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by John Jay Harper, Bruce H. Lipton (Foreword by), O. H. Krill (Foreword by)
Tranceformers: Shamans of the 21st Century is the true story of this author’s contact with a "deceased" physicist colleague, and the telepathic communication that provided the scientific answers to these spiritual questions: Who are we? Why are we here? Where are we going in 2012? For more than two decades, Harper performed painstaking methodical


Tranceformers: Shamans of the 21st Century is the true story of this author’s contact with a "deceased" physicist colleague, and the telepathic communication that provided the scientific answers to these spiritual questions: Who are we? Why are we here? Where are we going in 2012? For more than two decades, Harper performed painstaking methodical research into what he calls now the "archetypes of abnormal physics and paranormal psychology." This headstrong but heartfelt effort produced an inspired synthesis. In fact, Harper breathes hope into readers through a deep sense of "knowing," inspiration that rings true from the first page to the last one. He never loses sight of his objective either, explaining how the mystical experience of every culture is an initiation into the fifth dimension of the shaman’s cosmic consciousness. Throughout he summons an astounding array of facts, deciphering the myths of long-gone but not forgotten civilizations such as the Mayans and Egyptians, as well as the secret mystery schools espoused by Freemasons and Gnostics. This text admirably bridges the gap between the disciplines of anthropology, archaeology, astronomy, astrology, physics, psychology, biology, history, mathematics, and medicine through the theory of continuous creation. Moreover, this is an easy-to-read biography of a world-renowned visionary with an innate ability to commune with the "land of the dead" and God.

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Reality Is What You Make It

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Tranceformers 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
FrederickOMills More than 1 year ago
On November 9, 1987, John Jay Harper experienced a paranormal visit by his recently deceased best friend which plunged him into an exploration of NDEs, OBEs, Altered States of Consciousness, Psychic Phenomena, Reincarnation Theory, Hyperdimensional Physics, Cosmology, Unified Field Theories, Superstrings, Zero Point Energy, Quantum Coherent Consciousness, the Holographic Universe and the relationship of all of this background information to UFO Phenomena, Extraterrestrial Visitors and Crop Circles. These fifteen topics were woven into a book I reviewed in 2002, again in 2006 and I'm grateful to report this Revised Edition is literally a NEW BOOK with the same title. The profound result is an even more impressive body of coherent conclusions Harper has reached after immersing his mind in the cutting edge theories and research studies by most of the top scientific and spiritual thinkers on our planet. The additional autobiographical material further validates his intensely personal perspectives and enhances the readability of the complex content, brilliantly formulated for a popular audience. Read ALL the previous Editorial Reviews. Listen to the Coast-to-Coast interviews on YOUTUBE. Read the Five & Four-Star Reviews of the previous editions of TRANCEFORMERS which need no further embellishment. Harper paid attention to the negative commentators and has edited away the flaws they criticized. The original 364 pages have been reduced to 228, eliminating any previous redundancy and seemingly omnipotent claims of spelling out incontrovertible TRUTHS. Everyone who purchased an earlier edition will profit from at least obtaining the e-book version to further expand their knowledge and illuminate their perspectives. I feel qualified to assess the quality of his research, his synthesis thereof and his uplifting conclusions regarding potential 2012 phenomena, because after a personal OBE in 1973, during which the type of content associated with the prototypical Near Death Experience reshaped all my perspectives, I've devoted thirty-six years to intense study of the topics, authors and books listed in Harper's extensive bibliography. I consider John Harper's new book a literal Preface to my still unreleased opus, Geometry Of Divinity; Blueprint of Cosmic Consciousness, which scientifically explicates the relationship between the universal structural foundation of energy patterns and the consequent structure of physical matter, revealing how the combination mathematically underlies all so-called Paranormal Phenomena, particularly Cosmic Consciousness and Mystical Illumination. My goal has been to facilitate the volitional triggering of a personal experience of a transformative Mystical Illumination and Cosmic Consciousness without 20 years of esoteric meditation, external audiovisual brainwave modifiers, or subjugation to Orthodox Religious Dogmas or New Age Guru Rituals. To repeat my previously expressed opinion, TRANCEFORMERS predicts a Revolution of Consciousness by all Human Beings as a consequence of a transformation of the energetic patterns of the Milky Way Galaxy, a transformation as profound as the one that fundamentalist religions refer to as the End Times. Dr. Harper is not a doomsayer in spite of his expectation of dramatic Earth Changes. Anyone striving to get prepared for the upheavals rushing toward us in the next few years will be a giant step ahead of his peers after reading this Revised Edition of TRANCEFORMER
Quetzalcoatl-Priestess More than 1 year ago
First and foremost, I have read a lot of NEW AGE and old world age books: From the Catholic Saints to the Dalai Lama, Deepak Chopra to David Icke, Bruce Lipton to Gregg Braden, Daniel Pinchbeck to John Major Jenkins, and so many other visionaries that span every academic discipline at our colleges, religious and scientific belief systems, in existence. Second, and beyond a doubt this is the BEST BOOK I have read in my entire life on the lifecycle from pre-cradle-to-post-cosmos! I mean it should be read by everyone, no matter what your background, but especially those that are stagnated in the conspiracy theory books about fears of the End-Time. They in particular need to take that doom and gloom and place it into the context John Jay Harper has envisioned for us all now: The BIG IDEA that we are "groomed to bloom" into creative light beings while fully-embodied! That is, our DNA macromolecule is reconfiguring itself genetically into its immortal Sun of God geometry. In brief, we have latent within us the "Christ" gene and DNA is a liquid-crystal semi-conductor radio-tv circuit receiving and transmitting life-force information in/out of The Field. We are literally tuned to the 26,000-year timing pulse of the "black hole" stars within the heart-center of the Milky Way Galaxy! In a nutshell, we are aligning the center of our cells to the center of the cosmos and its co-creative relationship with us and our collective desire to move beyond survival to restoration of the Garden of Eden here and now. That is, creation is only beginning for us in era-2012! That is indeed what we must do: Move on to become a positive change agent that this book shows us how to do by looking at life, death, and rebirth through The Big Picture lens of 2012 and beyond our earth events-to-come. This is the first time that I have ever read a book and felt that nothing was missing too; everything is explained from Alpha to Omega. All that I needed to touch upon to sprout new growth and clarify the purpose of our post-military-industrial economic collapse and renewal; the crises that lead to the opportunity John Jay Harper calls "archetypes of apocalypse!" In no uncertain terms, this is "the" book to read on how to prepare for the changes-to-come from ecology-to-economy-to-earth changes themselves. This is no idle claim. For example, by reading this book I discovered the answers to this sample of fascinating questions: Why did Jesus go into exile in Egypt, the Land of the Pha-Ra-ohs as a child and not another country in the Middle East? Was it to consult the shaman-priests of "Ra," the Sun God, and then employ the power of the py-Ra-mids to recover our cellular/DNA memories to reconstruct history prior to beginning his messianic mission to activate the "Green 'Christ' Gene" within himself and restore our collective human relationship to the one-in-the-same God of Is-Ra-el? Is the "Green Christ Gene" what alien abductees/UFO contactees have activated in them too either by implantation or telepathically for the same reason: To open our Third Eye to the outer reaches of inner space: The Fifth Dimension? Will a "coronal mass ejection" trigger the opening of our Third Eye in Solar Cycle 24? Is this the meaning to the Mayan prophecy of the Eternal Return of Quetzalcoatl: The Plumed Serpent in 2012?