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Traditional Japanese Literature: An Anthology, Beginnings to 1600 / Edition 1

Traditional Japanese Literature: An Anthology, Beginnings to 1600 / Edition 1

by Haruo Shirane

ISBN-10: 023113696X

ISBN-13: 9780231136969

Pub. Date: 02/27/2007

Publisher: Columbia University Press

Traditional Japanese Literature features a rich array of works dating from the very beginnings of the Japanese written language through the noted age of aristocratic court life into the period of warrior culture. The anthology contains new translations of such canonical texts as The Tales of the Heike and generous selections from Man'yoshu,


Traditional Japanese Literature features a rich array of works dating from the very beginnings of the Japanese written language through the noted age of aristocratic court life into the period of warrior culture. The anthology contains new translations of such canonical texts as The Tales of the Heike and generous selections from Man'yoshu, The Tale of Genji, The Pillow Book, and Kokinshu. It includes a stunning range of folk literature, war epics, poetry, and n? drama, and an impressive collection of dramatic, poetic, and fictional works from both elite and popular cultures. Also represented are religious and secular anecdotes, literary criticism, essays, and works written in Chinese by Japanese writers. Arranged by chronology and genre, the readings are carefully introduced and placed into a larger political, cultural, and literary context, and the extensive bibliographies offer further study. Intended as a companion to Columbia University Press's Early Modern Japanese Literature: An Anthology, 1600-1900, Traditional Japanese Literature significantly deepens our understanding of Japanese literature as well as of ancient, classical, and medieval Japanese culture.

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Columbia University Press
Publication date:
Translations from the Asian Classics Series
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New Edition
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6.50(w) x 9.40(h) x 2.70(d)
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18 Years

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments     xxiii
Historical Periods, Major Texts and Authors, and Terms     xxv
Introduction     1
Language and Writing     1
Power and Courtship     2
Loss and Integration     4
Love and Eroticism     4
Sociality     5
Condensation and Intertextuality     6
Attachment and Detachment     7
Performance and Narration     9
Accretionary Genres and the House System     10
Japanese Literature and National Identity     11
Structure of This Anthology     13
The Ancient Period     15
The Cultural Topography     15
The Tomb Period, 300-552     17
The Asuka Period, 552-710     17
The Nara Period, 710-784     19
The Beginnings of Japanese Literature     19
Kojiki (Record of Ancient Matters)     21
The Beginning     23
Solidifying the Land     24
Visit to the Land of Yomi     25
Susano-o and Amaterasu     27
Susano-o Slays the Eight-Tailed Serpent     30
The Heavenly Descent     31
Luck of the Sea and Luck of the Mountain     33
Mount Miwa     37
Yamato the Brave     38
Nihon shoki (Chronicles of Japan)     44
Ukemochi     45
The Empress and Her Brother Prince Sahobiko     47
Ancient Songs (Kodai kayo)     49
The God Yachihoko     49
The Palace of Hishiro     51
Provincial Gazetteers (Fudoki)     53
Hitachi Province Gazetteer (Hitachi fudoki)     54
The God of Tsukuba     54
Pine Grove of Young Lovers     55
Prayers to the Gods (Norito)     56
"Great Exorcism of the Last Day of the Sixth Month" (Minazuki tsugomori no oharae)     57
Man'yoshu (Collection of Myriad Leaves)     60
First Period     63
Emperor Yuryaku     63
Your Basket, with Your Lovely Basket     63
Emperor Jomei     64
Climbing Mount Kagu and Looking upon the Land     65
Lady Nukata     65
On Spring and Autumn     65
Second Period     66
Kakinomoto no Hitomaro     67
The Lament for Prince Kusakabe     67
The Yoshino Praise Poems     71
Poems on the Aki Fields     74
The Lament for Prince Takechi      75
Poems on Passing the Ruined Capital of Omi     79
Poems on Parting from His Wife in Iwami     81
Poems on the Death of His Wife     84
The Lament for Princess Asuka     86
Third Period     88
Yamabe no Akahito     88
On Looking at Mount Fuji     89
Having Climbed Kamuoka     90
The Palace at Yoshino     91
Four Poems     93
Yamanoue no Okura     94
Dialogue with the Impoverished     94
On Thinking of Children     98
Poem on Departing a Banquet     99
Otomo no Tabito     100
Thirteen Poems in Praise of Sake     100
Fourth Period     104
Otomo no Yakamochi     104
On the Death of a Concubine     105
An Exchange with the Elder Daughter of Lady Sakanoue     106
Poems Composed at Etchu     108
Poem Composed at Inaba     109
The Heian Period     110
The Emergence of Kana Literature     113
The Rise of Women's Writing     114
Late Heian Kana Histories and Anecdotal Literature     116
Late Meian Waka and Monogatari     117
Keikai      117
Record of Miraculous Events in Japan (Nihon ryoiki)     117
Introduction     119
On a Boy of Great Physical Strength Whose Birth Was Given by the Thunder's Blessing     120
On the Death Penalty in This Life for an Evil Son Who Tried to Kill His Mother out of Love for His Wife     122
On the Immediate Reward of Being Saved by Grabs for Saving the Lives of Crabs and a Frog     124
On Receiving the Immediate Penalty of Violent Death for Collecting Debts by Force and with High Interest     125
Ono no Komachi     127
Selected Poems     128
Sugawara no Michizane     132
Student Days     134
At the Roka, Reciting Poetry to Send Off the Setting Sun     134
I Give Up Practicing the Koto     135
Children     135
Speaking of My Children     135
Unable to Sleep     136
Career     136
Through the Snow to Morning Duties     136
Professorial Difficulties     137
Intellectual World     139
Early Cold     139
A Question to "Old Man Rush Basket"     140
A Reply Composed in Place of the Old Man     140
Another Question     140
Another Answer      140
While Traveling by Boat     141
Mountain Temple Bell     142
Reciting Sutras     142
Exile     142
By Imperial Command, on the Morning After the Ninth Day, All Wrote Poems on "Autumn Thoughts"     142
Seeing the Plum Blossoms When Sentenced to Exile     143
Of Myself     143
Ninth Month, Tenth Day     144
Autumn Night, the Fifteenth Day of the Ninth Month     144
The Nineteenth Day of the Second Month     145
In Exile, Spring Snow     145
Kokinshu (Collection of Ancient and Modern Poems)     146
The Kana Preface     148
Spring     149
Summer     154
Autumn     154
Travel     161
Love     161
Mourning     165
Miscellaneous Topics     166
Miscellaneous Forms     167
The Birth of Vernacular Prose Fiction     168
The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter (Taketori monogatari)     169
The Bamboo Cutter     170
The Suitors     171
The Stone Begging-Bowl of the Buddha     173
The Easy-Delivery Charm of the Swallows     174
The Imperial Hunt      176
The Celestial Robe of Feathers     179
The Tales of Ise (Ise monogatari)     184
Coming of Age     186
The Western Capital     187
The West Wing     187
Journey to the Eastern Provinces     188
The Thief     190
In the Provinces     191
The Well-Curb     191
Thinning Hair     193
The Man of the Ariwara Clan     194
The Imperial Huntsman     196
Nagisa-no-in     198
In the Shade of Wisteria Blooms     200
Dying for Love     201
Rain Test     201
Deep Grasses     202
The Road All Must Travel     203
Ki no Tsurayuki     203
Tosa Diary (Tosa nikki)     204
Minamoto no Tamenori     214
Illustration of the Three Jewels (Sanhoe-kotoba)     214
The General Preface     214
Pure Land Buddhism and the Literary Imagination     217
Genshin     218
The Essentials of Salvation (Ojoyoshu)     218
The Corrupt Land That One Must Shun     219
The Pure Land to Which One Must Aspire     221
The Pleasure of Progressing in the Way of Buddhahood     221
Mother of Michitsura     222
Kagero Diary (Kagaro nikki)     223
Book 1     224
Book 2     232
Book 3     241
Sei Shonagon     247
The Pillow Book (Makura no soshi)     248
In Spring It Is the Dawn     249
To Make a Beloved Son a Priest     250
The Cat Who Lived in the Palace     250
The Sliding Screen in the Back of the Hall     253
Depressing Things     257
Hateful Things     260
Things That Arouse a Fond Memory of the Past     265
A Preacher Ought to Be Good-Looking     265
Elegant Things     267
Rare Things     267
Once When Her Majesty Was Residing     268
Embarrassing Things     275
Things That Give a Hot Feeling     276
Things That Have Lost Their Power     276
Awkward Things     276
Adorable Things     277
When I First Went into Waiting     277
To Feel That One Is Disliked by Others     282
Sympathy Is the Most Splendid of All Qualities     282
Pleasing Things     282
One Day, When the Snow Lay Thick on the Ground     284
This Book     284
Fujiwara no Kinto     285
Japanese and Chinese Poems to Sing (Wakan roeishu)     285
Book 1     287
Spring Night     287
Crimson Plum Blossoms     287
Fifteenth Night-With Harvest Moon     288
Book 2     288
Mountains     288
Residences of Immortals-With Daoists and Recluses     289
Mountain Residences     290
Mountain Temple     291
Buddhist Matters     291
Women of Pleasure     292
Impermanence     292
Murasaki Shikibu     293
The Tale of Genji (Genji monogatari)     293
The Paulownia Court     299
The Broom Tree     310
Lavender     313
An Autumn Excursion     325
Heartvine     330
The Sacred Tree     343
Suma     346
Akashi     352
Fireflies     356
New Herbs: Part One     359
New Herbs: Part Two     367
The Oak Tree     385
The Rites     389
The Wizard     392
The Lady at the Bridge     395
Beneath the Oak     410
Trefoil Knots     413
A Boat upon the Waters     421
At Writing Practice     430
Murasaki Shikibu's Diary (Murasaki Shikibu nikki)     448
Daughter of Takasue     452
Sarashina Diary (Sarashina nikki)     453
Heian Literati     484
Literary Essence of Our Country (Honcho monzui)     485
Oe no Asatsuna     485
Rhyme-Prose on the Marriage of Man and Woman     485
Minamoto no Shitago     487
Song of My Tailless Ox     487
Yoshishige no Yasutane     488
"Record of a Pond Pavilion" (Chiteiki)     489
Fujiwara no Akihira     491
An Account of the New Monkey Music (Shinsarugakuki)     491
Late Heian and Early Kamakura Monogatari     497
The Stories of the Riverside Middle Counselor (Tsutsumi chunagon monogatari)     497
The Lady Who Preferred Insects     498
The Tale of Sagoromo (Sagoromo monogatari)     503
The Story of Asukai     504
The Great Mirror (Okagami)     519
Preface     520
The Mirror of the Present (Imakagami)     525
The Progress of Fiction     526
Collection of Tales of Times Now Past (Konjaku monogatari shu)     529
Tales from India     530
How the One-Horned Immortal Carried a Woman from the Mountains to the Palace     530
How the Lion Showed Compassion for a Monkey's Children and Tore Out His Own Flesh for an Eagle     535
How the Three Beasts Practiced the Way of the Bodhisattva and the Rabbit Roasted Himself     538
Tale from China     540
How Wang Zhaojun, Consort of the Han Emperor Yuan, Went to the Land of Hu     540
Buddhist Tales from Japan     542
How a Monk of the Dojoji in the Province of Kii Copied the Lotus Sutra and Brought Salvation to Serpents     542
How Kaya no Yoshifuji, of Bitchu Province, Became the Husband of a Fox and Was Saved by Kannon     545
How the Governor of Mikawa, Oe no Sadamoto, Took Vows     548
Secular Tales from Japan     552
How a Group of Nuns Went into the Mountains, Ate Some Mushrooms, and Danced     552
How Fujiwara no Nobutada, Governor of Shinano, Took a Tumble at Misaka     553
How a Thief Climbed to the Upper Story of Rashomon Gate and Saw a Corpse     555
How a Man Who Was Accompanying His Wife to Tanba Province Got Trussed Up at Oeyama     556
How a Poor Man Left His Wife and How She Became the Wife of the Governor of Settsu     558
Modern-Style Songs (Imayo)     560
Treasured Selections of Superb Songs (Ryojin hisho)     561
Buddhist Songs     562
Secular Songs     563
The Kamakura Period     566
The Samurai and Literature     567
Communal Literature     569
The Spread of Buddhism and the Way of the Gods     569
The Aristocracy and Literature     570
The Priesthood and Literature     572
Saigyo     573
Selected Poems     575
Fujiwara no Shunzei     583
Selected Poems     584
Poetic Styles from the Past (Korai futeisho)     587
Poetry Matches (Uta-awase)     592
Poetry Matches at the Inner Palace in 960     594
Poetry Match at the Residence of Chamberlain Tadamichi on the Second of the Tenth Month of 1118     597
Poetry Match in Six Hundred Rounds     601
Fujiwara no Teika     605
Essentials of Poetic Composition (Eiga no taigai)     605
Shinkokinshu (New Collection of Ancient and Modern Poems)     607
Spring     609
Summer     617
Autumn     617
Winter      619
Mourning     620
Travel     620
Love     621
Miscellaneous Topics     622
Recluse Literature (Soan bungaku)     623
Kamo no Chomei     623
An Account of a Ten-Foot-Square Hut (Hojoki)     624
Tales of Awakening (Hosshinshu)     635
Rengejo's Suicide by Drowning     636
Vernacular Buddhist Literature     639
Honen     640
"One-Sheet Testament" (Ichimai kishomon)     642
Reply to Kumagai Naozane, the Monk Rensei     643
Honen's Letter to the Nun Shonyobo     644
Shinran     647
Notes Lamenting Divergences (Tannisho)     648
Buddhist Hymns in Japanese (Wasan)     652
Hymns in Japanese on the Pure Land (Jodo wasan)     653
Hymns in Japanese on the Three Stages of the Buddhist Law (Shozomatsu no jodo wasan)     654
Preface     654
Gutoku's Expressions of Lamentation (Gutoku hitan jutsukai)     657
Dogen     658
Realizing Ultimate Reality (Genjokoan)     660
The Dharma of Pursuing the Way (Bendoho)     665
Selected Poems     668
Anecdotes (Setsuwa)     670
A Collection of Tales from Uji (Uji shui monogatari)     672
How Someone Had a Wen Removed by Demons     673
About the Priest with the Long Nose     675
How Yoshihide, a Painter of Buddhist Pictures, Took Pleasure in Seeing His House on Fire     676
How a Sparrow Repaid Its Debt of Gratitude     677
How a Man Received a Bounty After a Period of Prayer at the Hase Temple     680
How a Priest Falsely Stated That He Would Drown Himself     685
A Collection of Things Written and Heard in the Past and Present (Kokon chomonju)     686
A Certain Woman in Retreat at Iwashimizu Composes a Poem and Is Blessed by the Gods     687
Minamoto Yoshiie Exchanges Verses with Abe Sadato at Koromogawa     688
A Supernumerary Priest of the Outer Shrine, Watarai Morihiro, Tells His Wife About Kyushu Women     689
A Big Woman and a Small Man in Bed Together     689
The Monk Who Fell in Love with a Perfectly Chaste Nun     690
Keisei     692
A Companion in Solitude (Kankyo no tomo)     692
How a Deeply Resentful Woman Became a Living Demon     692
How a Noble Lady Serving at Court Displayed Her Impure Form     694
Tales of Renunciation (Senjusho)     695
The Venerable Zoga     695
The Woman of Pleasure at Eguchi      697
Muju Ichien     700
Collection of Sand and Pebbles (Shasekishu)     700
The Scholar Who Loved Poetry     701
The Profound Reason for the Way of Poetry     703
Warrior Tales (Gunki-mono)     704
The Tales of the Heike (Heike monogatari)     706
The Bells of Gion Monastery     709
Kiyomori's Flowering Fortunes     710
Gio     711
The Burning of Nara     720
The Death of Kiyomori     724
Sanemori     728
Tadanori Leaves the Capital     731
The Flight from Fukuhara     733
The Death of Lord Kiso     736
The Attack from the Cliff     740
The Death of Tadanori     742
The Capture of Shigehira     743
The Death of Atsumori     744
The Death of Tsuginobu     746
Nasu no Yoichi     749
The Lost Bow     752
The Cockfights and the Battle of Dan-no-ura     754
Far-Flying Arrows     758
The Drowing of the Former Emperor     760
The Imperial Lady Becomes a Nun     762
The Move to Ohara     764
The Retired Emperor Visits Ohara      766
The Six Paths of Existence     770
The Death of the Imperial Lady     775
Travel Diaries     777
Nun Abutsu     778
The Diary of the Sixteenth Night (Izayoi nikki)     779
Lady Nijo     787
The Confessions of Lady Nijo (Towazugatari)     788
Book 1     790
Book 2     801
Book 3     804
Book 4     814
Book 5     816
Kenko     820
Essays in Idleness (Tsurezuregusa)     820
Preface     822
If One Is Born in This World     822
If the Dews of Adashino Never Faded     823
Leading the Heart Astray     824
Beautiful Hair, of All Things     824
A Proper Dwelling     824
In the Tenth Month, Passing a Place Called Kurusuno     825
Alone Before a Lamplight     826
Changing of the Seasons     826
A Hermit Once Said     828
World as Unstable as the Asuka River     828
When I Sit Down in Quiet Meditation     829
After a Person's Death     829
To Be Governed by a Desire for Fame and Profit     830
A Horse Race at Kamo      831
The Brother of Kin'yo     832
Not Waiting Until You Are Old     832
About a Priest at Ninna Temple     833
A House Should Be Built for Summer     834
Determined to Take the Great Step     834
Gathering Like Ants     834
A Person Who Complains of Having Nothing to Do     835
Scroll Wrapping of Thin Silk     835
A Beast Called Nekomata     836
Learning to Shoot a Bow     836
A Man Famous as a Tree Climber     837
A Champion Backgammon Player     837
Are We to Look at Cherry Blossoms Only in Full Bloom?     837
A Person Who Follows the Ways of the World     840
The Mother of Tokiyori, Governor of Sagami     840
A Certain Man, Deciding to Make His Son a Priest     841
Roundness of the Full Moon     843
The Northern and Southern Courts Period     844
The Clear Mirror (Masukagami)     845
The New Island Guard     847
Kitabatake Chikafusa     851
A Chronicle of Gods and Sovereigns (Jinno shotoki)     852
Preface     853
The Age of the Gods     855
Taiheiki (Chronicle of Great Peace)      857
The Emperor's Dream and Kusunoki Masashige     858
The Battle of Akasaka Fortress     860
The Battle of Chihaya Fortress     865
Masashige Goes Down to Hyogo     869
The Deaths of Masashige and His Brother     872
Classical Linked Verse (Renga)     874
Nijo Yoshimoto     876
Secret Notes on the Principles of Linking (Renri hisho)     877
Tsukuba Collection (Tsukubashu)     879
Spring     880
Autumn     881
Winter     882
Buddhism     883
Love     883
Miscellaneous     884
Hokku     885
Stories of Temple-Shrine Origins (Engi-mono)     885
Collection of the Way of the Gods (Shintoshu)     886
The Avatars of Kumano     887
The Muromachi Period     901
The Patronage of the Ashikaga     902
Zen and Samurai Culture     903
The Rise of Provincial Culture     903
The Story of Yoshitsune (Gikeiki)     905
Benkei's Birth     906
Benkei's Departure from Enryaku-ji Temple     908
How Benkei Stole Swords in the Capital     909
How Benkei Became Yoshitsune's Sworn Retainer     911
How Benkei Flogged Yoshitsune at Nyoi Crossing     913
The Battle of Koromogawa     915
No Drama     917
Theatrical Elements     919
Lady Aoi (Aoi no ue)     925
Stupa Komachi (Sotoba Komachi)     936
Pining Wind (Matsukaze)     952
Takasago     968
Atsumori     980
Sumida River (Sumidagawa)     991
Shrine in the Fields (Nomomiya)     1004
Ataka     1016
Zeami     1036
Teachings on Style and the Flower (Fushikaden)     1036
Book 1: Items Concerning the Practice of No in Relation to the Age of the Actor     1036
Book 2: Various Items Concerning Role Playing     1037
Book 7: A Separate Secret Teaching     1038
A Mirror Held to the Flower (Kakyo)     1039
Section 2: What Is Felt in the Heart Is Ten; What Appears in Movement, Seven     1039
Section 12: Entering the Realm of Yugen     1040
Section 14: Connecting All the Arts Through One Intensity of Mind     1041
Comic Theater (Kyogen)     1041
Delicious Poison (Busu)     1044
The Thunder God (Kaminari)     1053
Buaku      1061
Ikkyu     1072
Crazy Cloud Anthology (Kyounshu)     1073
Selected Poems     1073
Linked Verse (Renga)     1076
Sogi     1076
East Country Dialogues (Azuma mondo)     1078
An Old Man's Diversions (Oi no susami)     1081
Three Poets at Minase (Minase sangin hyakuin)     1087
New Tsukuba Collection (Shinsen Tsukubashu)     1092
Spring     1092
Summer     1093
Autumn     1093
Winter     1094
Love     1094
Miscellaneous     1095
Hokku     1096
Muromachi Tales (Otogi-zoshi)     1097
Lazy Taro (Monogusa Taro)     1100
A Tale of Two Nursemaids (Menoto no soshi)     1112
The Demon Shuten Doji (Shuten Doji)     1123
Chujohime (Chujohime no honji)     1138
Little Songs (Kouta)     1150
Collection for Quiet Singing (Kanginshu)     1150
Selected Songs     1151
Popular Linked Verse (Hakai)     1152
Hobbyhorse Collection of Mad Songs (Chikuba kyoginshu)     1154
Preface     1154
Autumn     1155
Love      1156
Miscellaneous     1156
Mongrel Tsukuba Collection (Inu Tsukubashu)     1157
Spring     1158
Love     1158
Miscellaneous     1158
Hokku     1159
Sermon Ballads (Sekkyo-bushi)     1159
Shintokumaru     1160
Part I     1162
Part II     1169
Part III     1175
English-Language Bibliography     1183
Index     1211

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