Training and Development in Public and Private Policy

Training and Development in Public and Private Policy

by Peter Cappelli

ISBN-10: 1855213532

ISBN-13: 9781855213531

Pub. Date: 07/28/1994

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Limited

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Ashgate Publishing, Limited
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International Library of Management
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Table of Contents

Series Preface
1Do U.S. Firms Underinvest in Human Resources? Determinants of Training in the World Auto Industry3
2Organizational Strategy and Organization Level as Determinants of Human Resource Management Practices33
3The Failure of Training in Britain: Analysis and Prescription51
4Investment in Human Capital: A Theoretical Analysis87
5The Firm's Decision to Train129
6Skills and the Limits of Neo-Liberalism: The Enterprise of the Future as a Place of Learning153
7Foreign Training Systems: How Does the United States Compare?169
8Goals: An Approach to Motivation and Achievement185
9Motivation and Cognitive Abilities: An Integrative/Aptitude-Treatment Interaction Approach to Skill Acquisition193
10The Influence of Training Method on Self-Efficacy and Idea Generation Among Managers229
11Self-Management Training for Increasing Job Attendance: A Follow-Up and a Replication249
12A Cumulative Study of the Effectiveness of Managerial Training255
13Transfer of Training: A Review and Directions for Future Research271
14The Perils of Participation: Effects of Choice of Training on Trainee Motivation and Learning315
15Why Do Wages Increase with Tenure? On-the-Job Training and Life-Cycle Wage Growth Observed Within Firms333
16Applying Utility Concepts to a Training Program in Supervisory Skills: A Time-Based Approach355
17The Comparative Advantage of Educated Workers in Implementing New Technology375
18Intermediate Skills in the Workplace: Deployment, Standards and Supply in Britain, France and Germany387
19The Structure of Opportunity: How Promotion Ladders Vary Within and Among Organizations407
20A Conception of Adult Development433
21How "Career Anchors" Hold Executives to Their Career Paths445
22Stress and Strain from Family Roles and Work-Role Expectations459
Name Index469

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