Traditional Love

Traditional Love

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by Alta Hensley

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Is finding true love as simple as finding a strong man who spanks?
In hopes that she can rebuild her broken life, Neely moves back to her hometown and becomes roommates with her best friend, Caine. Living together they soon discover that their feelings go far beyond just friendship. Neely is surprised to learn that Caine believes in spanking as a way of life. He


Is finding true love as simple as finding a strong man who spanks?
In hopes that she can rebuild her broken life, Neely moves back to her hometown and becomes roommates with her best friend, Caine. Living together they soon discover that their feelings go far beyond just friendship. Neely is surprised to learn that Caine believes in spanking as a way of life. He lives and passionately upholds a lifestyle known as Domestic Discipline. He is a man who believes in loving, cherishing and spanking his women!
But can Neely let go, and trust in Caine? Can she submit to his way of life, and emerge herself in his like minded group of friends? Is Domestic Discipline just what Neely needs? Or will the uncertainty of the lifestyle tear them apart?

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Meet the Author

Alta Hensley was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. She has always been proud of being a "West Coast Girl".
Traditional Love is her first book to be published. She finally followed one of her dreams, and one of the dreams her Nana always had for her. Writing has always been a passion and a hobby. She always wanted to be a writer from the time she could spell, and now she gets the privilege of saying she is an Author.
Alta Hensley is the Erotic Romance Author of Traditional Love, Deep In The Heat of Texas, Indulgence: Tales of the Cirque Romani and the highly anticipated, Traditional Terms.
You can find out more about Alta at her blog or follow her on Twitter at @AltaHensley

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Traditional Love 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 34 reviews.
JMKelley-DrewInBlue More than 1 year ago
I am not a big erotica reader. I'm not a prude, I have just found with some of the more widely known names of erotica authors, that I'm losing the plot as I read. I don't want to be lectured on lifestyle choices. I don't want to read a manifesto of why kink is OKAY. And that's what I usually feel like I'm getting in an erotic novel. It's all 'he broke out a cat o'nine tails and lashed her until she bled. It's okay though because she willingly submitted, and actually she's very turned on by the sight of her own blood.' Gag me! Not so with Traditional Love. There's actually a story involved in the midst of the erotic themes! Yay! I won't give away what it's about, because you know, it's something my temperamental self would never be down with in the real world, but that's not really important, because this is fiction, and we all like the escapism. What is important is, despite my not being personally on board with the presented theme, I wasn't wrinkling my nose at what was going on in the book. It's not presented as a lecture on alternative lifestyles. Alta takes the time to explain the premise of this particular lifestyle choice, without nagging the faint of heart to suck it up and accept it. The story is believable, and the characters are fleshed out. Usually when I've read erotica in the past, I'm frustrated because it feels like the author is trying to get right to the smut and not painting a picture of who the participants are and why they're choosing this path. I like Neely. I really like Caine. I like the cast of characters Alta has assembled here. I'm up at 2 in the morning, yawning and bleary-eyed because I had to finish this story. Did I mention I like Caine? Hot damn. I like Caine. The dirty is hawt. I'm invested in the couple, and I was sad to see the story end. *sigh* The ultimate pitfall of being a fast reader. So hard to slow down and savor. Bottom line, this is a spicy, engaging work of erotica, written by an author who remembered that we need to root for our dirty duo. Probably shouldn't use the word 'root'. That's dirty in Australia. Now, after you google 'root', go order up a copy of Traditional Love because it is a very worthwhile read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
At first I was worried I was going to read a bad X-rated movie. However, as the plot developed you just fall into the mind of the main character and feel her emotions - you fall in love as she falls in love. I highly recommend this book for those that want a romance they can believe in AND have some intense X-rated scenes to keep the spice. I live in a world of children, students, and husband -- this was the perfect book to relate and yet escape with fantasy.
AprilGUtierrez More than 1 year ago
I'll be honest when I first starting reading Traditional Love, I was concerned because it was written in first person. I'm not a big fan of this type of writing because anything I've read has been done so poorly, I find myself walking away from the book. NOT SO with Traditional Love. Alta does an amazing job telling Neely's story from Neely's perspective. I was caught up in her story from beginning to end. I was captivated by the love story between two people who have known each other practically their whole lives and have finally realized what they have together. Alta does an amazing job showing how a strong independant woman can accept Domestic Discipline and still stay true to herself. I loved this book from beginning to end and Cain can spank me anytime; I will gladly misbehave for him.
VanderBeta More than 1 year ago
My only criticism is that the relationship is just there, they don't develop into it, but I love the characters, the concept, and the ending is too sweet! For a short fun read with characters that make you care about them, and some steamy scenes, this was a great choice.
shellyv More than 1 year ago
Enjoyed this book from the first page to its last! This is one of the sexiest books i've read in a long time. I loved the interaction between Neely and Caine so much, they are a couple that truly loves one another. I sincerely hope there is a sequel one day. I'd love to visit them again and see them continue on their hot, loving journey! And yes, Caine is now my book b.f. ! I can't wait for more writing from Ms. Hensley!
Jeeper68 More than 1 year ago
I recently fininshed reading Traditional Love and can say it was a well developed, well written love story. The loss of a marriage and betrayal in this book leads Neely to question and protect the feeling of love. As she moves back to familiar childhood surroundings and friends she begins to heal and feel those emotions again with Caine. He introduces her to a life of domestic discipline, something she is unfamiliar with but finds she has been missing. Ms Hensley takes the reader on a thought provoking ride with her intelligent story line and strong character development. I look forward to reading more of her work in the future.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I just finished Traditional Love by Alta Hensley. All I can say is Wow! I am blown away. Ms Hensley takes the reader on a ride of a life time. After a recent, soul crushing divorce, Neely is all alone. She decides to leave her current life to start over. She travels back to her home town and meets the true man of her dreams. Follow along as she is introduced to a new form of love...a positive life changing tranformation. I fell in love with Neely and you will too! The ending has you begging for a sequel!! Well done Alta!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Let's face it, a romance with spanking as a central theme could head toward mindless smut pretty quickly; but not so here. Traditional Love gave me exactly what I like: love scenes that increased my heart rate, likable/relatable characters to root for and a plot that wasn't just a backdrop for literary porn. The author's voice is clear and strong. The first person narrative is done exceptionally well.I will definitely seek out Ms. Hensley's future works as I have no doubt her star will continue to rise.
CourtneyH More than 1 year ago
This is an amazing love story with a fantastic twist at the end. Domestic Discipline was a concept foreign to me prior to reading this, but now I am totally a fan of the concept. The development of the character's love is very realistic and the sex scenes are steamy and sensuous! I would definitely recommend this book for all romance and erotica lovers.
JulietteS More than 1 year ago
This book was difficult for me to review. The plot progression and use of adjunct stories are very good. The premise of the story is simple and believable and the story well written. The sugary sweet and flowery language is just over the top. The ‘leading’ man Caine, is just too sweet at times and a little too ín touch with his feminine side. However, he is also a complete control freak and a do as I say and not as I do kind of guy. I am really sitting on the fence with this story and give it three stars as I appreciate the author’s efforts.
MarybethR More than 1 year ago
I loved this story. Neely discovers her husband having sex with someone else.  That is the final straw to their bad marriage. When she gets a job offer in her home town, she decides to move back.  Coley and Caine are her best friends from childhood.  She always thought of him as a brother, until she moved in.  Then, even though he had a girlfriend living with him, she started feeling more for him.  Eventually, Caine and Sara break up and Caine and Neely start talking about a relationship.  This is when Neely learns that Caine practices Dd and wants a Dd relationship with her.  I loved this story. It moved along and didn’t seem rushed. I hope that we learn more about these characters in future stories.  I give this 5 stars!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I just loved this book!! I found it to be a perfect domestic discipline setting. Caine is the older brother of Neely’s best friend Coley, so he was already established as a protector/caretaker for Neely. Then, when the two discover that they have feelings for each other everything falls gently into place. There are spankings, and love, and tons of sweetness! I loved it all, but best of all, it looks like we will get to read more about them all in a coming book! Yay!!
Flutterby35 More than 1 year ago
I loved this story and have read it many times over. This was the very first DD book I ever read. Alta Hensley write beautiful, loving and believable stories. I couldn't put this book down, I had to keep reading to see how it would all end. I feel in love with Neely and Caine. This book follows their relationship from friends to sooo much more. You must read this book, you won't be sorry.
_SH More than 1 year ago
What a romantic love story! I read this when it was first released and loved it so much and nothing has changed, I still love it! Caine and Neely take a journey and we get to follow along happily. Nicely written with a great DD plot, you can't go wrong! Still one of my favorites!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Neely is ready to face the fact that her marriage was over a long time ago. A new job offer allowed her to move back home to be with the only ‘family’ she has left. Caine and his sister Coley are the ones Neely has always been able to go to, to feel safe and loved. Alta brings you into a world of love and a level of trust, protection and caring that comes with a traditional marriage that revolves around domestic discipline. This is a love story as well as a story of self-discovery. I highly recommend to any who love the thought of submitting yourself to the one you love. Very nicely done
Timberlan127 More than 1 year ago
This story starts off with Neely watching her husband cheat on her. She divorces him and moves back home. Her best friend Caine insists that she move in with him. He is a strong traditional man who believes in a DD relationship. The story goes on to tell about the ups and downs of their budding DD relationship. This story is very well written and keeps your attention throughout.
Redrabbitt More than 1 year ago
A SPANKING MARRIAGE IS A LASTING MARRIAGE Neely accept a job that returns her to her hometown and two closest friends, siblings, Coley and Caine after her marriage comes to an end.  Caine had always treated her like a big brother growing up, but they are both older, and after being reunited, discover feelings have changed.  Knowing what  Neely learns about Caine and his beliefs, can she accept a Domestic Discipline relationship? The chemistry between Caine and Neely is extremely hot, full of passion with scorching sex scenes. The storyline keeps the pages turning, the characters interaction is heartwarming and the dialogue is entertaining.  Caine proves to be a true romantic at heart with his loving surprise to Neely.  A way to stay strong, committed and connected. I look forward to reading more about them and their friends. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is one erotic romance that will stay with me for a very long time. I’m trying to think of other books that I can compare this one to but unfortunately I haven’t read many books in this genre. I must say this captivating story has opened the doors to a new genre for me, and I absolutely love it. The chemistry between the two main characters is intense. The reader gets to know the characters as imperfect individuals and then sees how those individuals interact. Caine and Neely both had moments that made me happy, sad, angry, embarrassed, and so on. I was pleasantly surprised at how extremely realistic this book is. That said, if you want to just read it for the sex scenes, that is definitely an option. This is not Alta Hensley's first sexy book and boy does she know how to write hot steamy sex that will get you off. Just don't be surprised if, like Caine and Neely, you find yourself falling in love with the rest of the characters' lives as well. In a nutshell this book was dark, gritty, raw, original, nasty in a good sexy kind of way and spectacular. What a fantastic way to start off a series. Definitely worth the five stars in my book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really liked this book. I couldn't be in a DD relationship. Great job. J... :-@ 307 pages
finiansmom More than 1 year ago
Wonderful how "Traditional Love" got my emotions (and arousal) going! I loved every second of the book.  Ms. Hensley did such fantastic job creating characters you can love and hate- oo, did I agree with Neely  about Sara! While I know that some may find parts of the action implausible, I found the pace of the love to  be wholly realistic, for the characters as they were written. I think too often as readers, we watch things happen  and feel uncomfortable if they happen faster or slower than we would personally be comfortable with, but this  is unfair to the author and the characters themselves. The lovemaking was beautifully written, drawing the  reader into the story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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