   Producer
Adrian Orange   Song Notes
Señor Pepe   Engineer
Nedelle Torrisi   Composer,Instrumentation
Greg Wadley   Engineer

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