Trance Essentials 2013, Vol. 1

Trance Essentials 2013, Vol. 1


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Armada Music Nl

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Disc 1

  1. Nehalennia
  2. The Spiritual Gateway
  3. Symmetries
  4. Kudawudashuda
  5. Perfectly
  6. Sukha
  7. Laguna
  8. Still Waters
  9. Fallen Angel
  10. Love Comes Again
  11. Elements of Nature
  12. Seven Cities
  13. Musa
  14. Superfly
  15. Bananas
  16. Hold That Sucker Down
  17. Made for You
  18. Gold
  19. Rewind
  20. Game Over
  21. New York City
  22. Seize the Day
  23. The Inside
  24. The Nettle
  25. Nexus Asia

Disc 2

  1. D# Fat
  2. Bash!!
  3. The Expedition (A State of Trace 600 Anthem)
  4. Meet Her in Miami
  5. Ultra
  6. Apollo
  7. Fool for Life
  8. When You Love Someone
  9. Sinai
  10. As We Collide
  11. The Light
  12. Tempted
  13. Wayfarer
  14. One Thousand Suns
  15. Skylarking
  16. The Code
  17. Breathe
  18. Tracking Treasure Down Revisited
  19. Here We Go
  20. Love Again
  21. Drop
  22. Bang the Drum
  23. Neutrino
  24. What It's Like
  25. Circa-Forever

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Julie Thompson   Vocals
BT   Vocals
Audrey Gallagher   Vocals
Christian Burns   Vocals
Jes Brieden   Vocals
Emma Hewitt   Vocals
Ana Criado   Vocals
Karen Kelly   Vocals
Kate Louise Smith   Vocals
Mavie Marcos   Vocals
Polly Strange   Vocals
Betsie Larkin   Vocals

Technical Credits

Paul Oakenfold   Composer,Producer
BT   Composer,Producer
Markus Schulz   Composer,Producer
Chicane   Producer
Paul van Dyk   Composer,Producer
Molly Bancroft   Composer
Vincent de Moor   Composer,Producer
Tiësto   Composer
Nick Bracegirdle   Composer
Matt Darey   Composer,Producer
Josh Gabriel   Composer,Producer
Audrey Gallagher   Composer,Producer
Armin van Buuren   Composer,Producer
Ferry Corsten   Composer,Producer
Christian Burns   Composer,Producer
Piet Bervoets   Producer
Benno de Goeij   Composer,Producer
Steve Helstrip   Composer,Producer,Engineer
Austin Leeds   Composer,Additional Production
Luca Moretti   Composer,Producer
Mike James   Composer
Adrian Broekhuyse   Composer
Andy Bury   Composer,Producer
Sacha Collisson   Composer,Producer
Jes Brieden   Composer,Producer
Lee Groves   Producer
Ben Cullum   Composer
Gareth Emery   Composer,Producer
Ralph Barendse   Composer,Producer
John O'Callaghan   Composer,Producer
Jorn Van Deynhoven   Composer,Producer
Nate Raubenheimer   Composer,Producer
Emma Hewitt   Composer
Mikkas   Remixing,Additional Production
Thomas Boldt   Composer,Producer
Christian Steinweg   Composer,Producer
Dennis Schäfer   Composer,Producer
Dash Berlin   Remixing,Additional Production
Andrew Chen   Composer,Producer
Raz Nitzan   Composer
Sarah Howells   Composer,Producer
Bryan Kearney   Composer,Producer
Ummet Ozcan   Composer,Producer
Ashley Wallbridge   Composer,Producer
Willem van Hanegem   Composer,Producer
Wardt Van Der Harst   Composer,Producer
Stuart Langelaan   Composer,Producer
D. Schimonik   Composer,Producer
Alex M.O.R.P.H.   Composer,Producer
Tore Vatle Jensen   Composer,Producer
Willem Faber   Composer,Additional Production
Lars-Christian Nyheim   Producer
Karen Kelly   Composer
Tobias Schuh   Composer
Ilan Bluestone   Composer,Producer
Kate Louise Smith   Composer
Robbert van de Corput   Composer,Producer
Mavie Marcos   Composer,Producer
Tommy Conway   Composer,Producer
Timmy Gibson   Composer,Producer
Agustin Servente   Composer,Producer
Tim Stark   Composer
Dave Dresden   Composer,Producer
Eelke Kalberg   Composer,Producer
Mike Dierckx   Composer,Producer
Jeffrey Sutorius   Composer,Producer
Richard Mowatt   Composer,Producer
Amba Shepherd   Composer
Dan Willis   Composer,Producer
Jules Moyce   Composer,Producer
Josh Powell   Composer,Producer
Aeron Aether   Producer
Sebastiaan Molijn   Composer,Producer
Manufactured Superstars   Remixing,Additional Production
Matias Chavez   Composer,Producer
Andy Moor   Composer,Producer
Markus Lasanen   Composer,Producer
Ville Kontio   Composer,Producer
Elizabeth Larkin   Composer
Matt Davey   Composer,Producer
Emanuele Carrieri   Composer,Producer
Jochen Van Der Steijn   Composer,Producer
Nate Rathbun   Composer,Producer
Nick Housmans   Composer,Producer
Roel Van Velzen   Composer
Vadym Porotkov   Composer,Producer
Nikita Bogdanov   Composer,Producer
JQA   Remixing,Additional Production
Rob Koopmans   Composer,Producer
Marco Verkuulen   Composer,Producer
Jack Molenschot   Composer,Producer
J.T.A. Rooymans   Composer
J.O.C.W. Ewbank   Composer
Isaac Vissers   Composer,Producer
Greg Soencer   Composer
Evgeny Smirnov   Composer,Producer
Daniel Lund Hansen   Producer
Artem Solyarov   Composer,Producer
Anthony Hewitt   Composer
Andrei Rata   Composer,Producer
Toby Hedges   Composer,Producer

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