Traditions and Encounters: A Global Perspective on the Past: From 1500 to the Present / Edition 3

Traditions and Encounters: A Global Perspective on the Past: From 1500 to the Present / Edition 3

by Jerry Bentley, Herbert Ziegler

ISBN-10: 0073195685

ISBN-13: 9780073195681

Pub. Date: 01/20/2005

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies, The

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Table of Contents

Maps     xiii
Sources from the Past     xiv
Contexts and Connections     xv
Preface     xvi
Acknowledgments     xxix
The Origins of Global Interdependence, 1500 to 1800     594
Transoceanic Encounters and Global Connections     597
The European Reconnaissance of the World's Oceans     598
Motives for Exploration     599
The Technology of Exploration     600
Voyages of Exploration: from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic     604
Voyages of Exploration: from the Atlantic to the Pacific     606
Sources from the Past: Christopher Columbus's First Impressions of American Peoples     607
Trade and Conflict in Early Modern Asia     609
Trading-Post Empires     612
Sources from the Past: Afonso d'Alboquerque Seizes Hormuz     614
European Conquests in Southeast Asia     615
Foundations of the Russian Empire in Asia     617
Commercial Rivalries and the Seven Years' War     619
Global Exchanges     620
The Columbian Exchange     621
The Origins of Global Trade     623
Contexts & Connections: Vaccination and the Eradication of Smallpox     624
Summary     626
Chronology     627
For Further Reading     627
The Transformation of Europe     631
The Fragmentation of Western Christendom     632
The Protestant Reformation     632
The Catholic Reformation     634
Witch-Hunts and Religious Wars     635
The Consolidation of Sovereign States     637
The Attempted Revival of Empire     637
The New Monarchs     639
Constitutional States     641
The European States System     645
Early Capitalist Society     648
Population Growth and Urbanization     649
Early Capitalism and Protoindustrialization     649
Social Change in Early Modern Europe     652
Sources from the Past: Adam Smith on the Capitalist Market     654
Science and Enlightenment     655
The Reconception of the Universe     655
The Scientific Revolution     656
The Enlightenment     658
Summary     660
Chronology     661
For Further Reading     661
New Worlds: The Americas and Oceania     665
Colliding Worlds     666
The Spanish Caribbean      666
The Conquest of Mexico and Peru     668
Sources from the Past: First Impressions of Spanish Forces     669
Iberian Empires in the Americas     670
Settler Colonies in North America     673
Colonial Society in the Americas     675
The Formation of Multicultural Societies     676
Mining and Agriculture in the Spanish Empire     678
Sugar and Slavery in Portuguese Brazil     681
Fur Traders and Settlers in North America     682
Christianity and Native Religions in the Americas     684
Contexts & Connections: The Holy Herb Nicotine     685
Europeans in the Pacific     686
Australia and the Larger World     686
The Pacific Islands and the Larger World     688
Sources from the Past: Captain James Cook on the Hawaiians     690
Summary     691
Chronology     692
For Further Reading     692
Africa and the Atlantic World     695
African Politics and Society in Early Modern Times     696
The States of West Africa and East Africa     696
The Kingdoms of Central Africa and South Africa     699
Sources from the Past: King Afonso I Protests Slave Trading in the Kingdom of Kongo      701
Islam and Christianity in Early Modern Africa     703
Social Change in Early Modern Africa     705
The Atlantic Slave Trade     706
Foundations of the Slave Trade     706
Human Cargoes     707
The Impact of the Slave Trade in Africa     709
Sources from the Past: Olaudah Equiano on the Middle Passage     710
The African Diaspora     712
Plantation Societies     712
The Making of African-American Cultural Traditions     715
The End of the Slave Trade and the Abolition of Slavery     716
Contexts & Connections: The Globalization of African Music     717
Summary     718
Chronology     719
For Further Reading     719
Tradition and Change in East Asia     723
The Quest for Political Stability     724
The Ming Dynasty     724
The Qing Dynasty     727
The Son of Heaven and the Scholar-Bureaucrats     729
Economic and Social Changes     731
The Patriarchal Family     731
Population Growth and Economic Development     733
Gentry, Commoners, Soldiers, and Mean People     735
Sources from the Past: Qianlong on Chinese Trade with England     736
The Confucian Tradition and New Cultural Influences     738
Neo-Confucianism and Pulp Fiction     738
The Return of Christianity to China     739
The Unification of Japan     741
The Tokugawa Shogunate     741
Economic and Social Change     743
Neo-Confucianism and Floating Worlds     744
Christianity and Dutch Learning     746
Sources from the Past: Fabian Fucan Rejects Christianity     748
Summary     749
Chronology     749
For Further Reading     750
The Islamic Empires     753
Formation of the Islamic Empires     754
The Ottoman Empire     754
The Safavid Empire     756
Sources from the Past: Ghislain de Busbecq's Concerns about the Ottoman Empire     757
The Mughal Empire     759
Sources from the Past: A Conqueror and His Conquests: Babur on India     760
Imperial Islamic Society     762
The Dynastic State     763
Agriculture and Trade     763
Religious Affairs in the Islamic Empires     766
Cultural Patronage of the Islamic Emperors     768
The Empires in Transition      770
The Deterioration of Imperial Leadership     770
Economic and Military Decline     771
Cultural Conservatism     772
Summary     774
Chronology     775
For Further Reading     776
An Age of Revolution, Industry, and Empire, 1750 to 1914     778
Revolutions and National States in the Atlantic World     781
Popular Sovereignty and Political Upheaval     782
Enlightened and Revolutionary Ideas     783
The American Revolution     784
The French Revolution     786
Sources from the Past: The Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen     789
The Reign of Napoleon     791
The Influence of Revolution     793
The Haitian Revolution     794
Wars of Independence in Latin America     796
The Emergence of Ideologies: Conservatism and Liberalism     798
Testing the Limits of Revolutionary Ideals: Slavery     799
Testing the Limits of Revolutionary Ideals: Women's Rights     801
Contexts & Connections: Voting Rights and Restrictions     802
Sources from the Past: Declaration of the Rights of Woman and the Female Citizen     804
The Consolidation of National States in Europe      805
Nations and Nationalism     805
The Emergence of National Communities     807
The Unification of Italy and Germany     809
Summary     811
Chronology     812
For Further Reading     813
The Making of Industrial Society     815
Patterns of Industrialization     816
Foundations of Industrialization     817
The Factory System     820
The Early Spread of Industrialization     821
Industrial Capitalism     824
Industrial Society     825
The Fruits of Industry     825
Urbanization and Migration     827
Contexts & Connections: Birth Control     828
Sources from the Past: Thomas Malthus on Population     830
Industry and Society     831
The Socialist Challenge     833
Global Effects of Industrialization     836
The Continuing Spread of Industrialization     837
Sources from the Past: Marx and Engels on Bourgeoisie and Proletarians     838
The International Division of Labor     839
Summary     842
Chronology     843
For Further Reading     843
The Americas in the Age of Independence     847
The Building of American States     848
The United States: Westward Expansion and Civil War     849
The Canadian Dominion: Independence without War     853
Latin America: Fragmentation and Political Experimentation     854
Sources from the Past: Ponciano Arriaga Calls for Land Reform     858
American Economic Development     860
Migration to the Americas     860
Economic Expansion in the United States     862
Canadian Prosperity     864
Latin American Dependence     865
American Cultural and Social Diversity     867
Multicultural Society in the United States     867
Canadian Cultural Contrasts     870
Sources from the Past: The Meaning of Freedom for an Ex-Slave     871
Ethnicity, Identity and Gender in Latin America     872
Summary     874
Chronology     875
For Further Reading     876
Societies at Crossroads     879
The Ottoman Empire in Decline     880
The Nature of Decline     881
Reform and Reorganization     883
The Young Turk Era     885
Sources from the Past: Proclamation of the Young Turks      886
The Russian Empire under Pressure     887
Military Defeat and Social Reform     887
Industrialization     889
Repression and Revolution     891
The Chinese Empire under Siege     892
The Opium War and the Unequal Treaties     893
Sources from the Past: Letter of Lin Zexu to Queen Victoria     895
The Taiping Rebellion     896
Reform Frustrated     898
The Transformation of Japan     900
From Tokugawa to Meiji     900
Meiji Reforms     902
Summary     904
Chronology     905
For Further Reading     906
The Building of Global Empires     909
Foundations of Empire     910
Motives of Imperialism     910
Tools of Empire     912
Sources from the Past: Rudyard Kipling on the White Man's Burden     913
European Imperialism     915
The British Empire in India     915
Imperialism in Central Asia and Southeast Asia     917
The Scramble for Africa     919
Sources from the Past: Lord Lugard Justifies Imperialism and Indirect Rule in Africa     924
European Imperialism in the Pacific      925
The Emergence of New Imperial Powers     927
U.S. Imperialism in Latin America and the Pacific     927
Imperial Japan     929
Legacies of Imperialism     930
Empire and Economy     930
Labor Migrations     932
Empire and Society     934
Nationalism and Anticolonial Movements     936
Contexts & Connections: The Spread of the English Language     937
Summary     938
Chronology     939
For Further Reading     940
Contemporary Global Realignments, 1914 to the Present     942
The Great War: The World in Upheaval     944
The Drift toward War     946
Nationalist Aspirations     947
National Rivalries     947
Understandings and Alliances     949
Global War     950
The Guns of August     951
Mutual Butchery     952
Total War: The Home Front     956
Sources from the Past: Dulce et decorum est     957
Conflict in East Asia and the Pacific     959
Battles in Africa and Southwest Asia     960
The End of the War     961
Revolution in Russia     962
U.S. Intervention and the Collapse of the Central Powers     963
Sources from the Past: State and Revolution     964
The Paris Peace Conference     966
Contexts & Connections: The Influenza Pandemic of 1918     967
Challenges to European Preeminence     972
Summary     973
Chronology     974
For Further Reading     974
An Age of Anxiety     977
Probing Cultural Frontiers     979
Postwar Pessimism     979
Revolutions in Physics and Psychology     980
Experimentation in Art and Architecture     982
Global Depression     985
The Great Depression     985
Despair and Government Action     987
Economic Experimentation     988
Sources from the Past: Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Nothing to Fear     990
Challenges to the Liberal Order     990
Communism in Russia     991
The Fascist Alternative     994
Italian Fascism     995
German National Socialism     996
Sources from the Past: Mein Kampf     998
Summary     1000
Chronology     1001
For Further Reading      1002
Nationalism and Political Identities in Asia, Africa, and Latin America     1005
Asian Paths to Autonomy     1006
India's Quest for Home Rule     1006
China's Search for Order     1008
Sources from the Past: "Self Rule is my Birthright"     1009
Imperial and Imperialist Japan     1013
Africa under Colonial Domination     1014
Africa and the Great War     1014
The Colonial Economy     1016
African Nationalism     1017
Sources from the Past: Africa for Africans     1019
Latin American Struggles with Neocolonialism     1020
The Impact of the Great War and the Great Depression     1020
The Evolution of Economic Imperialism     1022
Conflicts with a "Good Neighbor"     1024
Summary     1027
Chronology     1028
For Further Reading     1028
New Conflagrations: World War II     1031
Origins of World War II     1032
Japan's War in China     1033
Italian and German Aggression     1035
Total War: The World under Fire     1037
Blitzkrieg: Germany Conquers Europe     1038
The German Invasion of the Soviet Union      1039
Battles in Asia and the Pacific     1041
Defeat of the Axis Powers     1043
Sources from the Past: A Hiroshima Maiden's Tale     1045
Life during Wartime     1047
Occupation, Collaboration, and Resistance     1048
The Holocaust     1050
Sources from the Past: "We Will Never Speak about It in Public"     1051
Contexts & Connections: Genocide     1052
Women and the War 1054
Neither Peace nor War     1055
Postwar Settlements and Cold War     1056
Global Reconstruction and the United Nations     1058
Summary     1059
Chronology     1060
For Further Reading     1061
The Bipolar World     1063
The Formation of a Bipolar World     1064
The Cold War in Europe     1064
Confrontations in Korea and Cuba     1066
Cold War Societies     1070
Sources from the Past: Nikita Khrushchev on the Capitalist Iron Curtain     1074
Contexts & Connections: Cold War Olympic Sports     1076
Challenges to Superpower Hegemony     1077
Defiance, Dissent, and Intervention in Europe     1077
The People's Republic of China     1079
Detente and the Decline of Superpower Influence     1081
The End of the Cold War     1084
Revolutions in Eastern and Central Europe     1085
The Collapse of the Soviet Union     1087
Toward an Uncertain Future     1089
Summary     1090
Chronology     1091
For Further Reading     1091
The End of Empire     1095
Independence in Asia     1097
India's Partitioned Independence     1097
Sources from the Past: Muhammad Ali Jinnah on the Need for a Muslim Pakistan     1099
Nationalist Struggles in Vietnam     1102
Arab National States and the Problem of Palestine     1103
Decolonization in Africa     1107
Forcing the French out of North Africa     1107
Black African Nationalism and Independence     1108
Freedom and Conflict in Sub-Saharan Africa     1109
Sources from the Past: Kwame Nkrumah on African Unity     1112
After Independence: Long-Term Struggles in the Postcolonial Era     1113
Communism and Democracy in Asia     1113
Islamic Resurgence in Southwest Asia and North Africa     1116
Politics and Economics in Latin America     1119
War and Peace in Sub-Saharan Africa      1123
Summary     1126
Chronology     1127
For Further Reading     1128
A World without Borders     1131
The Global Economy     1132
Economic Globalization     1133
Economic Growth in Asia     1135
Trading Blocs     1136
Cross-Cultural Exchanges and Global Communications     1138
Global Barbie     1139
Consumption and Cultural Interaction     1140
The Age of Access     1141
Global Problems     1142
Population Pressures and Environmental Degradation     1142
Sources from the Past: Silent Spring     1145
Economic Inequities and Labor Servitude     1147
Contexts & Connections: The Graying of China     1148
Global Diseases     1149
Global Terrorism     1151
Coping with Global Problems: International Organizations     1153
Crossing Boundaries     1156
Women's Traditions and Feminist Challenges     1156
Migration     1160
Cross-Cultural Travelers     1163
Summary     1165
Chronology     1166
For Further Reading     1166
Glossary      G-1
Credits     C-1
Index     I-1

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